" Alone!!!!"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A single Woman appraoching middle age questions why God made her the way she is and if there really is a man out there for her.

I asked the Lord:


Why did he make me a vessel half filled with Compassion

Four fifths full of Long suffering,

Three quarters full of love,

Four fifths full of selflessness,

Half full of motherliness

A hundred percent encouragement

Three fifths hospitality,

Four fifths full of Servitude, wholly filled with Loyalty

And an incredible gift of laughter and the capacity to make others laugh.... .........”

But an incredible loner with

 A capacity to feel alone even amongst a crowd...

Highly spiritually tuned but

Too sensitive for words.”






I asked of the Lord


Where is he who stirs my Soul ?

The Lord answered:


When I made you I had someone in my hands

I made you out of him.


When I made him I had you on my mind

 When I made you I had him on my mind.

That though his road in life would be full of great success

It would be a road pebbled with intolerable pain

 Wholly compassionate and steadfast in love

You would walk on the pebbled road gladly by his side

Ever smiling, ever comforting  and always loving. 

You would place him second to me in your heart

You would be his mother as well as a mother to his children

You would always be a source of encouragement

You would open his arms with your hospitality and love

You would love him like a king and you would hold his heart

Your loyalty would encase his heart with an enduring love.

Your home would be filled with laughter and fill his heart with the joy of living.

You would be your only true friends

Your Spirituality would lead you both to the throne of Grace

The blessings of Jehovah would never cease to amaze you

You would be complete and be fulfilled in each other.




He would call you "Blessing "and you would call him”Blessed”.




Submitted: February 12, 2010

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