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A profile for a character i plan to use soon in stories & that i currently use when roleplaying with my friends.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Name - Alice

Age - Sixteen

Gender - Female

Race - Dark Elf

Occupation - Mercenary

Likes - Fighting, Shadows, Darkness, Strength, Power, Magic, Dark Colours, Rock/Metal Music, Night time

Dislikes - Girly things, Bright colours, Light, Pop Music, Cowards, Day Time

Weapons - Bow & Arrow, One-Handed short sword, Throwing Knives,

Powers - Destruction, Conjuration, illusion

Family - None, An Orphan

Relationships - None

Scars - Long hunting scar running across her stomach which she recived from a hunting accident with a wolf

Fears - Having her strengths & skills challanged

Skills - Working Alone, Doesn't develop emotional attachments, Doesn't just take people's word, doesn't openly trust people she meets and/or helps.

True Apperance - Grey/Blue skin, Dark Red eyes, 5ft 6, 9st 9, White hair, Hourglass figure, No Make-up.

illusion/fake Apperance - Pale caramel skin, Dark Purple hair, 5ft 6, 9st 9, Hourglass figure, Dark Make-up, Amber eyes.

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