I Dug Up A Soul

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When I find myself, I lose you.

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



You're gone...

That's fine

But what did you take when you left?

You took a heart that was beating

And was giving my body life

Now its dead

Because you took the one thing that is keeping me alive


I'm here

I'm alive

But do you see how hard it is to breathe?

I can't take in any air

Because everytime I breathe out,

I say your name

I would rather hold my breath 

Then die...

Than to let you 

Come back into my words


We vanished

Where did you go?

I don't see the person

Who gave me meaning...

And life...

Did I take the life

That was in your body?

Or have I forgotten what

...Life looks like?


Every time you see someone

Who's actually HAPPY,

I hope part of you dies. 

So with every happy person there is,

You're going to suffer-

Just like I did

I sat and I died

I was dying...

Piece by piece 

Word by word

But you didn't care!

If love ever makes its way into you


Because never will you admit what you loose

Or what you had


So next time

You think about saying you care

Think about how much you get my hopes up....

Then you let them drop.

But I guess I am the dumb one

Who lets you get inside me

And take that life 

That I took time to create

And you shred happiness

Like its an office paper

That you don't need 


But I planted a seed

It's going to grow

and I will water it with faith

and I will never let it die

and I will warn it about the harm that you do to life

and I will tell it not to burn, hate, kill

and I will tell it

To love

To love me

To love him

To love everyone around me

To love itself

and to love

What it has

And that's something you will never do

Something that you don't know the meaning of


Where we stood, 

that was holy ground.

But you burned it with sin

and pain

and you watched me burn with it

I was crying...

and you told me to.

That's not love


or trust

That's hate

Hate kills 

Hate burns just as much as hell

But I know that one day you will find out how bad it burns because I will never be the one to hurt again because I know

I found love

I found life

I found faith

I found holy

I found



But I lost....



And only you.


Never again

Will I feel that way again

I will flow with life

Like water flows in a river

Like a leaf flows in the wind

I found myself

I had to dig over six feet deep

Because you burried me deep in the ground-

When I died.

But now I found a new spirit.

One you can't hurt.



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