Average Reality

Poem by: Headphones Vocal Method


Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



Rising from slumber, i sit up..... 
Back to reality for a day off work, that thing 
i do to earn special paper: 
Yawning with a grin...... 
Half asleep i climb into my thoughts and 
work out my emotions.... 
37% Bad 63% good, i excuse sub 
genres......well it was my day off. 
Lazy, i roll out of bed and crack my bones, 
open the window and admire the echo'd 
music of birds resting in my garden. 
The sun was bright, the clouds were 
vacant and the smell of nature prepares 
my senses. 
Running a bath, i wipe down surfices and 
catch myself in the mirror......i make a few 
funny faces, giggle and head for the kettle. 
An addiction i enjoy, coffee was on my 
mind, a oversized cup, one spoonfull of 
coffee, four half spoonfulls of sugar, half 
water, half milk, stir, shake milk and poor 
on top.......delish! 
I press on to my sterio for Bach's piano 
concerto, an arrangement so calm but so 
powerful it gives me pride to be a 
The erge is too much, i plug in my amp 
and play a solo Hendrix would be proud 
Turning the sterio to low, i role a cigerette 
to go with the coffee swaying my head to 
the slight sound of Bach and Birds..... 
My phone rings........its Katie! 
What a sweet soul she is, bubbly, jumpy, 
funny and hard to resist, my best friend 
from work, a girl so pretty she has a 
natural glow. 
We talk and joke for about one hour, a 
comfort i only have from her. 
Off the phone i thank carma and 
fate......there my voices.....thats there 
Just a average morning for a guy like me, a 
guy who preferes coffee from tea. 
Thankfull just to be.....different, weird and 
a bit of a minority. 

© Copyright 2016 Headphones Vocal Method. All rights reserved.

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