Shadow's Embrace

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of a kid who under strange circumstances gains powers of darkness, and then proceedes to use them how he sees fit, but mostly messing around with people who try to stop him, but fail.

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



Prologue – Awoken and Reborn

I open my eyes, there's only darkness around me. I can feal the pain coursing through me as my body goes numb. I try to move ,but to no awail ,my body is being locked down by the pressure pushing down on me. My eyes slowly close.

„Am I......dead?“

It's another beautifull day in Drole. Birds are chirping ,cold wind is flowing through the air as the Sun shines apon the houses, shops, cars and most of window, well to be exact, through the window to my bed and right into my eyes.

„I really should move my bed somewhere else.“ I think to myself „I swear to myself, one of these days I'm gonna get my own house and make my room the one that's the furthest away from the light of that wretched thing“.

After realising the Sun won't stop shining just because I told it to Iget out of the bed, put my slippers on and head to the bathroom which is conviniently placed right next to my room. As I brush my teeth I look into the gaping hole of horrors, also called mirror and see if anything changed. In the reflection of the mirror I saw a sixteen year old boy with the same messy hair covering his right eye making it seem like an emo haircut. Of course that boy is me, Heallios, a lazy, anti-social, smart but nerdy, anime loving character. After a three minute long teeth-brushing I head downstairs (because my room is on the second floor) to the kitchen and the living room where my sister was eating her breakfast. I greeted her the same way I always do.

 „Konichiwa Nee-san“ (yeah, I was of those anime lovers) ,thankfully my sister got used to it and responded normally (well, it was normal compared to me). While we ate breakfast we had a small chat which was interupted by my dad who just came back from the coffe shop where he talked to his good friend we called Pompa (I have no idea why we called him that). It was at that moment I looked on the clock which was hanging above the doors that lead into the main hallway. It's already eleven o'clock, but hey it's Saturday so didn't really matter to me, my dad on the other hand didn't think so because he was the fitness-loving kind of a guy. He insisted on me dressing into my normal clothes and going out for a walk with him. „yeah...not gonna happen dad, if I have to walk I'm gonna put on my earphones and listen to some music by myself“.

He didn't say anything so i took it as I sign of his good will alowing me to go alone into the world and enjoy it's beuty by myself or something like that, i didn't really care. So i took the earphones and put my phone into the back pocket of my pants and went outside. I didn't really wanna go somewhere alone right now ,so first thing I did was go to my friend's leather store which sold leather bags and belts. The friend running the store was called Aselm, he was four year older than me ,but he had a heart of a child, I think that's the reason we got along, we were both childish and anime lovers. I had a good hour long chat with him and than I had to leave because of all the work he had, so i decided it's finally time for me to go walk in the nature. When somebody wanted to walk in the nature in Drole he would walk on the hill section that surrounded it. That hill section was important because Drole was a small city by the river which devided two countries so that man made ten kilometer long hill section is what protected it when water levels would rise. Somewhere along the middle of that hill section were old stone forts that were left behind after the war. They looked kind of like, old, tall castle towers ,now I did the thing I always do when i go walking ,i went down the hill section and into the woods behind it to a “secret“ old fort. By my thoughs that fort was the largest one and the furthest one away form all the other forts ,so i felt safe and alone there which i enjoyed. I layed down inside it put on the earphone and let some music roll while a take a long nap.

I was awoken by the sound of rocks breaking and crumbling down, before I knew the largest fort lost the battle of age and was braking apart. I couldn't even react for my body way frozen solid. Only thing I saw were the rock falling down on me with all their strenght. I was immediately knocked out by the small rocks that fell onto my head, and soon my body was covered by giant debris of rocks that fell and crushed my body entirely. if someone was to see the old fort now all they could see is one to one and a half meters tall base surounded by debris which broke and fell. My body was invisible beneath those rocks, hell even is someone removed a couple of rocks my body would still be hidden beneath them crushed by the pressure of rocks from that fort. It was the end of the road for me and what a short road it was endeed.

I open my eyes, there's only darkness around me. I can fell the pain coursing through me as my body goes numb. I try to move ,but to no awail ,my body is being locked down by the pressure pushing down on me. My eyes slowly close.


A voice.....but, who does it belong to, never mind that,

„OF COURSE NOT“ I shout „Who would ever want their life to end so easy and without any resistance“.


Me being the villain loving type I am, I said „What kind of question is that, I'd strike down fear in all those who oppose me, control the world, hell why stop there THE WHOLE UNIVERSE COULD BE IN MY GRASP, I'd be the one to control all. MY way, that's my answer to you voice in the shadows“.

The voice now, more serious that before says „I  LIKE  YOUR  ANSWER  BOY,  IF YOU  WANT  THE  POWER  OF  AND  DARKNESS  SO  MUCH  THAN  TAKE  IT,  IT'S  YOURS  TO  COMMAND,  BE  THE  ONE  TO  BRING  APON  THE  NEW  AGE  OF  DARKNESS,  I  SAMA'EL  THE  DARKNESS  DRAGON  GIVE YOU  MY  POWER“. As those words echoed thrugh my ears my body felt like it was burning from the inside, pain of the crushing rocks was being replaced by the pain inside of me.


I let out a scream loud enough that everyone in the 5 kilometer radius could heard it. Pain slowly started to fade and soon after I felt nothing.

I open my eye.

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