Little Ankle Biter

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about a homeless girl entering a foster family getting a puupy the dad hates him the mom loves him does she end up keeping it?...

Submitted: December 29, 2006

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Submitted: December 29, 2006



Hi my name is Emily. I am six years old and homeless. Ive been in foster care for five years. I finnaly got excepted into a family im not sure what to expect. My new moms name is Melissa and my new dads name is David. They seem very nice. Ive been with them now for two years that means that I am eight years old.  Ive been begging my parents to get me a puppy but you know parents.  But I finnaly convinced them were going to the shelter today. When we got there i went through so many  breeds such as pinchers of all sorts,boston terriers,weimerangers... I finnaly found what I was looking for a english bulldog named Princy. My dad would always joke around and call him a ankle biter. But I did not think it was so funny. My dad soon got very sick and we have to get rid of Princy. My mom doesnt want to get rid of him either so we nursed my dad back to health and... GOT TO KEEP PRINCY!!!

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