Can we be together?

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A harry potter fan-fiction based around my character Maeve Black, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter and a very complicated love triangle.

Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Submitted: April 06, 2012



Maeve sits in her bedroom at 12 grimmuald place, she was grateful that Harry had allowed her to live here - it was the only thing that she had left to link her to Sirius...after finding out her true parents were Voldemort and Bellatrix her life had gone down hill. She wasn't even sure who she was anymore, let alone who her freinds were... Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Maeve jumps up and takes the steps two at a time opening the front door just seconds later. She's shocked to see Draco Malfoy standing at the door so she steps back and starts saying "Draco? W..what are you doing.." but before she can finish her sentence Draco has stepped inside, taken her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She gasps and Draco let's her go a couple of minutes later and looks her in the eyes and says "Maeve..I...i love you". She looks at him and whispers "Draco.." as she smiles and hugs him tightly burying her face into his shoulder.

Draco smiles and places a hand on her head when suddenlyHermione appears in the doorway looking at them with narrowed eyes. Draco looks atHermione with narrowed eyes in return as maeve looks up saying "Hermione...Please don't get annoyed. I love him..".Hermione just sighs "Just don't go getting your heart broken". Maeve nods asHermione disappears and Draco looks a bit confused saying "what's her problem?". She raises an eyebrow and explains "Nothing!..She's just going through a rough time right now, so...just leave it" as she leads Draco into the kitchen where kreacher appears from his hiding hole. "Master Draco is coming to stay?" Kreacher asks looking from Maeve to Draco. "Maybe, but do not bother's up to him wether he wishes to stay" Maeve replies as Draco sits down at the table and Kreacher goes back to his hole with a sulky face. Maeve walks over to the kettle saying "Draco, do you want tea or coffee?". He looks at her and says "I don't drink either...sorry". Maeve nods and starts walking back and foward causing Draco to grab a hold of her arm and pull her to him. Maeve looks at him as he smiles his devilishly handsome smile and kisses her again the only difference this time being that she kissed him back.

When they pull away they hear someone tapping their foot and turn to see Harry standing in the doorway looking annoyed. "I didn't give you grimmuald place so you could let Draco move in with you!" He complains. "Well I'm moving in whether you like it or not potter" Draco says standing next to Maeve. Harry was silent as Maeve grins saying "ohh..harry's jealous cause he like's you!". Harry blushes as he tries to make it seem a lie by saying "No!!! I don't!! He's my enemy..." Maeve grins replying "your cute enemey that you've been through a lot with!" Draco looks at Harry but shakes his head saying to maeve "it dosent matter...Maeve your the only one I care about and will ever care about". Maeve looks at Draco "truly?". He nods "Truly" he replies as he kisses Maeve again and Harry can be heard gasping in shock When they pull away harry was frozen in shock. Maeve smirks - she had a plan. She rises to her feet and walks to harry who was just staring at draco. Grinning she kisses harry quickly on the lips before she pulled away, as soon as she does Harry comes out of it and Kisses her deeply causing draco to say "What the hell Potter?!?". Harry tries to look innocent saying "What?, Your not the only one who thinks she's cute". Draco growls "You had your chance Harry - Now isn't it" He says almost in a whisper as he blast's Harry backwards causing him to let go off Maeve who's knees give way at the same moment. Draco catches Maeve as harry stumbles back in saying "it should be Maeve's choice". "And what if she can't chose?" Draco questions. Harry shrugs "we flip a coin?". looking shocked Draco shouts"No way! I won't flip a coin like she's a worthless object - she has feelings Potter, if you cared so much you'd see that!" Draco growls. "She may not, I mean her dad can't love..." Harry starts.

