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Submitted: June 18, 2015

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Submitted: June 18, 2015



The shadows sweep across the objects in my room as I lay awake staring at my bare, white ceiling. My bed beneath me feels like a rock and no matter how I lay, I’m still uncomfortable. The weight of what I had done rests heavily on my chest. I tossed and turned unable to escape the war like flashbacks I was experiencing.

My friend that’s in my head, Ricky, won’t leave me alone. “You’re a horrible person!” he’s yelling at me. “How could you do that to poor Mary-Ann? How do you think everyone is going to react when they realize it was you?”

  • --

When I was eight my family abruptly moved half way through the school year. I had to leave my old school, but that’s okay, because Ricky told me that everyone there was bad. That’s why he made me get rid of them. It was his idea, but they told me he wasn’t real. They didn’t believe me that it wasn’t really me, so they told me I wasn’t allowed to come back.

That’s why mommy started to take her special medicine. She said it wasn’t my fault, but I knew it was. Ricky told me it was. He’s not very nice to me sometimes but no matter how many times I tell him to go away and leave me alone, he doesn’t. He tells me that he’s part of me, he says that he’s the smart part of me, but I don’t know if I believe him.

I met Mary-Ann at my new school. All the other kids were afraid of me and didn’t talk to me. Ricky told me that they weren’t good either, but I told him we have to give them a chance first. Mary-Ann was the only kid that talked to me, she was my desk partner throughout the rest of second grade.

“You’re new here. Aren’t you?” she asked me my first day, she had a clump of her curly brown hair in her mouth. I silently nodded my head. I wasn’t sure why she asked me this because I was obviously new at the school. “I’m Mary-Ann,” she said, reaching her hand out to me. “What’s your name?”

I observed her chipped pink nail polish before hesitantly putting my hand in hers, “I’m Martin,” I told her, my voice was only slightly louder than a whisper.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Martin,” she said with a small smile.

When I told mommy about how nice Mary-Ann was she told me, “They’re called manners” and that I should “fucking learn some.” I don’t like it when mommy swears at me so I spent the rest of the night in my room staring at the ceiling.

  • --

That was the same ceiling I was staring at tonight, 10 years later. Normally on nights like these when Ricky is being really mean to me I like to take mommy’s car and drive out the 7/11 on Route 9, but neither mommy nor her car have been home for 3 weeks. I think she’s hiding from me because of what happened to Mary-Ann, but I don’t think she knows. Nobody but my Ricky and I know. It was his idea, but he wants me to take the blame again. This time I’m not going to let that happen. I’m a grown man now and Ricky isn’t going to overpower me like he used to.

  • --

Mary-Ann was my only other friend through the rest of 2nd grade. The older kids used to be mean to her at recess. They used to throw sticks and rocks at her while they yelled things like, “Hey freak! How’s your little freak boyfriend?” I didn’t like when they did that because then she wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the day, and that made me sad.

I remember one day in May they were being mean to her so I went and told the teacher. After that they stopped being mean to her, and started being mean to me. I didn’t mind too much because Ricky had told me that I deserved it because of what happened at my old school. He said that I should get rid of these mean kids too because just like everyone else, they were out to get me.

But in 3rd grade I wasn’t the new kid anymore, this boy named Eli was. Our teacher put him at the same table as Mary-Ann and I. I liked Eli because he was nice to me. He didn’t think I was a freak like all the other kids did.

Once during recess Mary-Ann, Eli, and I were sitting on a log on the edge of the woods behind the school. We liked sitting there because then the older kids didn’t know where we were so they couldn’t come and be mean to us. That day was the only time I’ve ever told anyone about my friend that’s in my head. I told them that he wasn’t very nice to me and he always told me to do bad things.

That was the day I knew that Mary-Ann and Eli were my best friends. I knew that because they didn’t laugh at me or tell me that I was a freak because of it. Eli even told me that he had a friend in his head just like I did! I was so happy that I wasn’t the only one that has a friend that makes me do bad things.

  • --

In 6th grade, my friends and I were in all the same classes together. Eli told us that he told his mommy that he was afraid of not being with us, so she called the school and gave them a whole lot of money just to make sure that we were together.

The summer before 6th grade was the year that I found out that Eli’s mommy and daddy had a lot of money. Eli had a big pool behind his house and every day that summer Mary-Ann and I went over so we could go swimming.

