The Chance Encounter

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When a young girl goes out to a club for the night she never expected to fall in love with a complete stranger who she may never see again.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Rosa steps into the large club which was a mix of neon lights, Dancing bodies, laughter and music - She didnt usualy go to places like this but something had compelled her to go here tonight. She looks around the club she decides not to dance and walks to the left of the club where it was quieter and lighter - people sat talking and chatting over drinks and food, Scanning for a spare seat she notices the only available seat is next to a tall blonde haired and blue eyedmale. Taking a deep breath she adjusts her top so it covered her back as she stood up and walked over towards the male who looked up at Rosa and observed her half short, half long red hair, green eyes, and pale skin aswell as theTank Top, Jeans, and Dc.Martens that she wore. "Can i help you?" The male asks Rosa curiously. "Yes, i was wondering if i could sit here?" She asks looking at the male as she signaled to the free seat. Nodding the male asks "Whats your name?" Sitting down Rosa smiles softly and says "my name is Rosa" The male nods and says "I'm Ray" Rosa glaces over Ray's apperance quickly and says "Well it's nice to meet you Ray" Smirking Ray says "And it's a pleasure to meet you too Rosa"

Suddenly a moderatly paced 80's song that Rosa know's well starts to play and she smiles asking Ray "Do you want to dance?" Siezing the oppurtunity to get close to Rosa who he found attractive Ray says "I would love to" as the two stand up to their feet and Ray takes Rosa's hand and leads her out onto the dance floor where they dance together with their bodies close. As they danced Rosa studies the differing shades of blonde in Ray's hair, The sparkling blue of his eyes and the build of his face as Ray did the same with her red eyes, emerald green eyes and slightly rounded face that was just developing out of her teenage years. As the song comes to an end after four miniutes of dancing Ray gives Rosa a gentle hug before pulling away and dissapearing into the crowd before she could say anything or ask him to stay.

She pushes her way through the crowd insearch of him as she looks around a million questions on her mind, Somehow she ended up back outside in the chilling wind. "Don't follow me" Ray says stepping out from the shadows beside Rosa. Turning Rosa looks at him asking "Why not?" Smiling softly Ray replies "Because we will meet again, and all your questions will be awnsered in time Rosa" as he kisses Rosa on the forehead before he turns and walks down the street as Rosa stood in the same position, shocked but with a small, pleased smile on her lips.

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