Maeve looks up and pushes herself to her feet saying "Yes I can love! My mum and dad didn't concive me when either one was under a love potion!". Harry looks at her and says "Show us what your heart feels than". "Fine!, i will" She says as she casts a simple reveal spell on her heart and an image appears before them of Maeve at the age of eleven when she was in her first year and seeing Draco for the first time and dismissing him for a jerk and then seeing him again in his third year and falling in love with him as soon as she saw him. "So you love Draco? Fine - Just don't come to me when he breaks your heart!" Harry says apparating out of the house. Draco sighs as he takes a hold of Maeve saying "Pay potter no attention - he thinks the world resolves around him". She looks at Draco "Doesn't it?". Draco puts his hand on Maeve's shoulder saying "He may have killed voldemort and be the boy who lived but that doesn't make him king of the world - No where near it". Maeve nods as she allows Draco to hold her and she rests her head on his shoulder. Suddenly there's a noise from kreacher's hidey hole which sounds like gagging. Kreacher than comes out and looks at them like he was planning something when suddenly Lucius appears and pulls Draco from Maeve which such force it caused Draco to lose his balance and nearly fall over onto his face. "What do you think your doing with that disgrace of a witch?" Lucius questions keeping a firm hold on Draco."Being with the woman i love" Draco replies as he pulls himself from his fathers grip to stand beside Maeve.

Lucius looks at the two of them saying "You would let yourself be removed from our family for her?". Maeve looks at Draco and says " dont have to be disowned by your family for me, i'll survive on my own". Draco meets her gaze and takes ahold of her hands saying "But i wouldnt be able to live without you" He turns to his father and says "Yes father, becuase i love her and she is the only one i want to be with - you can disown me if you wish, but she's the most important thing in my life". Lucius nods and says "Fine, But your mother will want to meet her - you know how she is when you starting dating someone and make claims about them, also she has made plans that it will be hard to talk her out of". Maeve looks at Draco who looks at his father saying "Father, what do you mean?". Lucius just smiles at his son saying "Meet us at Malfoy manor tommorow lunch time and you'll see - bring Maeve along aswell". Draco nods as Lucius apparates out of the house. "Draco...what does he mean that your mothers made plans?" Maeve asks Draco she looked ever so slighty worried. "I dont know...but dont worry i wont let them split us up- even if they've aranged for me to marry someone" He replies hugging maeve close.

Maeve nods and says "Im going to go down to hogsmeade and see George, Do you wanna come?" Maeve asks him. Draco shakes his head "No, i'll think i'll stay here - The weasleys arent to keen on me, especially not after Fred's death". Maeve nods "Ok, i'll try not to be to long". Draco nods as Maeve slips out the house, grabbing her broom stick on the way out and flying to hogsmeade where she lands outside Weasley Wizard Wheezes. "GEORGE!" She shouts "You in there mate?". George steps out the shop and says " shouldnt be here". She looks confused "Why...." She starts just as Harry steps out of the shop. Harry looks at her "What do you want?" she narrows her eyes "To speak with george"

"Maybe he dosent..." Harry starts for george to interupt him "What is it maeve?" she looks at George saying "Im going out with Draco but his mothers arranged something for him...and i dont know if it's to marry someone else or not, what do you think i should do? Lucius wants me to go to their manor tommorow" George look at her saying "Go to Malfoy manor - see what Nacrissa has arranged for Draco - if it's a marrige see how Draco acts around the person he's been arranged for and if he acts around them like he acts around any normal person than he really loves you and you have nothing to worry about" Maeve nods asking "But what if he acts like he fancies them and flirtswith them infront of my very face?" George looks at her placing a hand on her shoulder saying "If he just acts like he likes them but dosent flirt you have to make him fall in love with you even more and show your better than this girl - but if he flirts with herinfront of you than you must leave him and remove him from your heart for eternity or he'll always be able to bend you to his will" Maeve nods hugging george whispering "Thank you're like a brother to me" She than turns to harry saying "What'll you do if i leave Draco because he loves this other girl more than me? Will you be there for me or will you still hate me because my heart right now belongs to him even if it dosent in a day's time..." Harry sighs whispering "I do not know what i'll do Maeve - you'll have to wait and see" Maeve nods before jumping on her broomstick and flying of back to Grimmuald place and Draco. Once she arrives back Draco greets her with a hug and she leans into him a worried expression on her face as Draco sighs whispering into her ear "I could never love anyone but you Maeve Black" Maeve nods as she replies "But that dosent stop other people loving you...." He sighs as he takes her by the hand and leads her upstairs to her bedroom - they were currently sleeping seperatly but no one could blame them as they didnt know what the future would hold for them. Maeve climbs into her bed as Draco kisses her on the cheek saying "I wont let anyone come between us - not even my family"

