Doses of Love

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Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013





Trapped in a hazey room. One

Mind is spent, she's spun and now I'm done.

My thoughts turn blank in her territory.

Dazed, confused; now she looks at me.


Deep blue sea eyes, the dilated

Pupils, set on me; now she's naked.

Striding beautifully; now towards me.

This girl has a plan; she plans to wreck me.


My heart is racing, my veins bulging,

Breathes aren't easily coming.

I fall to the desk chair cos' she pushes me

To a tolerable degree.


I am searching for peace of mind.

Rolling joints; she comes from behind

Me to whisper “I'll break this down for you.

Quickly, important things to come into.”


This is where it all begins then?

She bites my neck numb, again and again,

She's heady and sexy and really into me.

Can it be, can it be? Maybe, Lucy.




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