My Boyfriend's Bestfriend

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I can't choose, I don't want to hurt them both but that's where everything will end up if I won't do something. - Alice

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012




 "Hey, beautiful." I turn around and look who called out. Disappointed and confused, I stand up from my seat and ask, "What the heck are you doing here, Steven?" as I flail my hands in front of me. I start to panic and feel nervous when he got closer. "Ken will be arriving any minute now, you should go." I try to explain calmly to hide my nervousness.


"Oh, really? I saw you from the window," he pointed at the french window beside my table, "and thought you were alone so I come in to check you out." he explained. "I'm good and i'm just waiting for Ken he asked me to meet him here, you should really go." I insist. He leaned over and kiss my cheeks. I admit it, i'm blushing even though I know I should't be.


 "Don't worry, i'll leave." he assured me and give me a smile. "Alice, can I drop by your house this evening? or you're going to do something?" he asked. I think before I speak, "Uhmm, yeah sure." Ofcourse i'm not sure, what if this date with Ken will take longer than I expected. He give me a hug and leave.


I don't know why I am even doing this. Ken is a loving and caring boyfriend but there is something about Steven that I love which I don't see on Ken. Steve is a good guy and a very sweet one, maybe that's why I like him.


I waited for a few more minutes and still, Ken is nowhere in sight. I order large fries and soda to fill my growling stomach. I've been watching people walk by and eat for almost half an hour, who won't get hungry? I'm imagining what would it feels like to have a boyfriend who is always there to look out for me. Like those sweet boyfriends in the movies who is always there for their girls whenever they need them. Someone who is always available to cuddle with.  Ken is a good one but he's out most of the time.


 'Baby you light up my world like nobody else.' I was surprised by the sudden ring of my phone. I grab the phone in front of me, which I laid there a while ago and realize that Ken is already an hour late. Where the heck is he? I open a message from Ken,

'Sorry baby can't come. Coach extended football practice until six. Try to see you later.'


Wow. Just wow. "So football is more important than me now?!" I blurted out because of frustration that all of the other customers' attention is on me. "What the hell are you looking at?!" I reply to their what's-with-this-girl look. They dispersed upon realizing that it's just another cliche teenage drama. I grab my shoulder bag and my soda then stormed out of the horrible place.


Our house is just a few streets away so a walk won't hurt. I can't explain what i'm feeling right now, mixed anger, frustration, hatred and sadness. I also feel played with because the last time he also planned to see me, he also used this stupid football practice as an excuse. I even hardly see him because he spend all of his time for football and if not studies. 


"Hey, watch where you're going!" I shouted at the old lady who bumped into me. "Oh," my senses hit me, "i'm very sorry. I'm just in a very bad mood. I'm really sorry." I help her pick up her bag, she smiled at me. "It's okay dear. Don't worry, whatever's that about, once you figured things out, everything will be better." she said and continue walking. I was stunned on what she said. Yeah, I agree I hope things between me, Ken and Steven will be, I don't know, better?


Ken was always there for me during our first months but when he signed up for football he changed. I don't know if it's him or me but I know i'm also making a mistake. I never thought that Steven and I will get along that well. I wonder what's Steven thoughts about us, all of us three. He knows i'm dating Ken but he doesn't care.


When I arrive our house thirty minutes later I was surprised to find Mom, which is very unusual. "Hi Mom, why you so early?" I ask while I remove my sneakers I also notice that it's color is starting to change. "I feel sick so I asked my boss if I can go home early. By the way, maybe you could stay here while I do some groceries?" she explain. "Yeah, sure." I'm used to being alone, what's new. I proceed to my bedroom and do my routine.


An hour later, after I finished doing some schoolworks and scan some magazines, I got bored and look for somthing else to do. I saw my sister came in a few minutes after Mom left, good thing I won't be alone for the night. I''m checking my facebook account when I receive a message from Steven, 'I'll be there within an hour.' I stand up and take a short shower. When I exited the bathroom it was almost 7:00pm and I realize I missed dinner.


While I was on the shower, I was imagining what would it feels like to be Steven's girlfriend. I can't call myself as his girlfriend if i'm still dating Ken. It also come to mind if I should break up with Ken. He doesn't have time for us anymore and I also found myself falling for Steven. Ken is a loving and caring boyfriend but there is somthing about Steven that makes me love him more. Steven is a good man, very sweet and thoughtful. He's always there for me when Ken is not around, at first Ken knows that Steven do this and that for me but after a while I started to fall for Steven.


I loved Ken and if i'm going to break up with him, I think, it's not right to date his bestfriend, Steve. I can't choose between them, I don't want to hurt them both but I know that's where everything will end up if I don't do anything now. Cheating is not my thing and my conscience keeps hitting me. Why can't I just love them both, at the same time? 


After dressing up, something that doesn't look like I prepared but still good I waited. After ten minutes, I heard a knock on our front door, "Alice, he's here!" my sister called out. "Yeah, send him up!" I shout back. I glanced at the strawberry shaped wall clock and realize he's twenthy minutes early. I can hear heavy footsteps ascending the stairs then a soft knock on my door. I open it and hug him as tight as I could. He hug me back.


"Oh, Steven," I started, "I made up my mind. I'll break up with Ken. I don't know how or when, all I know is that i'm inlove with you." I finish and catch my breath. I bury me face in his chest but he start to pull away. At first I don't want to let go but he tried again and used too much force which hurt my arms, so I set him free. He stormed out of my room, run down stairs, then shouted "B*llSh*t!" before banging the door. He left, angry.


What did I do now? After a minute of confusion, I heard a knock then someone come in. Moments later Steven is in front of me, he kissed me on the cheeks, "Hey! What happened? I saw Ken leaving and he's cursing me then he drive away."


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