The Monster Hunter's Apprentice

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Its not finished yet, I would quite like some feedback if that's ok? I'm not very good at writing if it is not in script style, so that's what this is written in. I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



It is an enormous city, the capital of the Doonatell. Rumour has it that a monster hunter is in town, and the entire town is buzzing. None of which, however, are as excited as the princess, who has snuck out of the castle for this occasion. Her name was Evelyn Monroe. The princess was an adorable 14 year old girl, with long rich dark purple hair, shaved on one side. She had enormous emerald green eyes, her lips were a rich red colour, and she had a few freckles on her cheeks. She had always heard of monster hunters, and always wanted to be one, but her mother wanted otherwise. However, when she snuck out of the castle to meet this mystical figure, she didnt know how terrifiying one would actually be.

He stood there with black steel spiked armor all over him, and a helmet that looked so evil it would make satan himself envyous. Not even mentioning the countless swords, crossbows, daggers and bows all over him. He was not the friendly monster hunter everyone in the city was hoping to see that day.

"H-Hello mister... Are you the monster hunter everyone has been talking about?" She said with a slightly scared whimper

He glances over. "Hello there" he said in a agressive sounding voice.

"You look kinda scary mister" She said trying to sound confident, but failing, only letting a slight whimper come out.

The hunter chuckles a bit. "I get that a lot."

Evelyn isnt sure why he is laughing, only making her more scared then she was before."Hey mister, How come your dressed like some crazy monster hunter man?" She said, trying to find out if he was a real hunter.

The hunter smiles. "Because I am, kid." he grins a bit more. "I'm a hunter. But I'm not crazy."

"Your really some cool monster hunter!? I thought monsters were not real!" She said with a smirk excitedly

The hunter chuckles a bit at her eagerness, "Well, that's a bit surprising. You must live in a protected city. Beasts don't go near those."

She smiles widely at him, and excitedly asks "So whats your name then mister?"

"My name is same... Sam Treaty." He whispered to her

"And how old are you?" She said, smiling at him

"I'm 47... Yes... I am getting old..." He says this in a way which sounds sad and happy at the same time, like he is upset that he is getting old, but happy with what he has acheived in life.

"Im 14 by the way mister! She said as bubbly as always

"Well miss... I think i should go. Im on the hunting night shift, and i cant be late. Im on thin ice with the guild as it is." He said with a slight chuckle

"Haha, miss, I like that!" She laughes at him "Could you take me to hunt some monsters! I always wanted to be a Monster Hunter but mama always said they were not real.." She looks slightly sad when she says this, like she was dissapointed in not herself, but her mother.

Sam shrugs "Joining a guild ain't too hard. I joined when I was ten, which is the minimal age requirement. You can test into a 3 year study course, or take the 5 year one normally. It's all paid for, because the guild runs on bounty revenue."

"I meant now you big silly! Take me outside the city walls to hunt some monsters!" She said excitedly with a slight giggle

Sam shrugs again "If you're sure." He smiles a little, like he is finally happy someone is interested in what he does. "You're going to have to keep close to me the whole time, mmkay? No stupid mistakes, and don't get involved in the fight, if I can't beat it, run away, yadda yadda yadda. Ready?"

"Yeah! Wait no. I wanna fight it! I wanna wear the cool armor and get the cool sword! Have you got any spare stuff mister!?" She asked excitedly

Sam shakes his head "Not authorized. You most definitely can not hunt with me. And I doubt you could even swing the weapons we use, or fire them, in some cases" He said dissaprovingly

"How about I just... erm... Hold your sword!!" She says this, takes it out of his sheaf and waves it about with a struggle

It's massive, about 5 feet long, and weighs about 20 pounds in total. There's also a small, inwardly curved dagger at his side, about 8 inches long.

She drops the sword with a crash, cuts her thumb a little but dosent tell him, afraid he wont let her come "See mister! I can hold your sword for you!"

He shakes his head, picking it up and sheathing it. "I do suppose you've demonstrated your strength.. Just, make a waver and sign it so I'm not responsible, mmkay? This was your choice."

She takes a scrumpled up paper out of her pocket and writes 'I let myself maybe die kicking monsters asses with scary dudes, and signes it. "Nice! Now do you have a dagger or... Something smaller perhaps I could use?"

Sam nods "Come to my house. I have an armory. You're gonna freakin' love it". He grins and begins to walk near the outermost wall

"Heck yeah mister! I'm so pumped about today!" She runs ahead of him and shouts for him to catch up and run too

He begins to jog, chuckling "So adorable." He grabs her by the scruff of her neck to catch her, pulling her towards a house "C'mon."

