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A poem reflecting a symbolic color on flags hoisted during the American Revolutionary War

Submitted: November 15, 2013

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Submitted: November 15, 2013





I saw it first upon the King’s flag,

So regal, proud, and brazen.

A color so rich and bold,

It’s aspirations  never hastened.


There it was all along,

Above the steeples, above the fortifications.

Having hoisted on poles so high,

The colonies became its nation.


Soon the color was cursed upon;

Hated, torn, and burned.

Voices rang with grievances,

But Ol’ George never turned.


Before long rebellion stirred in the land,

With fights, skirmishes, and brawls.

“Taxation without Representation!”

Cried through the state halls.


That color cultivated it’s presence.

This time upon the King’s boats.

In great numbers they came,

Strong soldiers in red coats.


Now that color was on every corner,

Taking the King’s stand.

Holding swords, knives, and muskets,

Did that color paint our land.


Upon the battlefields,

Upon the bridges.

Scarlet stained grass

And trailing down the ridges.


Upon the saber, upon the sword,

It came again and again.

Hot liquid seeping through wounds,

And nevertheless upon the hands of men.


There it was in the fired shots,

A mere shade in the flames.

Flying with the canons, consuming the towns,

Could it ever be contained?


Out of the frontier and into the cities.

There it trickled down the streets.

Here it sprayed,

Or merely lay,

The smell of death lingered and reeked.


E’er long did it make it’s stay.

For seven long years.

We found our loyal and betrayed,

But this cause was not to be in vain!


Oh that cause. What cause is worth such hell?!

Where common blood is spent,

Homes are ravaged, and tragedy felt,

Freedom’s cost is too high to sell.


Such purpose could not be bound!

Beyond the battlefields

Above the rallying cries

Past the tears sent aghast

For the sake of those who sacrificed!


Let that color be preached!

See how it made us fight,

Challenged us in all of our might.

Warriors shaped in glory

For greatness was in our sights


Long last and at hard will,

Did that color rise once more.

But not for the king,

Not for his grasp,

But for liberty, liberty at last.


















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