A New Salvatore

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There's a new Salvatore family member - her name's Alfre Salvatore and she's the long lost sister of Damon and Stefan. Her apperance stires up a lot of Trouble in Mystic Falls whilst it brings Damon and Stefan working together to control their sister it weakens the already tense working 'relationship' between Klaus and Tyler to breaking point as both of them fall for her and she starts to play with their hearts.

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



A black lambourghini Murchalago pulls into Mystic Falls and infront of the Salvatore household, inside the house Elena's head turns and looks at the car as she asks "Stefan? Who's car is that?" Stefan looks at the car as he says "The car of the Devil herself" Elena looks at him in shock as a tall slim female vampire with ice white skin, dark sapphire blue eyes and dark red hair steps out of the car. She wore a white shirt, black jeans, blood red Dc.Martens and a black leather jacket - on her finger was a daylight ring the same and Stefan's and Damon's but instead of an S or a D it had an A engraved onto it. Suddenly Damon appears downstairs and looks at the female with a mix of love and hate all at the same time. The female approaches the house and pulls out a key and lets herself in as she walks over to the them "Damon, Stefan - Who's this?" She says looking at the two brothers before her attention turns to Elena "It's not a Polova Doppelganger is it? She does looks remarkably like Katherine..." Stefan looks at the female saying "Alfre.... and for your information she is a Petrova Doppelganger but she's also now a Vampire.... and why are you back may i ask?" Alfre smirks and winks saying "I missed my little brothers"

Damon looks at her distrustfully asking "Really Alfre?" Alfre looks at Damon in shock and replies "Of course i did Damon! - i'm a changed Vampire" Both Damon and Stefan raise a sceptical eyebrow at Alfre saying "A cheeta dosent change it's spot Alfre" Grinning Alfre says "But im not a cheeta am i, Brothers?" Stefan Rolls his eyes saying "You know perfectly well what we mean Alfre" Alfre smirks and heads upstairs where their was one bedroom left free out of the Four total bedrooms in the Salvatore house- it was decorated in red and black - exactly like Alfre had left it some 30 years ago. She chucks her bag onto the bed and pulls shut the large black curtains as she had always done becuase of her preferance to darkness rather then daylight even before she was a vampire.

When she comes back downstairs she found Damon, Stefan and Elena talking in hushed whispers she sneaks up behind them saying "Talking in hushed whispers as always Brothers? i see hardly anything has changed at all" Looking at her Damon replies "And why should things change? Things have always worked perfectly fine for us" Alfre laughs saying "Only when you havent fallen for the same Doppelganger or are opposed over some decision which is usually linked to the petrova's" Stefan and Damon shake there head before Alfre adds "I hope your not going to try kick me out - This is as much my home as it is your's, Meanwhile i have buissness to take care of with Klaus" As she was about to leave Damon grabs her shouting "KLAUS? YOU CAME BACK FOR KLAUS?!?!" Alfre looks at him in shock saying "NO! Of course not he has something of mine and i want it back - After that i hope never to speak to that detestable hybrid again!" she pulls her arm from Damon's grasp as Damon let's her go and she heads out and gets back into her Murchalago to drive to Klaus and hopefully retrive the item she was looking for easily so she could start her real reason for coming back - She'd never tell Damon or Stefan but really she was after the power and influence they had in mystic falls and her plan involved the hybrid Tyler and the original hybrid Klaus himself.

She pulls up outside of Klaus' mansion and leans back in her seat watching the house as she see's the living room light flicker on and she steps out her Murcalago and walks up to Klaus front door. She raises her right hand and grasps ahold of the old victorian fashioned knocker on Klaus' front door and knocks it before she allows her hand to fall down to her side again as she waits for Klaus to open the door. A second later it was not Klaus who opened up the front door but Rebekah. "What do you want Alfre?" Rebekah questions. "Your brother has something of mine" She says simply as Klaus appears at the top of the stairs saying "Ahhh Alfre, i wondered when you would be back to....collect" Alfre smirks "I came as soon as i could - Buissness kept me away from Mystic Falls" Klaus looks at her suspicious saying "It always does"

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