"Hey mister, that hurts you big silly!" She walks into the house with a look of wonder on her face

It's a large house, and he heads up some stairs. There's a small kitchen to the right, and a living room to the left

Evelyn runs up the stairs, buzzing with excitement "Hurry up mister!" She shouts

"What's your name again, Ms. Ball of energy?" He said with a crooked smile

"My name is Evelyn! Evelyn Monroe! I'm the queens daughter!" She felt like she could trust him enough to tell him.

He raises his eyebrows. "Your the queens daughter? Now i feel responcible for you... increadible. Anywho, here it is."

He opens up a large room filled with.. Boxes. A lot of boxes, but there are a couple different armor stands with everything on them from tanned leather, to armor that looks like it was made out of molten rock, and then cooled down into an armor set..

Evelyn runs to a light leather costume, with throwing knife holders, swords on the back, daggers on the hips, no hat and big boots. A crop top looking top and tight leather leggings on the bottom. "MISTER I LOVE THIS ONE" She shoutes loadly and excitedly

Sam smiles a bit, walking over to it. "That's when I had to work with a sea captain for nearly a month. It's design is actually naturally water proof, ya know. And it dries off in like 10 minutes, given that it's at least a little sunny"

"Whoah! You wore a crop top! Your funny mister. It looks hella cool though! Could I have... Borrow this one? THe swords on the back are so cool! And the daggers! And the throwing knives! I love it!" She suddenly realises the thick spiked boots. "THE BOOTS ARE SO HOT" She gets down on all fours to look at the boots on the stand

Sam chuckles. "You can keep it. I have plenty of water resistant outfits, and I don't think I ever wanna wear that one again. Go ahead and open up a couple of the boxes, see what you find."

"I can keep it! THANK YOU MISTER!" She runs up to him and hugs him for a few seconds, then realises what she is doing and awkwardly steps away, rummages throught a box to find a bow made of black crystal and falls in love with it

He chuckles, hugging back before checking a couple of the boxes, smiling at the memories. "Do you want swords and stuff to fill up the sheaths, Evelyn?"

"Heck yeah mister!!" She shouted excitedly "I love this bow too! Do you have a quiver I could put on the back of my armor?"

He nods, picking out a black leather quiver. It's massive, and has side pouches full of smoke bombs

"Whoah, that's so cool mister! I love it, I wont keep the bow and quiver though, they are too precious" She digs through a box and finds a demonic looking shortsword, pulls it out and the handle burns and blisters her hand

Sam suddenly snatches it from her and picks it up no problem. "Don't.. Touch that one. You should probably learn pyromancy, and that usually isn't a practice taught in the royal hall, usually given to how savage the uses of it are. Plus, demonic swords are bad. Did you learn any kind of magic?"

She shakes her hand and bites her lip to try to hide her pain. "Yeah a little bit, I'm better at illusion magic. Like making myself invisible!"

Sam smirks his crooked smile again "I'm no great shakes at sorcery." He takes her hand in both hands, looking at it and chewing his lip before moving to a box in the corner, pulling out a gel and some bandages

"Thanks mister, that really hurts! Luckily it was my spell hand not my weapon hand, so I can still use it!" She rummages through a box and pulls out a massive battle axe, and waves it about uncontrollably, as its far too heavy for her

Sam looks worried before quickly catching it before she hurts herself. "Greataxe.. Carry it like this if you want to use it, Evelyn. He says balancing it on his shoulder

"I think that's a bit heavy for me mister! To fill up my remaining sheaths, I need 2 swords and 2 daggers! Have you got any i could borrow mister?"

He reaches into a box, pulling out a enormous great sword before frowning, and reaching past it for paired longswords. They're elegant in their design, and have wings for a cross guard. "Here we are.."

"Ooooh they are awesome swords! Do you have a couple daggers I could borrow?" She smiles and looks happily at him

Sam nods a bit, picking out a pair of daggers, both made out of solid black iron. They seem rather heavy for their size, but they look deadly sharp

"Whoah mister, they are hella awesome!!! So mister, are we ready to go!" She looks happily and excitedly at him "Actually mister... Before we go... Could you promice me something?" She looks kinda sad when she says this

Sam nods, picking up a massive bow, that's tall as he is, and putting on a quiver full of arrows that look to be the size of spears "Yes? What is it..?"

"Could... Could you not tell anyone about this? I had to sneak out of the castle when I heard a monster hunter was in town... Mama is far too protective and dosent want me to be a monster hunter. If she finds out you took me out she would be livid! So please... don't tell anyone" She tears up a little but tried not to let him see

"Of course not. Shady work is my specialty." he smirks a bit "I've hunted what most people consider the most dangerous game in the world, and I haven't told a soul. Your secret is safe with me."

