Destined to fall in love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
An Indian love story where two people are destined to fall in love.

Though we meet different people, destiny has kept some one special for us and we gradually fall in love with them.

Submitted: September 26, 2014

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Submitted: September 26, 2014






Dedicated to my sweet heart, 

My Husband

and all my dearest friends who have motivated me to write.




It was a beautiful morning with clear skies, birds humming to themselves. Seeing the rush on the street, one could guess that the people were getting ready for their daily routine. Some people heading towards the bus station, as if they had been late for their duties. All vehicles stopped at the same time as when the traffic lights went red, and then resumed their course on the blink of the green light. She compared the scene to her life, which was exactly how it happened.


The first day as an intern in Symbiosis Medical Institute Delhi, Akshaya entered the Hospital Campus with much excitement. She wasn’t sure that this entry was gonna change her life forever. Being the only child of the rich business tycoon Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, Akshaya had been brought up with pamper. She had lots of money to waste upon, but without love and care from her parents. She had the hope of making new friends in this new environment, and was sure that her void life could have a meaning with this new turn.



Tall pine trees, well maintained lawns, several cars parked at the parking lot of the Hospital situated at the right side of the road. Few hospital staffs were having their refreshments at the juice center situated near to the Hospital Cafeteria.

“If the outer view of the Hospital is so heart throbbing, how would the inside be?” – thinking Akshaya walked forward watching the beauty of the nature and the Hospital’s vicinity. She didn’t realize when she bumped into a man coming towards her.

“Oh… No...., I am so sorry…….. Did I hurt you?” asked the man.

Managing her dupatta and trying to recover from the accident, Akshaya said with her gaze still on her dress “Oh my God, what the hell are you doing? How dare you walk into me like that? Let me guess, tum jaise ladkon ko toh sirf bahaana chahiye ladkiyon se takrane ke liye*. Do you think all girls are the same?”

*Translation: Boys like you just finds some reason to bump into girls.

And she went away without even taking a look at the man into whom she ran unknowingly.

“Ye paidaish hi aisi hi he ya apni nakhra dikha rahi thi* the man mumbled in his mind and went away.

*Translation: Is she like this by birth, or just showing off?


Mr. Shekhar Agarwal being one of the trustee members of the Hospital had good relationships with most of the Senior Consultants. Akshaya was to do her one-year internship under Dr. Sharma- the Chief Cardiac Surgeon of Symbiosis.

As usual, the Cardiac Surgery team assembled in their Duty Room for their morning endorsement. Dr. Ananya Seth, Chief Resident of Dr. Sharma, introduced Akshaya to the whole team. All doctors welcomed her by introducing themselves to her. One of them was a fair, handsome muscular built young doctor may be in his late 20s.

As he approached her, Akshaya felt an unusual fluttering in the bottom of her stomach. She found something unusually stunning in him!! Either the way he walked towards her stroking his silky black hair or the manner by which he adjusted his stethoscope that was hanging on his shoulders! She dreamt as if she were that stethoscope. She had never seen in her life such a perfectly figured guy with broadened eyes staring at her, his cute smile tearing apart her heart, his white shirt with the uppermost buttons opened revealing his muscular chest and his manly arms, into which she wanted to fall.

“May be this is called as love at first sight” thought Akshaya. She was so attracted towards him, that she just stood blankly looking at him. She felt as if she needed nothing other than him. She wanted him hardly as her all in all, her life partner, her supporter, her lover…... All doctors left the room and went to the wards as per their daily assignment but Akshaya was still standing there trying to recollect the figure she just saw.




It was four in the evening.....  Six hours after the accident occurred............

“Hi, Akshaya…. Are you alright? How do you feel? – asked the doctor examining her vital signs.

“Yeah, I am feeling much better (supporting her bandaged head). Where are my colleagues? Are they all fine?”

Her voice was still fragile and was more concerned for Sameer than the others even knowing the fact that she was being ignored by him……..

