voices in my head

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the voices in my head

Submitted: November 18, 2013

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Submitted: November 18, 2013



the voices in my head are crying out in pain and anguish

they yell, whisper and talk only of death

slicing through my wrists and bleeding out till theres only a puddle on the floor and im lying dead in it.

the voices whisper of all the wrongs ive done, when i used to drink away the part of the day i could not sleep away, when i would cry at night thinking about only memories that shouldnt mean anything anymore.

the voices yell about how i look at my self in the mirror "YOUR PITHEDIC, SORRY, SAD, UGLY, FORGOTTEN!!' 

i only want to peel away the pain one putrid layer of skin after another and end up with only guts, bones and a rotten heart theft to morn upon but then again the voices tell me no one willl care, no one will recognize the loss they had because i was invisible i always will be.

'i dont want to be selfish!' i yell hoping to get louder than these sick creatchers but all i do is end up with tears streeming down my lonesome face soakiing my pillow in remorse of what i had just done.

i close my eyes breath in once and out twice to fall asleep as fast as i can

i wake up and the cyle goes on day after day, night after night. yet no one knows exctly how i feel and forevermore they never will

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