Draco then turns and exit's the room leaving Maeve to fall into a light restless sleep with a constant worry on her mind as to what tomorrow would hold for them. Early the next morning Maeve wakes up and searches through her cupboard for something to wear to the malfoy's manison to try show she was an 'appropriate' wife for Draco even though she knew Draco loved her and wouldnt stop loving her just cause his parents told him to Maeve knew it was still important to win his parents approval no matter what. Because if they didnt approve it was likely that there marrige would seem as untrue and no wizarding family would class them as a proper family and rumors would spread like wildfire about them. Eventually she settles on a floor length Emerald green dress with silver detailing and the black family crest hanging around her neck and wearing Bellatrix's ring which she'd inherited after Bellatrix passed away. Draco walks in once she was dressed and smiles wrapping his arms around her waist saying "You look beautiful Maeve" She smiles saying "Well let's hope your parents agree with you" He kisses her on the cheek whispering "You worry far to much Maeve dear" She sighs "i know but i just want your parents to accept me and allow me to be your wife, officialy" He nods replying "I know Dear, Talking of my parents it's time we left for their manor"

Maeve nods as they walk downstairs and out of number 12 as Draco holds Maeve's hand and they apparate to the living room in Malfoy Manor. The moment they appear it was obvious that three other people was in the room - Nacrissa, Lucius and a young female witch with platinum blonde hair and a feminine hourglass figure. Maeve tenses visibly and let's go of Draco's hand as she looks around the room as not to see the female a second longer. But as soon as she hears the female say in a very girly voice "Draco, My love" she spun her head to look at the girl and punched her square in the face sending her staggering back saying "He's not your love! you...overgrown doll!!" Draco grabs Maeve and pulls her from the room and looks at Maeve shocked "Maeve! I thought you were going to play nicely?" Maeve huffs saying "I tried - however you're currently not her love so she has no right to call you that!" she was watching Draco and he was glaring at her angry she hadn't even waited to get annoyed so they could hear what plan's Nacrissa had made first but she could see Draco looking over his shoulder occasionaly at the female witch every so often as they stood in silence and soon Nacrissa said "Draco, Come meet your bride to be"

A torn look momenteraly appeared on Draco's face but as Maeve went to apologise and take Draco's hand Draco turned and walked into the living room and away from Maeve who stands shocked in silence and feeling as if she was about to cry before she forces the tears back and shouts "I hate you all!! You and your idea's of perfection!!!" as she runs down the hallway and blasts the door out of her way as she runs from the manor and apparates into Grimmuald place where she collapses against the wall crying, her head in her hands. A second later warm arm's enclosed around her and she hears Harry whisper "Don't worry about Draco, he obviously didnt truly care about you" Mave looks up at him and says "Harry?" Harry meets her eyes and questions "What is it?" she looks at him for a second before she says "Your speech isn't helping" and leans forward kissing him on the lips to move on from Draco and forget the last fourty-eight hours of her life.

Harry looks at her in shock as Maeve smiles slightly as Kreacher steps outinto the hallwayand asks "Where is Master Draco? Why are you kissing Master Harry?" Maeve looks at kreacher and replies "Draco has left to marry another and i have my reasons for kissing Harry" Kreacher nods and says "Whatever you say Mistress" before he heads into the Kitchen to prepare dinner. Harry was still staring at Maeve in shock as he asks "Are you sure about....this?" Maeve nods saying "Yes...well i think i am, i'm not sure wether my decisions are the best...." Smiling softly Harry whispers "I believe in you"

© Copyright 2017 Hazel Darkshadow. All rights reserved.

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