That was also the summer that mommy got really sick and had to go away for a little bit. Since I haven’t seen my daddy since I got kicked out of my old school Eli’s mommy and daddy said that I could stay with them until my mommy got better. They told me that my mommy was in something called “rehab.” They said that’s were mommies go when they need a vacation, and I believed them. But I’m older know so I know that they were lying to me.

  • --

Ricky doesn’t like Eli’s mommy and daddy. Since we learned what rehab really is, Ricky has been telling me to do bad things to them. But I’m a grown up now, and he can’t tell me what to do anymore.

I’m feeling sad again, but not the good kind of sad you feel when someone dies, or when you drop your favorite toy in a puddle. Eli and Mary-Ann don’t like it when I’m this kind of sad, so I get out of bed.

I throw the blue blanket off my legs and walk around my room trying to not feel sad. My hands are starting to shake, that’s how I know that I’m about to get really upset. So I pull on my jeans, my sneakers, and put on a sweatshirt, incase it’s kind of cold outside.

The 7/11 is on the other side of town, but I don’t know where else to go, since Eli’s house is very far away, and I’ve never been to Mary-Ann’s house. She says that her daddy is mean so she doesn’t ever want to have friends over her house.

By the time I get to the 7/11 the sun is starting to come up. When I get there I put a quarter in the payphone outside and quickly type in Mary-Ann’s number. The phone rings one and a half times and then someone at her house picks up the phone. “Mary-Ann?” they ask franticly, but then I hang up. I remember what happened to Mary-Ann, so I don’t know why I called. I think I just wanted to hear her voice.

I have to walk away from the phone booth because I feel like I’m going to be sick. I lean against the building and throw up all over my shoes. I can’t get Mary-Ann’s face out of my head. The more I think about it, the sicker I feel. I throw up another time and walk back to the payphone.

I take another quarter out of my pocket and call Eli, he always knows how to make me feel better. “Hi Martin,” he says automatically. I don’t know how he knows it’s me since he doesn’t have caller I.D., but he always does.

“Hi Eli. I’m that bad kind of sad again,” I say as I sit down on the ground below the phone.

“Is this about Mary-Ann?” he asks.

“I miss Mary-Ann so much. I miss her. I want her to come back,” my voice keeps cracking. I start sobbing into the phone.

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes Martin, don’t worry,” Eli promises.

When Eli finally comes, I’m still sitting on the ground sobbing, and I’m covered in my throw up. If mommy was here, she’d yell at me for dirtying my nice sweatshirt, but she’s not and I’m glad she’s not. “Come on buddy, let’s go back to my house and get you cleaned up,” he says to me.

I like it when he calls me buddy, it makes me feel good because that’s how I know I have other friends than Ricky. I know that I’m doing that thing that Eli and Mary-Ann call “statueing” because I hear a loud buzzing noise and my eyes won’t focus.

I don’t like it when I “statue” because that’s when Ricky is very loud and he does things for me. The last time I saw Mary-Ann I was statueing. I miss Mary-Ann, I want her to come back.

I stop statueing mid-word. I know this because my mouth feels like it was saying something, and my throat hurts like I’ve been yelling this whole time. “I’m sorry Eli. I don’t mean anything I just said.”

“I know buddy, you were statueing. I get it.” I smile at him because he called me buddy again. I like Eli, he always knows how to make me feel better.

When we get to Eli’s house we head towards the kitchen, Eli’s mommy and daddy are sitting at what they call an island. “Hi sweetie,” Eli’s mommy says to me, handing me a glass. It’s full of my favorite drink, pink lemonade. I never have pink lemonade unless it’s at Eli’s house because my mommy says that we don’t have enough money to spend on worthless crap.

I drink my drink in five big gulps and then Eli tells me that I can take a shower in the upstairs bathroom. When I come out, my clothes are gone and are replaced by a new pair of jeans and a sweater that smells like lilies. Lilies are Mary-Ann’s favorite flower. I tell myself that I’m a man now, and men don’t cry, so I can’t cry about Mary-Ann.

  • --

In 8th grade we had a school dance that was called the Semi-Formal. All of the kids were talking about it. All the boys were asking the girls to be their dates. Eli told me that I should ask Mary-Ann, but I was too scared. Eli told his mommy and daddy that I was going to ask Mary-Ann so they wrote a note so I would be allowed to take Eli’s bus home.

