Regaining Power

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When an Auditore moves back to florence in an attempt to bring her family back to power again but is captured by the new Borjia she does the unexpected and agrees to marry their leader in an exchange for power even though it means cutting off the ties her family holds with the Assassins.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Luna Auditore stands at the top of a catholic church scanning the surrounding city and countryside as far as she could make out in detail in order to familiarise herself with that part of the city. She was new to Florence herself but her family’s history and origins came from this city and Ezio Auditore. Hearing a door open behind her Amelia spins around to spot a tall, olive skinned male who had Jet Black hair and Emerald green eyes who was smiling at her.

"Luna Auditore i presume?" The male asks watching her. She looks at him in shock " did you know my name?" She questions suddenly suspicious of the male who stood before her. The male smiles saying "Well i know you’re an Auditore because of the Crest you wear and i in the city who told me that an Auditore would finally be coming back to this city - and which Auditore it would be" She gives him a suspicious look not fully believing his story as she spots the Borja crest on the robe that he was wearing.

Taking a step back she goes to Eagle Dive into a haystack below but he grabs her by the collar of her top whispering in her ear "I won’t let another Auditore ruin our plans" as he takes ahold of her wrists and forces her down through the inside of the church tower and out onto the street where she was forced to sit down on the front of a horse with the Borja behind her controlling the horse. She growls "If you’re going to kidnap me that you could at least tell me your name!" The Borja smiles saying “Antonio De Pazzi" She growls lowly showing her dislike for his name as he takes her to a fort just outside of Florence which bore the mark of the Borja. She shivers at the sight of the fort as she feels handcuffs close around her wrists and at the entrance to the fort Antonio jumps off the horse and pulls Luna off the horse and into the fort.

As soon as she steps inside the fort cheers go up at the sight of her capture causing her to hang her head low trying to imagine she was somewhere else, but even that form of escape was made impossible as the handcuffs are taken off as she’s forced into a cold, damp, rotting cell with no-one but the rat’s for her company. She lies down on the straw bed that was left for her and starts to cry – She eventually falls asleep from pure exhaustion to be woken up in the morning by being brutally shaken awake by Antonio. She looks at him and growls “Get off” She mutters shoving him away. Antonio laughs at her saying “I wish i could but our boss wants to see you” Looking up at him in shock as he yanks her to her feet and pulls her from the cell and up into the only villa in the fort where the head of the new Borja operation was living. As he moves her towards the Villa she feels the handcuffs clasp around her wrists again and she growls lowly. Antonio just laughs at her as they reach the villa and he forces her inside and to the living room where he pushes her to her knees in front of a man in his early twenties with jet black hair, deep blue eyes and olive skin – He wore a white shirt, black suit trousers, plain black boots and a deep scarlet cape with the Borja crest.

He looks down at her and says “Ah.... so you’re Luna”. She narrows her eyes at him saying “Yes – but who are you?” Laughing “Clio Borja” He says as he looks over her and the simple clothing she wore as he adds “I could bring your family back to power in Italy again Luna” She shakes her head muttering “i don’t want any help from you!” but it was a lie – she wished heavily for her family to have some kind of status again, for people to know the name know what they did for Italy all those years ago! Clio smirks at her as he kneels in front of Luna and takes a hold of her chin saying “I know you are lying to me, Luna – I know what you want for your family, i can give that to you – All you have to do is be mine” She looks at him in pure shock as she falls into a still silence as she tries to think over his offer. After a few minutes Luna sighs deeply saying “What would i get...if i was to marry you? And what would i have to do?” Grinning Clio knows she was considering it as he replies “You would get power and influence in all of Italy – So would members of your family and all you need do is be loyal to me completely and cut off all ties your family has with the Brotherhood of Assassins”

Luna looks up at him saying “Do you promise me?” Meeting her eyes Clio nods replying “I promise you” Taking a deep breath Luna sighs and whispers “I’ll marry you” Clio smiles and says “then i want to do this properly” as he unhand cuffs Luna who rises to her feet as Clio remains on one knee and pulls a little black box from his back pocket and opens it as he holds it out to Luna saying “Luna Auditore, Will you marry me?” Luna looks at the ring – it was huge! Platinum, Ruby and Diamond – She actually smiles properly as she says “Yes” and Clio slips the ring onto Luna’s wedding finger and pulls her into a tight hug – it looked like two real lovers embracing – but who knew...maybe one day they would be such. They pull away a minute later and Clio says “Antonio you’re to take her to the spare bedroom and give her some fresh clothes” Antonio nods and gives a small bow to Clio before straitening up again and leading Luna out of the living room and up a flight of stairs to the first floor before leading her to a bedroom that was decorated in furnishing’s that were just bordering on being expensive.

Luna sits down on the bed that had silver and emerald green bed coverings whilst Antonio walked over to the wardrobe and pulls out a longer green and silver dress with long sleeves that were cuffed at the wrists and passes it to Luna saying “Put this on and head back to the living room once you’re done” before he turns and leaves the room. As soon as he was gone Luna sat down on the bed and thought about what Clio had said about cutting off ties with the Assassin Brotherhood...could she manage such a thing? Her family had been major players in the brotherhood since before even Ezio.... She sighs and shakes her head, she would remove herself from the Assassin Brotherhood but she would not do anything about her brother's being in the Assassin's - they all had promising future's in the brotherhood and Luna couldn't take that away from them to be linked in with the Borgia whom she knew her brother's hated. Slipping off her old clothes she falls into silenc as she pulls on the Emerald green and silver dress before she lets her hair down and heads down to the living room where Clio still sat surronded byBorgia Guards.

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