That Someone (Inspired by the short: Strangers, again by WongFuProductions)

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Start as strangers, end as strangers. You can't help but feel pain.
-The Chase (when you want to get to know more of that person)
-Honeymoon (when you can be that inseparable couple.)
-Comfort (when you can be yourself with that someone)
-Tolerance (arguments begin, the relationship is hanging by a thread)
-Downhill (when things just fall apart and no effort to fix them)
-Breaking up

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



There will come a day when you startto get feelings for someone.

You can't stop thinking about them,
or talking about them to your friends.
You just wanted to be theirs. But you always doubted it
because you always thought that you weren't good enough-
that they could do way better than you.
But somewhere along the line, two ends meet, and you
two somehow become closer. You spend a lot of time together
and you're feelings for that person
beginto grow. You begin to
hang out with this person a lot more and your friends
and people around you start to question whether you two are
going out. You always try to avoid that, but can't helping
thinking about it. Then a while later, you two end up together.
You feel like nothing can tear you two apart. Always talking to
each other. Always thinking about each other. But you still have that
doubt in your mind that they could do better. You keep trying to push
the thought away, but it keeps coming back. The two of you are practically
inseparable. Like people in love. You want to tell them that you love
them, but you're so afraid to tell them because you don't know if
it will cause positive of negative damage. But once they do say those
three words, it's like you never want them to leave. Like you're actually
theirs. Every time you say 'I love you', it's like you say it in a way
so different, it sounds foreign. The two of you eventually get
past the 'let's spend every minute together' phase and eventually
drift apart. And each time you talk your heart breaks. And you're
too scared to do anything about it. Conversations last a few minutes.
One word replies. Nothing to talk about. Sure you'll say 'I love you',
but now it's just a bunch of words that hardly have any meaning. Somewhere
along the line, you two eventually break up. And just as you started out,
you two are strangers again. You want to get back together, you think about
it constantly. But, this is reality, not the movies. Not everyone has
the courage to actually
stepup and win their true love back. You begin
to look back at the memories and you can't help but feel hurt because
you know that they will say 'I love you' to someone that's not you.
Now that you've read this, you have a lot of thinking about don't you?

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