Eli’s mommy and daddy told me that I was like a second son to them, which made me smile because it made me feel like I had a real mommy and daddy of my own. Ones that were always there and didn’t run away or go to rehab every few months. After they told me this they said that they were going to take me to get an outfit to wear to the Semi-Formal.

I slept over Eli’s house that night because I was going to ask Mary-Ann in the morning, and I was scared since I didn’t know how to. The next morning before school, Eli’s mommy took us to a flower store so I could get really pretty flowers to give to Mary-Ann. I got her lilies because they looked pretty and they smelled really good. I told Eli that I think Mary-Ann likes lilies because that’s how she smelled. He nodded and smiled at me.

When I asked Mary-Ann if she wanted to go to Semi-Formal with me she said “yes” and she looked like she was going to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that lilies were her favorite flower because they were her mommy’s favorite flower.

Mary-Ann’s mommy had died the spring before. We were in 7th grade and Mary-Ann came to school with a red, puffy face every day for two weeks. She told us that her mommy was very sick and that’s why she was crying so much. I tried to make her feel better by telling her that everything was going to be okay because my mommy got sick a lot and when she came back from rehab she was all better. But that just made Mary-Ann cry more, I don’t know why.

  • --

I liked Semi-Formal a lot. I was only statueing for half of it, which made me feel good because when I wasn’t, Mary-Ann kissed me. I had never been kissed before, not even by mommy. When I asked her why she kissed me she said it was because I was statueing again and I wasn’t being very nice to her, so she thought that if she kissed me I would stop. She was right. I like Mary-Ann because she’s very smart and she knows a lot of things.

  • --

When I went back downstairs after my shower, Eli’s mommy and daddy are still sitting at the “island”. It was 8, and I know something is wrong because they’re supposed to be at work at 8. “Hi Martin, come sit down with us,” Eli’s daddy says to me. “Eli, can you please go to your room for a little bit?” He looks like he doesn’t want to go, but he goes anyways because his daddy is very polite about it.

I pull out the chair that is between them. After I sit down, Eli’s mommy takes off her glasses and says, “Eli your mom isn’t going to be home in a very, very, long time.”

“How long?” I ask, “Is she at rehab again? Is she going to be alright?”

“Um, not this time Martin. They found her and her car in the woods behind the elementary school. The police said that they were dumped there.”

Ricky is getting really angry at me again. “You know that’s where Mary-Ann is. They’re going to find her and you’re going to get in trouble again. You need to get rid of them, they can’t find out!” After he finishes yelling the loud buzzing noise comes back.

The next thing I know, the kitchen table is flipped over, I’m covered in blood that I soon find out is my own, and Eli is holding my arms behind my back. I start apologizing immediately because I know Ricky has taken over again. I don’t like when I don’t know what is happening. Every time that happens to me, I wake up covered in blood. That’s what happened the last time I saw Mary-Ann.

  • --

I don’t remember much from the last time I saw Mary-Ann, I just remember that she was asking me a lot of questions. I was feeling the bad kind of sad so I called Mary-Ann and asked if she wanted to go for a walk with me. We were walking behind our Elementary School holding hands when she asked me the question I feared the most, “Does your mean friend have a name?”

“Yeah, his name is Ricky.” After I answered my vision started to blur and the loud buzzing sound started ringing in my ears. I stopped suddenly. “No Ricky! Stop it! Go away! You can’t keep doing this!” I was screaming, but it was too late. When I regained my sight and my hearing I was laying on the ground covered in blood and dirt. “Mary-Ann!” I yell madly.

  • --

I start crying, even though I’m a man, I guess it’s okay to cry sometimes, and Eli lets go of my arms. I fall to the ground disregarding the broken glass covering it. “Sweetie,” Eli’s mommy started saying as she put her hand on my shoulder, “we’ve decided we’re going to take you to the special doctor that Eli goes and talks to. Is that okay?”

I open my mouth but I can’t manage to say anything, so I just nod my head instead. “Okay, let’s get you cleaned up.” Eli’s daddy helps me up off the floor and half carries me to the downstairs bathroom.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, that wasn’t me that did that. I’m so sorry,” I couldn’t say anything else, just sorry.

