My fight with a fire alarm

Short Story by: Headphones Vocal Method


Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



I was cooking dinner at a new house i 
moved into........sat down to eat and 
watch tele. The smoke alarm went off so i 
went to turn it off. 
For one the smoke alarm was right above 
the cooker....rediculous place to put a fire 
alarm. I waved a cloth underneath it and 
it wouldnt stop, i kept trying and it 
wouldnt stop so i pressed the red button 
on the alarm.....nothing so i tried to take 
the bottom cover off and it wouldnt stop 
bloody buzzing! I must point out its two in 
the morning, i mean i just moved in, i 
didnt want to piss off my new naighbours. 
The bottom wouldnt come off so i tried to 
rip it off, i gave it one massive 
come off but i went flying across the 
kitchen and hit my head on this thing 
sticking out the wall, it really hurt, the 
fucking alarm was still buzzing and i was 
propa pissed off so i ripped the whole 
alarm off the ceiling but as i did this! A 
nail almost went through my finger, there 
was blood everywhere but the fucking 
alarm was still buzzing, i was really angry 
now lol i grabbed the alarm amd went at 
it with a screwdriver i tried to pull out 
some electrical thing.....and it electricuted 
me! It was still buzzing so i got a hamner 
and smashed the shit out of it. That 
machine was made for safety not to 
almost kill me lol 
I called the fire dapartment to tell them 
this story and they put the phone down lol

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My fight with a fire alarm

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor


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