Carved in Cells

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A poem by me....

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012




Entropy....apache powers pluck up courage to just sit still. Only tired eyes have become a mutiney on glass shelves, not the same, not from tainted wishful fame, burnt out over decades and blown away. I've been broken to open a sorry feeling i choose carefully not to explain, i'm aware i battle but we battle together, like Heavy Metal it takes the pain away, this does not matter, weir all to blame.....A powdered bleached vision i know will get worse, succeeding and carrying on with a soft feather'd step, only a sunny day creates moods for me.... it does set a passionate goal, it onlty sets a dream state and uncoil vains from a slimed down musician, a simple practise to...just...listen.

You create what you want, it means what you feel, a bitternes should turn to humble sincerity and overcloud those that ignore choosing to refuse power.....

Enlighten yourself, you're life is scripted, pushing away unimportance to make it easy to feel slightly lifted.

See anything being possible, especially to those who explain how lost they were....

Do it today, don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait, thats the beginning for heartbreak, confusion and sorrow....


I am still Colourfully Blinded but this time i continue Alone...

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