“It’s fine Martin, we get it, we understand. Now give me your hands.” I do and he turns on the hot water in the sink and puts my hands under it until the pink water runs clean. He reaches under the sink into the cabinet and pulls out a metal box with a big red plus sign on it. “This might hurt a little bit, I’m sorry if it does Martin, it’ll be okay,” he says as he opens a bottle that says Isopropyl Alcohol on it. I smile to myself because I’m proud that I was able to read that without trouble.

He takes a cotton ball and covers it with the Alcohol and lightly presses it to cuts on my hands. My vision starts to blur again, but this time I force myself to stay calm, I don’t want Eli’s daddy to get hurt by Ricky.

After my hands are all clean Eli’s mommy and daddy take me to see Eli’s special doctor. Eli wanted to come, but his parents said it would be “inappropriate” if he came, so he stayed home.

When we get there I sit in a tiny room that smells like leather with a man named Dr. Erikson, and Eli’s parents. They tell me to tell Dr. Erikson about my friend, and what just happened, so I tell him everything. I tell him about Ricky, the buzzing noise, and how I statue, but I don’t tell him about the last time I saw Mary-Ann. When I’m done talking Dr. Erikson asks me to go sit in the waiting room while he talks to Eli’s mommy and daddy.

When they tell me to come back in the room Dr. Erikson has a “bad news voice” on, “Hi Martin, how are you?”

“I’m exactly the same as I was earlier.” What a silly question, I haven’t been away for that long. Maybe Eli’s parents told him something that I don’t know, I think. But I don’t know what they know about me that I don’t so I shake the thought out of my head.

“We have come to a conclusion, Martin.” I sit up straighter on the leather sofa. I’m trying to show everyone that I’m brave. “I just told Mr. and Mrs. Merritt here that I believe you have a rare case of Schizophrenia, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Normally we start seeing signs of these when males are in their mid-20’s, but you said you’ve been hearing Ricky, and transitioning into him since you were how old? 8?” I nod my head silently, I don’t understand anything he just said. “With that said, I want you to know that we all think you’re very, very brave.”

“Thank you.” I sit up straighter. “So, will we be able to get rid of Ricky?” The air around me feels thick as I wait for anyone to answer my question.

“Well here’s the thing Martin, from what you’ve told us we understand that Ricky is very powerful, and can easily manipulate you.”

Dr. Erikson has his mouth open like he’s about to say something else, but I interrupt him, “No he can’t. You’re wrong. I’m 18, I’m a man. Ricky can’t tell me what to do anymore.” I feel my face getting hotter and red. My vision is starting to blur, so I try blinking it away.

“Yes you are Martin, but you forgot to tell me something about yourself.” I think he can tell that I’m confused because he continues, “Mr. and Mrs. Merritt have informed me that your name isn’t Martin, it’s actually Ricky.” I see his lips moving as if he’s saying more to me but my ears start ringing and I can’t hear him. The last thing I see is his eyes widening with fear.

  • --

After a few moments the ringing sound stops and I hear Mary-Ann’s voice calling my name. My vision is still black so I blink as hard as I can. When my vision clears up I see what Ricky was doing. I’m straddling Dr. Erikson’s chest and my hands are in a tight grip around his throat, no matter what I do, I can’t manage to pull my hands away. I’m not in control of them.

The voice I thought was Mary-Ann’s was actually Eli’s mommy yelling Martin. I want to turn my head to look at her but I can’t do that either. I feel Eli’s daddy’s hands grab at my shoulders, he’s yelling at me to get off Dr. Erikson, but I still can’t. I watch as my hand lifts off of his neck and flies directly at Eli’s daddy’s face. My head faces my fist and sees that it’s covered in his blood, I just broke his nose. I felt it crush under my fist.

My head turns back to Dr. Erikson, whose face is now turning a deep shade of purple. I hear police sirens in the distance, and my body reacts to this. The tendons in my hands bulge as I lean forward, shifting most of my weight onto Dr. Erikson’s neck. His eyes jut out of his face and roll back into his head.

As this happens I hear the police enter the waiting room of the doctor’s office. My body jumps up and pushes Eli’s mommy in front of me, shielding me from the door. The police crash into the room, objects that look like different kinds of guns in their hands. “Put your hands above your head and get on the ground!” one of the men shout at me. My arms push Eli’s mommy at them and tries to get to the window, but before I can, I feel a sharp fiery pain at the small of my back.

