Every poetry i write comes from my heart,and so i`ll continue to write,so remember my name is Sonia Stacey Manoakeesick.

It`s never fully there,

but we all seem to stay,

it continously seems to grow,

day by day,

just thinking,

it can`t be,

but as the days get longer,

so does your thoughts,

just screaming right through you,

as a drop of water,

just simply on it`s own,

never fully there,

when does your tragedy end,

so clueless as can be,

could it just e endless,

more and more drops,

still coming down,

so who can know,

when as your trapped as yourself,

to smile onwards,

that is the real task,

but with a single touch of hope,

never fully there,

maybe with that of a touch,

it`ll all be alright,

with smile and a heart,

it could certainly be the cure


By: Sonia Stacey Manoakeesick

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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