"Ok, thanks mister" She says through tears, hoping he didn't realise

Sam smiles and pets her head, then hands her a handkerchief "Here you go. You can keep all of that, I'm not gonna use it."

"O-oh... Really? Thank you mister..."She wipes her tears and puts on the armor over her clothes"

He hooks the massive bow around his body "Ready?"

Evelyn looks happy in the armor and weapons "I'm ready mister! What are we gonna hunt!"

He pets her head. "Nothing specific. I'm taking a forest patrol tonight, but we should eat dinner and then leave if we wanna make it."

"Ok, do you mind if I stay for dinner mister?" She said with a slight smile

"That was the plan." He chuckles a bit "What do ya want?" He takes off his helmet. He's slightly tanned, with a happy look to his face. There's tons of freckles on his cheeks and across his nose, his eyes are bright green, and his hair is a messy mop of brown

"Whoah mister, you are way less scary with that helmet off! Erm... I don't really know mister, what were you planning on making?" She said happily

He thinks for a bit. "Fish, probably. Something light that won't slow us down."

"I'm happy with fish! That's one of my favorite foods! It wont be like stupidly poshly made though will it? Posh food gets boring and tastes disgusting..."

He chuckles, shaking his head and putting on an apron. "It's all good." He pulls salmon out from a container that is filled with ice, the guts and cleans them, beginning to fry them in pan, heated by an intense flame in his hand

"Mister, without your armor and helmet you look way less scary!" She smirks a little and smiles at him

He chuckles and ruffles her head, grinning down at her "Thank you, Evelyn. I'll try to take that as a compliment"

She smirks a little and giggles "Hey mister! How much longer till the food is ready! I cant wait to go hunting!"

"Neither can I." He finishes up the different fish, putting them on plates with small hunks of bread, as well as carrots that had been cooking in the pan

"This looks super good mister! I... I don't want to go back to the palace..." She begins tearing up a little again, but stops herself

He hugs her gently "Hey, it's okay.. But.. You do realize if you aren't back by tomorrow, you'll be missed. And I'll be chased by the whole city, okay?"

She hugs back and cries into his shoulder  "Everyone there dosent like me because I don't like being a stupid princess..".

"It's a cruel system, and.. Well.." He sighs, hugging her a bit tighter "I could do something really stupid to help."

She lights up a little "Whats that mister? I dont want you to get in trouble..."

"I could help defend your position if you want to become a huntress."

"YEAH MISTER!!! How would you do that!?" She gets far to excited far too quickly

He pulls away "Well, we could both go to your mother tomorrow, and I'll tell them about the night's events, telling them about how good of a huntress you already are, Seeing as how you took one of the hardest shifts there is and still did well"

"Well... mama would be angry... but if she is angry and dosent let me... promice we will move away to a new city?" She looks at him optimistically

"You and me? I don't think I can. I have all of this set up.. I can't just leave it, Evelyn. I'd have to stay and defend my own."

"But mister... Ok I can understand. You have a family?"

"No.. I don't. Maybe I should leave with you if it your mother is angry...."

"That would be fun... Imagine that..." She begins daydreaming

Sam sits down at a table, setting down the plates "No c'mon, Daydreamer. We need to eat."

"Ok sorry mister! This is really good fish! Much better then at the stupid castle!" She eats it really quickly, as she had never tasted anything like it befor

He eats as well  "You don't have to call me that, ya know. You can just call me Sam."

"Really mister? Sorry I've been raised like that sam... hehe.. that's fun. Sam. Thanks mist- I mean sam! Ready to go hunting!" She looks excitedly at him as she asked this

"Saying my name? Huh." He stands, stretching out. "Ready." He moves outside, where it's gotten dark.

"Whoah mister, It is really dark! I like it! What do you reakon were gonna find?"

He shrugs. "It gets pretty strange. We don't have a name for all of them. Go invisible, then we can go hunting."

"Alright!" She casts an invisibility spell and keeps giggling stupidly. "Have we found anything?"

He covers her mouth. "Shush" He just kinda pushes her forehead when he tries to do this, then moves through the forest, past the guards showing them his hunter badge

She keeps walking with him, and accidently giggles cause she saw someone kissing someone else The guard looks over, and heard the giggling from the young girl. The guard frowns, confused. "That ain't funny hunter, go do your fuckin' job".

"Sorry sam" She whispers to him

He sighs a bit. "It's fine, Evelyn." He pets her head, or her left shoulder a little bit

She smirks a little. "Have we found anything yet?"

