What he said to her

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What he said

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013



Her \"I'm afrade to sleep with you because I think that one I do you will leave cause you got what you wanted\" Him \"I don't if I wanted to sleep with you I would just say make me a sandwich and get naked\"

Her \"I can't do what we did last time...\" Him \"umm why\" Her \"well cause its that time\" Him \"time for what\" Her \"the time of month\" Him \"umm oh.. That's okay ill just kiss you\"

Him to friend \" oh crap go get it its rolling down the hill\" (Friend runs away he leans in) Her \"wee\"

Him \"if this isn't love, I don't know what is\"

Him \"______, I love you\" Her \":) _____, I love you too\"

(Bang on the fence) Her \"what was that\" Him \"I don't know I'm scared hold me\"

Her \"can you come out side now\" Him \"I can't look to the right my neck is screwed up\" Her \"it's okay you can bring out a pillow ill just lay there with you\"

Her \"are you tired?\" Him (no answer) Her \"okay good night\" Him \"no\" Her \"no what\" Him \"stay here\"

Him \"what star should be ours?\" Her \"the brightest one in the sky\"

Him \"you forgot about me\" Her \"what do you mean I could never forget about you\"

Her \"it's cold out here\" Him \"come closer... Closer.... Closer, kiss me\"

Her \"_____, I love you\" Him \"_______, no you don't\"

Do you think they really love each other if you do then why did you think he left her in the end?

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