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Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



Nathan Drew

What others think of him…

Hazel: He is an amazing big brother but for some reason he seems different…

Zack: He is always checking on. He makes sure I don’t go over-board with my ways

Briana: He is just your Typical good boy.

Line one: I understand what you said but I am not the person who can console you…(Sad)

Line two: Only you Hazel can show them that who they are is not who they really are (Worried)


Rosco McAdeson

What others think of him…

Hazel: He saved me tons of times when I was near my breaking point…

Kalieah: He is that one cousin who will always do what he can to make sure we don’t do bad things

Connor: He always has his arms around her! It is irritating! Stop touching her she is mi-

Line One: Sorry, I don’t think that you and I can be together I love Hazel and I will continue loving her (Be considerate)

Line Two: Please don’t do it Jay you will get hurt (Worried)


Tomica Jefferson

What others think of her…

Briana: My sister is very considerate but others always try to take advantage of her especially Liana!

Jason: She is so nice…she even has my interest…She saved me many times…Yet I think she hates me!

Liana: She just irritates me! She is all good but I guarantee she has regrets that will soon make her show her true colors!

Line One: Marry, please don’t do this to me…I need you to tell me what is it that is bothering you…(Worried)

Line Two: I promised my mom I won’t disappoint her…but I can’t keep this smile forever…(Sad)


Jason Cooper

What others think of him…

Alexis: I like him because she likes him! He is the bad boy all girls want!

Connor: My right hand man. He does what I want that’s why I keep him around.

Kalieah: He is an idiot little brother who let’s others use him! As his old sister I want to make sure he doesn’t fall in the wrong hands…

Line One: Back off! I told you I don’t want your affection! (Annoyed)

Line Two: When I am near her I get a weird feeling in my stomach. When I speak to her I lose my words…(The Voice in your heard voice)


Briana Jefferson

What others think of her…

Tomica: Big Sis stop making her step on you! Have some pride!

Penelope: I keep her around because she has talent but other than that she is nothing but another peasant.

Connor: She is scary! She always says love too easily! I can’t stand girls with big confidence like her.

Line One: He is so cute! I love him I love him! (Over Excited)

Line Two: I am better than you trust me honey if I wasn’t then explain why you’re not in my position? (Over Confident)


Penelope Rogers

What others think of her…

Rosco: Girls like her…are just those you would want to run away from…


Josiah: I am with the group of guys who hide from her…I don’t understand why some girls look up to her. Although I can give them some point for being able to handle her attitude.

Line One: When I say goes it’s final! (Angry, Demanding)

Line Two: I can make any guy love me because I have beauty no other girl can have (Over Confident, Conceited)


Josiah King

What others think of him…

Rosco: I grew up with him. He never changed he is always considerate.

Tomica: He is that guy friend that is like a big brother.

Skylar: I always see him at his dad’s shop. Sometimes the customers are rude to him but he keeps a smile no matter what.

Line One: Please don’t say those words so easily…You can’t say you love someone when you barley know them (Concerned)

Line Two: She has a point man…You can’t be hung up over it forever (Worried)


Thomas Fletcher

What others think of him…

Miana: I don’t understand why someone as nice as him is with someone who causes trouble

Zack: He is my brother for life. We both grew up in the slums and we both share the same fate

Liana: He is a weird guy…He is so sweet to everyone but sometimes he is mean like a demon

Line One: I know how hard it is to lose someone…I lost so much right in front of my eyes (Concerned)

Line Two: The reason I stick with Zack is because he needs someone to keep him sane. (Normal)


Miana Henderson

What others think of her…

Penelope: I can’t hate her even if she is always stopping me from doing bad things…

Thomas: One girl I can trust. She always helps me when I need someone.

Alexis: She is that one girl that you just can’t hate. She has the personality of many.

Line One: Penny, I told you to stop doing that to her! She has feelings (Sort of Angry but keeps her cool)

Line Two: Someone has to be the adult around here to keep them from going chaos (Normal)

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