Panda earns her stripes

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This is about the adventures of Panda, a cat growing up in the big city!......I started to write this for my kids,and hopefully they will help me continue it.

Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008



Panda meets Pigeon
Early this morning Panda came a whiskers length away from a fat pigeon. Her kitty killer instinct took over. Fangs and claws ready, she lunged at the bird , instantly creating a hissing, flapping, feathery fight, but not for long.
In its desperate effort to escape, the fat waddling pigeon flew into a wall leaving a bloody stain, it flew around like a drunk, then landed on the balcony railing, nearly falling off. As it stabilised its self Panda got ready for a second attack.
All ruffled up and puffed the bird perched and seemed to focus its black beady eyes on poor mischievous Panda, who as always, was just craving fun. It was as if the pigeon was daring Panda to try another fighting leap forward- and most likely take a two story fall of the balcony. Despite its puny brain, the pigeon knew this, i know this. The only question was, Did Panda know this?
Would Panda remember where she was? Or was the potential of pawing and clawing that silky, twitching pigeon head more important than life itself?
It was a tense stand-off. Very tempted I was to break it up, but I waited. I was sure Panda's survival instinct would be stronger than her hunting one. Her memory, I wasn't sure about. I was counting on her remembering the drop over the balcony. Panda started to wobble her back legs and wriggle her fluffy rump. She was about to go for it! At this point time stood still. I ran to get in-between Panda and the teasing bird, but Panda was already airborne. Like she had jetpacks under her paws, she took off. Her Ears and whiskers were folded back, to make herself more aerodynamic, and she was intent on taking the glory of her first kill- at any cost.
 To be continued……………………………………………………………….

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Panda earns her stripes

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