  • --

I feel nothing, I hear nothing, and I see nothing. I have the sensation that I’m floating, but I know I’m not. I’m completely surrounded by a darkness that’s taken over all of my senses. This is different than when Ricky takes over.

Thoughts are swimming around in my head. What actually happened to Mary-Ann? Did I kill her? Did Ricky? Am I actually not who I’ve thought I am my entire life?

  • --

I wake up in a bright room with a soft floor and soft walls. I hear the lights buzzing above me. There’s bandages around my wrists and they hurt when I touch them. Fascinated, I start peeling the tape off of them to see why they’re there. I take the first bandage off to find a large purple line that has black thread in it, and is bleeding. As I start to peel off the tape from the other wrist I hear a voice coming from a door I hadn’t noticed was there, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Ricky.”

Startled, I look up and see a man, not much older than me dressed in all white. “Why? How’d they get here? Where am I? And please, my name is Martin.”

“Well, Martin,” he says in a very snobbish voice, “it’s time to take your medicine.”

“Wait, what medicine? Is it the special medicine that mommy takes?” I’m confused. I don’t remember ever taking medicine in the past.

“The same medicine you’ve been taking since you got here. Come on Martin I don’t have time for this.” He grabs my arms and puts the bandages back on them, and leads me out of the room. We walk down a brightly lit hallway and enter a room on the left. The sign outside of the room reads, Dr. Ellis. The name reminds me of Eli, I miss Eli.

“Thanks Allan,” a man sitting behind a large desk says, “You may leave now.” The man who walked me here leaves and shuts the door behind him leaving me alone. “Hi Ricky, how are you?” Dr. Ellis is a very skinny, bald man, he looks familiar but I don’t know where from.

“I’m confused and tired, but other than that I’m feeling alright.” I answer slowly. Why is everyone here calling me Ricky? Where am I?

“Well that’s normal from the sedative you’ve been taking, sit down please, you’re making me nervous.” He gestures to the plush brown chairs across from his desk, and I sit in one, just like he asked. “So what are you currently confused about?” he asks me as he puts on a pair of glasses, and opens a file that’s sitting on his desk.

“Well I don’t know where I am, or how I got these cuts on my wrists.”

“I tell you this every day Ricky, you’re at Broodmore Hospital. It’s been 3 months, you would think you’d remember this by now.” He shakes his head as he writes down something in the file. “And you got those cuts from a little mishap a few days ago, you tried killing yourself, don’t you remember?”

“No I don’t. I don’t remember.” He writes something down again in the file.

Dr. Ellis hands me a black leather journal and a pen. “Would you mind writing down what’s going on in your head right now? You’re welcome to read anything that’s in there.”

“What do you mean? What should I write?” there’s a cloud fogging up my brain, but I feel it slowly lifting. “Can I have some ideas?”

“Well you can write about Mary-Ann, or Martin, anything you think of really.”

I lean back and start reading.

  • --

I don’t feel any remorse for what happened to Mary-Ann. She was too noisy and the way she was always eating her hair was absolutely disgusting. Martin, on the other hand, was absolutely head-over-heels about her. I couldn’t take it. That night was the most beautiful night in the world.

I followed Martin’s wishes, I left our shitty apartment to go to that trashy 7/11 he loved so much. I called Mary-Ann and asked her to meet me. I walked with her, and I held her hand. All the while he believed he was doing these things. His idiocy made me absolutely sick.

She started asking about me. I had to draw the line somewhere, that noisy bitch had it coming. I convinced her that walking in the woods would be an amazing idea. I remember thinking ‘Maybe she’s just as stupid as Martin is, that’s why this is just so easy.’

We were sitting on a log, making out when I decided what I was going to do. I simply grabbed a large rock off the ground, and started bashing her stupid little head in. I felt the same release of endorphins as I did when I set my old school on fire.

Watching the blood gush out of her head made me so happy. She was gone, finally. I didn’t have to watch her chew on her hair, or listen to her ramble on and on about how much she “loves” Martin. I buried her under that log, and I honestly did not care if she was found or I got in trouble. I could just blame Martin, everyone already thinks he’s crazy.

  • --

I hate Ricky. I never knew how much I hated him until now. Reading what he wrote about what happened to Mary-Ann was causing a throbbing pain in my forehead. I knew I couldn’t say anything about what happened to her, because then Ricky will get exactly what he wants. I will get the blame, everyone will think it was me, just like the fire, and what happened to mommy.

