Two Sides to me

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A story about a young demon who did not chose to become such and has a 10% chance to turn either human or an Angel - but she needs the help of an old angel friend who is shunned by christians & other angel's for even trying to help her become who they both feel she should really be.

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



Amelia Demannaro stands infront of the vatican - To any onlookers she seemed to be an innocent sixteen year old girl though in truth she was infact she had two demons inside of her, One keeping the other in the back of her mind and under control. She stood outside the Vatican waiting for a friend who had arranged to meet her when suddenly an eighteen year old male with jet black hair stands behind Amelia and says "Come along quietly dear and i wont hurt you" Amelia laughs and says "Can i know your name before i decide?" The male nods and replies "I'm Edwardo" Amelia gives a nod whispering "Nice name - Too bad im not going to co-operate" as Edwardo gives a small warning growl but Amelia had already pushed herself off the balls of her feet and was sprinting off into the crowd.

Edwardo Sprints after her as Amelia leaps up a building and cluthces onto the groves where she could get a grip as she feel's Edwardo's hand clasp around her Ankle - She feels him tug on her ankle and pull her roughly to the ground as she lets out a small gasps and swings at him with her fists to try make him let go. Edwardo let's go of her ankles and grabs ahold of her wrists and pulls her to him without even giving her the smallest oppurtunity to slip away. "GET OFF ME!!" She shouts struggling against him as she suddenly feels Edwardo's lips press to her's as his were covered in a clear liquid that as soon as it touched Amelia's lips she passes out instantly. She woke up approximetly five hours after she'd passed out to find herself locked in a castle dungeon - She raises her head and see's Edwardo standing outside the cell she was in as he whispers "This could have happened so much easier Amelia...." She noticed the guard behind her just a second too late as she's forced down onto her kness and Edwardo walks in - A latin bible and bunch of rosemary in his hands - he forced the rosemary into Amelia's mouth and forces her to bite down onto it as he starts to chant in latin from the bible. Amelia let's out an ear splitting scream of pain as she feels as if someone had shoved flame's down her throat in an attempt to burn her from the inside out. As soon as Edwardo had finished the chant he placed his hands onto either side of Amelia's face as he whispered "It'll all be over soon" She lets out a deep hiss to only pass out again afterwards.

Though this time when she woke up a complete day had passed and everything inside her felt changed - She felt Stronger, Smaster, Faster and Wiser. As she raises her head she spots Edwardo walking towards her and she jumps to her feet as she grabs him by the throat and digs her nail's in as she growls "How did you know?" Edwardo looks at her and pretends to be confused and mutters "Know what?" Amelia growls and pulls him away from the wall and slams him back into it "About me being possesed - About one of the demon's inside me!" Edwardo meets his eyes and says proudly "The angel's told me ina dream" Amelia bursts out laughing and says simply "No...The angel's knew the first demon was keeping the worst demon inside and in control" A look of pure confusion clouds Edwardo's face as hesays "You have a second -worse- demon in you?" Amelia's laughing becomes even more insane as she smirks and says "ohhhh!! you let lucifer into your mind! Lucifer was the one who told you what to do because he wanted me second worse demon out....You did the Devil's work" Edwardo gasps and starts to pray in latin as Amelia let's go of him and kicks him to the floor in disgust saying "No Angel will pay attention to your prayers now - Your a devil's Advocate"

Suddenly from behind a soft velvet voice says "Don't be so sure about that Amelia - Everyone has a chance for redemption" Amelia lauhgs and spins aiming a kick at the Angel who grabs her foot and pulls her to him before adding "even you" Amelia looks at him in shock and whispers "Sullivan....i....." ceasing the oppurtunity Sullivan finishes off her sentence "...never thought i'd see you again?" she nods allowing Sullivan to pull her into a comfort hug as she buries her head into his chest due to that being at the perfect height for her as he was too tall for her to comfterbally rest her head on his shoulder. Edwardo gasps and starts "YOU'RE FRI....." but sullivan turns on him and shots him a look as cold as ice causing Edwardo to run from the room as Edwardo says to Amelia "I know you didn't chose this and i know you were tricked into being a demon"

Amelia looks up at him and sighs "Even so....They will never let you help me" she says pointing up to the roof to indicate god and the Angel's who had the power to allow or stop Sullivan from doing anything to help Amelia. "You don't know that Amelia....If we explain, if we tell them what really happened they may give permission..." He says holding Amelia's hands a false smile on his face but Amelia was looking into his deep crystal blue eyes - which revealed thatSullivan knew that the Angel's were unlikely to ever give him permission to help her, just as Amelia did. Sighing softly Amelia looks down in silence as Sullivan strokes her deep red hair softly and softly says "I dont care if they wont let me've alway been a friend to me and i love you..... So they can try and deny me and even stop me but i'll help you and bring you back to who you really are - no matter what" Amelia looks up at him and shakes her head starting to protest "Dont you dare...." but before she could protest any further Sullivan had leant down and was kissing Amelia lovingly on the lips.

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