The Unthinkable Thing

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Love finally found.

Each breathe. Each move. They knew. They felt. It was dangerous. But the love. The passion. It was too strong. Too real. Too unthinkable.
She looked at herself in the mirror once more preparing herself to meet him again. It was so wrong, but they knew it was right. No one understood. He came from there and she was from here, they didn’t believe such a thing. It was “wrong”. She smiled, closed her eyes. Flashing images swarmed through her mind. All she saw was him. This wasn’t love, this was faith this was something more. This was destiny.
She opened her eyes and glanced out the window. He stood there in one piece. Returning the excitement that was clearly presented on her face. The need for each other the yearn. She quietly ran out of the house only to be awaited by the unconditional love he gave her. There was nothing better. It was like a year without rain not feeling such a thing. It was what made the world go round. Things like this that’s what made life. She didn’t think twice. She was in love, she found her savoir.
 He saw her silhouette in the drapes. Such a perfect one. She was too good to be true. She truly gave him her all and he was devoted to do the same in turn. He never had known of such a thing as this. He had been hurt beyond the mind could comprehend. This felt… it felt unthinkable. What she had to offer was so healing, it made him forget. But no not only forget but to feel, to understand who he truly was not to put on an act but to be to do what was true to himself. How did such a love happen?

They took a deep breath. They was met with the smell of calmness and steam. Both turning to touch each others' hands to make sure it wasn't a dream. Was it real for this happiness to exist for them? They felt a weight of pain lifted from the bruised shoulders. The scars would never flee but they would make each other stronger. Closing their eyes and they were lifted to a place where everything was perfect and sweet. Nothing to badger, to hurt, to kill this fantasy. They was given a life, finally, with something to live for. Not a feel of unexceptance, dissapointment, and distrust. They didn't think they did, without thinking of the consiquences it was too risky to let go of something in fear it'd go away like all the happiness which had once nested in their lives but were snatched from their hands.

~You'll Find Yours~

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