Evil Plastic

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this is about barbie becoming a playboy bunny and then she starts eating Hue Hefner. Can she ever be stopped? (I HAVE A SICK MIND!**)PLEASE LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK!**

Submitted: January 01, 2007

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Submitted: January 01, 2007



Listen Ken im sick and tired of you and your wrinkly plastic body too. Whoever designed you is a (BEEP) . Barbie watch your language your a childrens doll. I dont (BEEPIN) care anymore. Im leavin forever by Ken. Meanwhile... Barbie goes to her moms house 4 blocks away. Her mom is a witch if you didnt know. Her mom changed Barbie into a human. Barbie was a beautiful human so beautiful that oneday Hue was outside by the pool with Holly, Bridget,and Kendra. He noticed her radiance and she became a bunny.  She truly didnt want to be a bunny but she couldnt turn down Hue. A few years had past and Barbie grew old and senile and in this case very hungry. nothing would fufill her craving except wrinkly flesh. And the only one there with wrinkly skin is Hue . Barbie feasted on him. So everyone when he returns to THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR he may look different!**

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