Reflection on a Movie "Every Child is Special"

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Reflection on the Indian Movie-Every Child is Special



“ Every Child is Special  Movie“


Ishaan Awasthi is an eight year-old boy who is suffering from dyslexia, a neurological disorder. He is having a trouble recognizing letters, can hardly read and write. Letters and numbers are written invertedly and words are commonly misspelled. He can not follow multiple instructions and has poor motor skills. Being different from other normal growing children, he is always thought to be dumb, idiot and lazy. His teachers, classmates, neighbors and even his own family did not realize what he is going through.

In the boarding school where he was sent to be disciplined, his self confidence was shattered. He suffered trauma due to separation from his family. His passion for drawing and painting was totally gone.

Ishaan became so aloof, cold and indifferent from his classmates. This showed that the concept of “ trust “during his developmental years based on Erik Erikson’s of Psycho-social theory, was not attained and established because of  rejection of  people around him.

Until Ram Shankar Nikumbh, a substitute art teacher came to school and able to recognize his special needs. Ishaan’s other teachers thought that he has to be dealt in special education program not to be placed in the mainstream. But, Ram insisted that even special child has the right to formal and quality education as what the “ EFA”- Education for All Policy  holds. Ram believes that every child has his own capabilities, desires and pace of learning.

Ram helped Ishaan how to manage deficiencies brought about by being dyslexic. Ram was able to unveil the potentials of Ishaan by employing educational psychology. Appropriate intervention measures like constant practice, drills and problem solving were given to Ishaan. This confirms the theory of operant conditioning by Frederick Skinner. A person can be trained by presenting a reward or punishment as a consequence of his actions. Ishaan was stimulated and conditioned to learn because of the immaterial reward of being accepted, cared, valued and loved by his teacher, Ram. This specific scene in the movie had causedme to cry in the nth times and realize the goodness of one’s heart.

Ram understood Ishaan’s mental capacities and innate behavior because he went through the same experience and struggles being dyslexic during his childhood days.

There should be social consciousness on individual differences. Even Ishaan’s parents, teachers and the community were not aware of this particular kind of disorder. The society plays a vital role in child’s development. Thus, it has to be sensitive and responsive especially for those who have special needs. Criticisms and prejudices should be discouraged for the child to overcome his difficulties.

As a teacher, I realize that substantial knowledge about Psychology is indispensable tool in the field of teaching profession. Every learner has its own pace of learning with different weaknesses. So, the teacher has to be creative in employing teaching strategies to be able to cater the needs of every learner.

The movie is indeed very relevant, appropriate and reflective as I journey more years of being a teacher.









Submitted: April 06, 2014

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