“Yes, all of them are doing fine, except for Dr. Sameer who needs a little medical attention. You need not to be worried. Everything will be fine.” saying this, her examining doctor left her room.

Dr. Sameer Verma, the same young guy with the muscular body built who had stolen Akshaya’s heart on the first day was one of the best residents in the Cardiac Surgery team. He had completed his MBBS from Symbiosis and joined the Postgraduate Course for Cardiac Surgery. Since childhood, Sameer wished to be one of the best Cardiac Surgeons in the world and was literally trying for it. Not only had he concentrated on his studies but also he had paid attention in maintaining a healthy body by regular exercises and workouts.


Dr. Ananya’, Akshaya called from the extreme end of the corridor. ‘Just a minute, I wanna ask you something?

‘Come fast, I need to finish up my rounds.’ Ananya said in a disturbed tone.

‘Dr. Ananya thanks for waiting. I would like to request you to please include me in the second group?’

From her facial expression, it was clearly understood that Ananya didn’t like that request. But just to keep her heart, she said that she will discuss the matter with Dr. Sharma and inform her. Rather than rejecting an intern’s request, to her surprise, Dr. Sharma accepted Akshaya’s request and was included in the second group with Dr. Avinash Mehta and Dr. Sameer Verma.

Akshaya tried her maximum to be closer with Sameer even be it during the patient rounds or in the Operating room. She relished his nearness and made every situation possible where Sameer could come in direct contact with her. But even after her 100% effort, he was still ignoring her which made her go crazy more for him. She thought it worthless to change the group, because for him only, just to be with him had she joined the second group.

She started to follow him wherever he went in the Hospital. Tracked him on the social sites, created such situations where he was forced to be with her. Once she even bribed the lift man to halt the lift when they were in, so that she could have some time with him. The more she was passionate for him; the greater he was trying to be away from her.

One can say that she became mad for him which had in fact affected her performance.

But this paved a way for the love affair between Siddarth and Akshaya.


Chapter 3

It was months since she had joined the Cardiac Surgery Team. Like every year, this time too, they had planned for a picnic and all six members had to write their favorite destination in a small piece of paper and Dr. Sharma had to pick up any one of the lot. The destined place was, ‘The National Museum’, which Dr. Avinash Mehta had suggested.

All doctors were much excited to visit the National Museum and specially Akshaya. Each one had their own responsibility, Ananya had to arrange for lunch and other refreshments, Vikram for photography as it was also his past-time, Akshaya to organize the medical kit and first aid boxes, Avinash to look for cost effective transportation. Dr. Sharma asked Sameer to supervise other’s activities.

Finally the day for their trip arrived, and they were much excited. This was their one and only entertainment which they used to have, relieving them from the strain they had from hours in operating patients and the hectic duty hours. As arranged earlier, the mini-bus waited at the entrance of the Hospital. It looked wonderful and exciting for Akshaya as she was to have an outing with Sameer.

Attention please; Emergency in ICU Room 113, Emergency in ICU Room 113- the microphone sounded.

“Did they say ICU Room 113?” asked Avinash who was reclining on the sofa in Akshaya’s room. As Avinash was only slightly injured, he had been taking care of Akshaya.

Straining to hear the announcement they were convinced that it was for ICU Room 113.

“Akshaya, I will be back in a second” saying Avinash was about to leave the room, when Akshaya asked him “Who is in ICU Room 113? Sameer??” asked Akshaya.

Avinash didn’t want Akshaya to be more stressed and that is why he hadn’t mentioned anything about Sameer since she regained her consciousness.


There was a commotion in Sameer’s room.

Doctors were busy managing him while nurses were administering medications and monitoring him and the Ventilator technicians busy in preparing the ventilator, if in case, needed.

Avinash stood by the window of Sameer’s room supporting Akshaya, who had difficulty in standing there. He had requested her not to come with him. But she refused to stay in the room.