He sighs again "Calm down, you will know if we have"

"Ok, they need to hurry up and be killed by me, I'm getting a little cold" She said with a slight shiver.

He sighs, hugging her tight and wrapping her in his arms, sliding his helmet on. "Welcome to the night shift. I packed coffee, it's in my bag."

She took the coffee out of his bag and took a sip "Thank you mister, im warm now" She said with a smile

Sam huffs, then quiets down as they enter a clearing

There's a massive creature in it, nearly 40 feet tall with long, lanky arms and legs, spines down it's back, and small, beady orange eyes. It's mouth is an O shape, and it's picking up large rocks and pushing them into it before picking up a dear, crushing it, and devouring it whole.

Evelyn gasps and giggles "Ready mister?"

He nods, pulling out his bow and planting it on the ground and drawing an arrow, knocking it and pulling the string back to his ear.

Evelyn does the same, but does everything wrong and just about manages to put the arrow on the bow and hold it right

He looks over to her "Are you alright?" he whispers

Evelyn smirks a little and says sheepishly "Not really, I'm not the best at this"

He sighs for a third time "Take aim." He moves his bow to the creature's chest

She does the same. "Sorry, I'm being a bit rubbish so far" She looks a little sad but hides it well.

"Fire!" He lets go, and he sends his massive arrows flying for the monster

She lets go of hers too, hiting her elbow with the bows string and hitting him in the eye "Hey Mister I got him in the eye look!"
The beast turns, staring at the two before ripping out both arrows as Sam pulls the bow over his shoulder again, drawing the massive greatsword in one hand, the inwardly curved knife in the other. "Get ready Evelyn, he looks strong!" Sam shouted as the beast tried to see where the arrows came from. "Im ready mister! She shouted as she chucks a throwing knife at the beast other eye. It roars deeply, the knife just missing the marking and flying past it's shoulder as it raises both of it's fists slowly, then suddenly slams them down incredibly quickly as Sam just manages to jump out of the way. Evelyn was not fast enough, as the shockwaves push her over. She quickly jumps up, and as sam was distracting him by shooting arrows, she climbed up the beasts scaley leg and climbs up onto the top of his head, and forcefully slams both of her daggers into each of its eyes The beast reaches up and growls in pain, grabbing her and throwing her into Sam. He jumps over her as she came hurteling towards him, and ran up to the beast, stabbing his dagger into the leg of it and using that to climb up it. He climbed up and the beast grabbed him and chucked him in the air. He quickly braced himself in the air, got ready and as he came down, slashed the beasts arm clean off. It growled even more and chucks sam away into the woods. Evelyn quickly realices how strong this beast it, gets her dual-swords out and stabs then with a great force through his feet and into the ground, locking them to the earth. She quickly pushed it with all of her strength, as it toppled to the floor with a crash. She runs to the beast on the floor and with all her might, jumps on its chest, stabbing it where she hoped his heart would be repetedly. She peirced its hide and stabs it throught the heart. It reached a hand up to her shakily, then drops dead. Sam comes out of the trees panting and covered with sticks.

"Christ... That was insane... Are you good?" Sam asks with a chuckle, well knowing the answer
"I'm better then good! I just freaking killed someone 10x my size! Did I do good mister!?" She looks extaticaly at him

Sam nods, patting her head and laughing "You're already a miraculous huntress."

She jumps into his arms and gives him an enormous hug "You really think so!?"

He  hugs her back tightly "I know so."

She giggles and  lets go of him. "Thank you mister, this means so much!"

He nods "It my pleasure. Good hunt. We should keep on moving, though."

Evelyn smiles a toothy grin "So where are we going now mister?"

"Along this road. We have to make it to the neighboring town and back by night fall, killing any monsters on the way"

"Nice! I'm enjoying this a lot mister!" She said with a smile

"Im glad of it, but stay on guard. There is no telling what is going to come out of those woods."

They keep walking, until they come across a pack of wolf-like things, all with massive jaws lined with rows of teeth. Their eyes are white, and their fur is a dull grey

She whispers "Hey mister, do we kill these dog things?"

They look over and begin to rasp out growls. They step away reavealing a skeleton, most likely a dead traveller.

"Oh goodness... Should we kill them?" she whispers to him

Sam nods, pulling out his sword and dagger before jumping, leaping nearly 20 feet towards them before slashing down with the dagger, sweeping in a massive arc with the greatsword "Whoah mister! You are good!" Evelyn gets out her swords and decapitates two in one swift strike. The beasts jump at Sam before he cuts them down with two slashes with his dagger before stabbing through the final one with his greatsword.

"Whoah mister... Your really impressive! We got them all!" She smiles at him so widely it shows all her teeth glistening in the moonlight.

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