Hiding From Reality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
Exactly who I was, and partly still am.

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012



Hidden with skinny jeans, and on my own.

I face another day - again, all alone.

Hidden with Converses, and makeup too.

I straighten my hair just for you.

My newly dyed hair is beginning to fade.

I guess it is time to dye it a new shade.


The pain I am hiding, I conceal with a smile.

I hold back the tears and forget for a while.

My consciousness is slipping away.

I snap out of it so my awareness will stay.

As I rest my head for a good night's sleep,

I know the next day I will wake up and weep.


The alarm goes off, yet I begin to hesitate.

I'm not ready to awake, but I can't be late.

Forcing myself up, I begin to cry -

But dry up quickly since there's makeup to apply.

Then I straighten my hair, which is dry and dead.

At least it's still upon my head.


I walk out the door and look at the ground.

I'm silent as can be; I'm not making a sound.

I have finallly made it, to the place I'm expected.

The place where I'm judged, hurt, and unaccepted.

Waiting for the insults to be thrown at me,

I keep looking down because I hate reality.


It's finally time to leave - I run out the door.

I couldn't take the pain any more.

They say to snap out of it, and to just be stronger

But this I cannot take much longer.

I run to my bed and sob on my sheet.

I wish my life was almost complete.


I'm not ready to die but I'm tired of being judged.

I'm sick of being pushed down, yelled at, and nudged.

All I want them to do is just leave me alone.

They've already taken my pride; my dignity is gone.

So before you hurt me and steal all of my glory,

You better know who I am and know my story.


© Copyright 2020 Haylie. All rights reserved.

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