Morgana Reborn

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The last thing Morgana remembers is her death when she was killed in the battle for Camelot against her brother Arther Pendragon. But now Morgana has to learn about the world and why she was brought back only now - in the 20th century when everything has changed.

She sets out in search to find if her brother Arthur was also reborn and durinhg her search she finds she no longer has that age old hatred against him she used to and she has to learn all about the technology and laws of the 20th century.And she also learns just how little an amount of people believe in or practice magic these days.

Throught this she gets a new goal in life - to prove to the people that magic does exist and it's in most of their blood and also that magic and technology can exist side by side and maybe even be used together in machines or anything to do with helping life progress.

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



Morgana groans softly as her eyes flicker open and she looks up at the full moon in the sky above her as she gets a flashback of the last few moments of her life alive before her brother Arthur Pendragon had killed her. She sits up slowly whispering "I've been brought back, i wonder why? Mabye my god damned brothers back also" she muses to herself as she stands up and starts to walk through the woods with the mistaken idea that when she reached the end of the wood's she'd woken up in that she would find things much the same or very similar to how she'd left them.

When she reaches the end of the woods she gasped in shock at the sight she saw - What she saw exactly was a huge city full of tall glass building's with weird huge paths that had these big metal boxes on wheels moving along them. And the people all wore fabric clothing andf the girl's wore trousers! There was no knights in chainmail around and as the people walked they talked into these weird little devices that they held in their hands. "What is this..." She whispers confused as she suddenly spots a male standing next to her who had jet black hair, square jaw, high cheekbones, green eyes and a large muscular build as he says to her "It's a city" she turns and faces the male and asks him "Who are you?" The male gives her an almost sympathetic smile and replies "I'm Lance" At this name Morgana asks "Like Lancelot?" Laughing at her excitment over his name Lance nods saying "Yes, like Lancelot - what's your name?" Smiling Morgana says "My name's Morgana" Lance looks her over and asks "Like the old sorceres who tried to take Camelot from King Arthur?" Nodding Morgana replies "Exactly like that"

Looking over Morgana, Lance asks "You're not from around here are you Morgana?" Morgana shakes her head replying "I'm from no where near here....i dont understand anything....could you explain it to me Lance?" Smiling Lance nods saying "Of course Morgana" as he holds his hand out to Morgana which she takes as he leads her into the city and explains everything about what was in the city and about the 20th century when she asked. Soon they arrived at the base of one of the tall glass building's which Lance had told Morgana were called Skyscrapers and held all kinds of things inside like flats where people lived, places where people work called offices, and large department stores which held shops of all sizes. "Why are we here? What in this Skyscraper?" Morgana asks looking at Lance curiously. "This one holds flats and i live in one of the flats inside" Lance explains. "Ok....but why bring me here?" She asks. "Well i assumed you didnt have a place to stay so i was going to offer you stay here with me till you got a job and your own place to live...but you dont have to stay here with me..." He says shrugging softly. She looks at Lance and smiles softly saying "Thank you Lance, im gratefull to have somewhere to stay - i dont know what i would've done otherwise...everything's still very strange" Lance nods and leads the way inside the skyscraper and up three flights to flat number 96. "Well this is where i live" Lance says smiling as he opens the door and motions for Morgana to step inside first.

Morgana steps into the Apartment and looks around - It was a large, spacious apartment decorated in White andScarletred with flicks of gold. The walls were painted a glistening white whilst the sofa's and other items of furniture were eitherScarlet red or White. Lance steps in behind Morgana and smiles saying "Feel free to look around whilst i go and set up the spare bedroom for you" Morgana smiles and nods as she walks slowly into the living room and then into the dinning room where her attention was caught by a large scarlet red cloak with the gold dragon of Camelot embroided into the fabric. She stood there looking at the cloak for what seemed like hours as memories flooded through her mind - one after the other, reminding her of what her previous life had been like and all the choices - bad and good - that she made through that life. She was suddenly, and violently pulled out of her memories as Lance put a hand on her shoulder and she golted out of her memories and almost fell onto the floor as Lance caught her before she hit the floor. "Morgana? Are you ok?" He asks looking at her with concern. "Yes..." She whispers nodding as she looks at his face and notices it was exactly like the face of the Lancelot she knew before and that his personality was similar as it had been of Lancelot's towards people he cared for....."How did you get the cloak?" She questions Lance softly. "It's a family heirloom...passed down through the generations to me - it was my ancestors...Sir Lancelot he was..." Lance appears as Morgana interupts him "..A knight of the round table" Lance nods and says "I see you familiar with the stories of Camelot and King Arthurs knights?" as he helps Morgana to her feet and she replies "Yes, Something like that" He gives her a questioning look but says nothing as he leads her through to the spare bedroom which was decorated in silver and green. "Why is the spare bedroom paintes so....differently to the rest of the house?" Lance shrugs and says "I just had this gut feeling that whoever eventually stayed in this room....would suit these colours more...though i have yet to have a person stay here...apart from you..."

Looking at him she studies Lance's expression as he says "The colours do seem to suit you Morgana" She shrugs softly and sits down on the bed and places her head into her hands. Lance sighs softly and exits the room to leave Morgana alone - he heads back to the dinnning room and looks at the cloak of the knights of the round table and wonders why it had sparred such a reaction in Morgana and what her secrect was that she was keeping from him.

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