Old Friends.

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Two friends meet at a match but is everything as happy as it seems??

Submitted: February 09, 2009

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



Hazel felt a rush of excitement sweep through her body. She loved close games like this. They kept her on her toes. She had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. First there was the camogie game and tomorrow night her friend, Lynnette was coming home to visit from Boston.


Lynette had left Dublin over five years ago. She met a man in Boston while the girls worked in the States one summer. They fell in love and when Lynette finished her university course he asked her to marry him. They moved to the states shortly afterwards and Hazel had not seen her since. Still, the two friends never lost touch. They e mailed, phoned and even sent the odd letter to one another.


Hazel caught the sliotar on the end of her camog and whipped it toward the net. Her team-mate, Aoife, was just in time to nudge it into the goal. The two women hugged one another and laughed with disbelief. Hazel ran over to the spectators and began high-fiving anyone close to her. As she reached out into the crowd one last time, she felt a tight grip on her jersey. She looked behind to see who was pulling her and gasped with delight.

“Lynette!” she screamed.

“Hiya Hazel, I thought I’d surprise you.”

“Well, you certainly did just that. My god it’s great to see you”. She hugged her friend and without warning began to sob.

“Hey, don’t be crying. I didn’t come home to see you get upset.”

“I know. I’m sorry. It’s just been so long, and such a shock!”

Hazel’s team-mates began to call her back to the game.

“Look, go on back.  I’ll see you outside when the game’s over.” Lynette hugged her friend again. “You’ll always be my best friend.” She whispered in her ear as they parted company.


The game ended ten minutes later and Hazel changed as quickly as she could.She raced outside to meet Lynette at the exit but couldn’t find her. She waited until the crowds were gone but still there was no sign of her friend. She picked up her mobile and called Lynette’s mom, Dolores. She knew she would be staying with her. 

Dolores sounded upset.
“Are you ok Dolores? Its Hazel.”
“Oh Hazel, Lynette’s dead” she sobbed.
“What? How? I don’t understand”.
“She was in an accident on the way to the airport. She died instantly. They just called us about an hour ago.”
Hazel dropped her phone. It shattered to pieces on the pavement.

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