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This is a story of some twins named Lily and Jack. Lily and Jack have a birthday party but something ends up wrong when Lily and Jack go out on the boat and they end up getting castaway.
Come and read this story and finds out what happens.

Submitted: July 13, 2010

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Submitted: July 13, 2010



It was June 14th the day of Milly and Jacks birthday. Milly and Jack were twins and have been planning this party from the start of the year. They were going to have a party at the beach. They would have games on the beach and some boats going out to sea to see seals and dolphins.

Milly and Jack got up early to put up the streamers, balloons and to set the table of food.
When they finished the gusts started to arrive.
Every one was enjoying the party until a storm began. Things were blowing everywhere and everyone was running for cover. Milly and Jacks party was ruined but they never knew that, because they were still on the boat and everyone had forgotten about them.
The boat rocked side to side in the storm as huge waves crashed against the boat. Milly and Jack felt cold and dizzy from the motion of the boat when suddenly as the boat went over a huge wave jack slipped on the deck and fell off the boat.
Jack could feel the ice cold water around him as he screamed out Milly’s name. When suddenly Jack could see a faint face in the misty fog in the distant. It was Milly. Milly grabbed the emergency blow up boat and through it into the sea. She jumped in after it to save Jack,
The next day Milly and Jack woke up on a island far far away from home.
“Yawn! I am so tired. “Hey Jack last night I had the weirdest dream. Well it was our party and we went on a boat out to sea and a storm came when we were on it and you fell off the boat so I went into recue you fell of the boat. It was so weird.” Said Jack with her eyes stilled closed.
“Um Milly I hate to break it to you but open your eyes and look around you. “said Jack.
Milly opened her eyes and saw a lage beach in fount of her with the waves rolling onto the shore. She look at the sky and saw large trees above her and saw some birds in the trees.
She then looked behide her to see her brother looking at her.
“Milly it wasn’t a dream, it was real” Jack said to Milly.
“I know your in shock right now but you have to think positive and help me here. Ok?” sad Jack.
“Sure” “Ok then what you are going to do is look for food we can have while I will fix up the boat. You will also make a fire each night.” Said Jack
Now jack was a very smart boy and he was very organized as well. It was good he was there to help Milly or she wouldn’t know what to do.
As they day went on Milly and Jack survived a whole day.
“Milly I hate to say but the boat will be done be Monday witch is in two more days. I hope you can live with that. Ok?” said Jack at the camp fire. “Yes. Sure I am just really tired right now so I am going to sleep now. Ok? Good night Jack.” “Night Milly” said jack.
The next day Milly got up early to find some more food. She weaved a basket to put the food in to supprise Jack.
Milly went walking when she found a coconut hight in a tree. She tried to reach up to it but she was too small. She looked on the ground to find something to stand on while trying to reach for then coconut. She found a root coming from the ground of the tree. If Milly stood on it she would be tall enough to reach for the coconut. When she was reaching for the coconut she slipped and fell on her ankle. “HELP! JACK! HELP ME! I HAVE HURT MY ANKLE” yelled Milly but it wasn’t very loud because she was crying to much.
“What was that?” said Jack to himself as he was awoken by it. “It sounds like Milly. I have to go help her. She is in trouble. I know it.”
Jack raced to Milly voice. He was running at top speed jumping over roots, ducking under branches all to find Milly.
He finally found Milly under a root coming from the ground. Her ankle was stuck under it.
“Milly are you all right?” asked Jack “Of course I’m not. What do you think? Cant you see my leg is stuck. Can you please help me!” said Milly
“Yes sure. But you could have said it a bit nicer.” Said Jack. “Sorry Jack its just me ankle hurts.”
After a while Jack had got Milly unstuck and had put a bandage around it.
The next day…………
“Milly! Wake up guess what? I have finished the boat. We can go home today. Come on Milly. Wake up!” Yelled Jack to Milly while shaking her trying
 to wake her.
“Why are you trying to wake me its like how early?” Said Milly, who was half asleep.
“Milly we can go home today! The boat is finished, we can go home now.”
“Really? But you said it would be finished in two days.”
“Well I got up early to try and finnish the boat and I did so come on, wake up, time to go!”
In no time at all Milly and Jack got ready and hopped onto the boat and sailed off.
When they could see the shore, they could see lots of people on the beach looking at them is surprise and then they started cheering and saying “Yay. Milly and Jack are back!”
Milly and Jack jumped out of the boat and ran straight to the parents and gave them cuddles.
“I so glad your back! How did you ever manage to come back and Milly what happened to your ankle. Are you ok”!” said their mum.
Milly and Jack spent the rest of the day telling there parents what happened and then they fixed up Milly’s ankle. Every one live happily ever after.
The end.

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