Crocodile and the wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

The purpose of this story is to show human cruelty towards animals.

"I want to tell my story," The crocodile said to a wolf.
The wolf replied, "What is your story my friend ,you have just met me here and you don’t know even who I am,"
Crocodile said, "Ah, my friend, why do we have to always live in danger?"
The wolf, caught by surprise, said "What do you mean?"
The crocodile sadly replied as tears fell from his eyes, "My friend in South America, saw humans kill my people (crocodiles)! Everyday they kill us and make our skin fancy and expensive : wristbands , handbags, belts , and wallets."
The wolf raised his eyebrows.
Crocodile said, "I saw human wear our skin and kill our people. When we fight back , they call us dangerous animals but when they kill us they call it hunting for hobby , which is not fair, because we are almost vanished from this planet .
"Well, well my friend, there is no need to be sad , you are not alone in this world who fear extinction. You came from South America to Scotland , in order to find peace and to escape from extinction, and look, also here we are almost extinct," The wolf replied.
Crocodile asked "Why do they kill wolves in Scotland?"
"They died out because of hunting ,I loved to watch wolves run about , but life changes my friend," The wolf replied. He was in the depth of despair.
"Let us go to the safe place where there no humans exist!" exclaimed the Crocodile.
"But where?" asked the wolf 
"Any place, just let us walk" Crocodile replied.
They walked together, the wolf and the Crocodile. The crocodile asked the wolf, "By the way what kind of wolf are you?"
"Well, I am an Alpha!" the wolf replied 
Crocodile said "Wow you are scary, i thought you are an omega!"
Then they walked to the to the horizon.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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