I turn the page and continue on reading. Nothing really catches my attention. There’s pages, upon pages of Ricky repeating himself, but nothing he was writing about was interesting, he just wrote about things I already know about.

That was, until I got to the page about mommy.

  • --

I was so glad that someone finally killed that horrible woman. She had it coming too, just like Mary-Ann did. I’m so glad I kept Eli around, he made my life so much easier. You see, Eli was fucking my mom. I knew, and he knew I knew. But poor naïve Martin had no clue, even though all the signs were there, right under his nose.

You see, Eli made a big mistake and got her pregnant. I heard them arguing about it one night after Martin had “fallen asleep” if you want to call it that. I laughed to myself when I heard her screaming, the gun shot, and Eli apologizing. I helped him carry her body to the car, and I told him exactly where to hide it. Mary-Ann had already been dead for 2 months and no one had found her yet. So I figured that the woods was a perfect place to hide my mother too.

I tried convincing him to not leave the car, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He said that we had to get rid of all the evidence, but honestly, leaving the car was just planting more. I’m so glad he got that woman out of my hair.

  • --

I’m feeling faint. There’s no way what I read could be true. Eli wouldn’t do that to my mommy. He’s never even met my mommy, there’s no way he could’ve gotten her pregnant. Eli had a girlfriend, he said she was older and that we wouldn’t know who she was. But I know my mommy. Maybe he was lying.

My head feels like it’s spinning. “Are you feeling alright Ricky?”

“Yup, I feel great, just rereading stuff I wrote, remembering.” I’m surprised at how easy it was to lie to this man I’ve supposedly known for 3 month. When I look down to the book to read more I hear it.

It’s Ricky, he’s back. “You need to convince them you’re okay. We need to get out of here Martin. It’s just you, and me.” I don’t want to listen to Ricky, but he’s already taken over again, he starts speaking for me, “You’re so gullible Dr. Ellis,” I feel the corners of my mouth pull into a smile, “You keep falling for me telling you I don’t remember anything. I’m fine.”

Dr. Ellis does the last thing I’m expecting, he laughs, “Good one Ricky, you get me every time!” I can’t believe this man is believing everything Ricky is saying to him. “So how’s Martin?”

“I can honestly say, I haven’t heard from him since I’ve gotten here. And for the last two months I’ve feel this weird weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t think about killing anyone anymore.” I know that’s a lie, he’s thinking about killing Dr. Ellis right now. “And no one is trying to make me do bad things anymore.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that Ricky,” Dr. Ellis replies as he puts his feet up on his desk, “but you remember what I told you about being better don’t you?”

“Yes, you said I have to show symptoms of normality for at least 6 months before you can even consider letting me get out of here.” Dr. Ellis nods his head, satisfied.

  • --

Three months have gone by since I’ve woken up in that padded room. We’re allowed to sleep in a normal bed now, since Ricky and I have been on our best behavior. I’ve decided that letting Ricky do everything is the best idea if I ever want to get out of this hell that we’re trapped in.

I don’t understand why we’re even allowed to have a room like this, especially after reading everything that Ricky had written in that journal. He told me that’s because they said that no one is ever allowed to read it, since it’s basically our “therapist” and there’s therapist-client confidentiality.

Yesterday we were told that today was the day, the court had ruled us sane, and we’re allowed to leave. We don’t have any personal belongings here, so when Dr. Ellis comes to walk us out, we leave with nothing but the clothes on our back.

When we walk out the front doors of the hospital I notice Eli’s car, and Eli leaning against it. I’m so happy to see him! He came to pick me up! “Sup Ricky,” he calls out to me. I’m confused for a moment, but then I remember that Eli and Ricky were actually friends. He tells us that Mary-Ann’s body still hasn’t been found. I’m not sure of how, but I think people stopped looking for her. He also tell us that mommy’s death has been deemed a suicide, so that means Eli got away with what he did to her.

I feel the dark cloud coming back, slowing my thoughts, covering my eyes with a black darkness, and filling my ears with an eerie silence. “I’m scared Ricky. What do I do?”

“Just let it happen buddy. It’s for the best. You won’t have to see any of the shit we’re about to do,” he replies. And with that I’m engulfed in the darkness.

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