Her heart broke at the sight on how Sameer was lying on the bed. She couldn’t tolerate the truth that the doctor who had been caring for his patients, is now in the same situation.

Vikram was seen walking to and fro in the corridor and Ananya crying inconsolably. They too had sustained injuries but not as severe as hers. She couldn’t understand why Ananya was crying.


The mini bus was well-upholstered and air conditioned with a capacity for 10 persons.

As Sameer was to supervise their trip, he had occupied the front seat. Rest of them including Dr. Sharma was sitting behind.

Akshaya intending to sit near Sameer made the excuse that she felt nausea sitting at the back, and sat near to Sameer. She liked this nearness, even though they didn’t utter a single word to each other.

All, except, both of them were enjoying by singing songs, playing Antakshiri, when it happened……..

The bus driver too, was involved in the game and all were in an elated mood. But their happiness weren’t for so long. The bus came to a halt at the Traffic and all passengers felt the impact due to the speed gained by the bus. Akshaya couldn’t control her feeling when she bumped into Sameer sitting beside him.

But seconds after, a truck, without noticing that the traffic light had gone red, speeding from the left side hit the mini-bus exactly where Sameer and Akshaya were sitting.


Chapter 4

As usual, after their patient’s rounds, the trio used to go to the Hospital Cafeteria. While they were having their tea in the Doctor’s Lounge at the Cafeteria, a man in his early 30’s entered and all Doctors sitting in the Lounge stood up in respect.

Within his age, he had many achievements. At a young age, he managed to be the Chief of the Surgical Department and the Vice Dean of the Symbiosis Medical College.

Akshaya who was sitting at the side table and checking out her messages on the mobile phone, was unaware of what was happening around her. He was amused at the way she was sitting without even noticing him. He went straight away to her and sat near to her.

She didn’t realize that someone was sitting beside her until he asked, “If you have finished scramming though your messages, can we resume our duties?

Startled by his intrusion, her mobile slipped off her hand and fell on the ground.

She didn’t know who he was and got angry on him. “Excuse me, why are you sitting here when there are so many seats empty over there? And moreover, can’t you see other guys sitting over there? Why don’t you join them? Aur upar se mera mobile bhi gira di aur ekk sorry tak nahi bol rahe ho* said Akshaya in one breath pointing over to where Sameer and Avinash were having their tea.

*Translation: And moreover my mobile phone slipped off because of you and you are not even saying a sorry!

Seeing their facial expressions, Akshaya understood that something had gone wrong and she escaped out from there.

“Do you know to whom you were talking so rudely? He is our Chief and the Vice Dean? You have invited a big problem for yourself.” said Sameer and walked away putting Akshaya in deep regret. She really didn’t know what to do.

She was already aware that her poor performance was becoming an issue to be sorted out.


The Hospital corridor was full of our colleagues and doctors as if the whole Hospital staff knew Sameer.

Among the crowd Akshaya noticed a man walking towards the ICU wearing a black suit with white inner shirt and a black tie holding the collars together and a stethoscope hanging on his shoulders. His arms swayed on his sides as he was walking swiftly and steadily. His athletic body added more to his personality. She hadn’t noticed him much when she had met him for the first time at the Hospital cafeteria.

She seemed to like him, but didn’t have the courage to; not after what all she had done.


Akshaya was very much tensed that day. She was called up for a parents’ meeting by the Vice Dean to discuss on her performance level. Though pampered by her parents, she didn’t love her parents much, as they used to conclude any conversation as if they were doing some charity to her in her bringing up; like as, how much he had to struggle to reach this level, how he had got her the best education with his power and money and so on.

Dr. Siddarth had scheduled his time equally between both of his responsibilities. During the morning hours, he used to be in the Medical College fulfilling his job as the Vice Dean and after lunch, he would be in the Hospital as the Chief of Surgical Departments.

She was waiting along with few medical students, who were also to meet the Vice Dean, in the secretary’s cabin when her intercom rang and she motioned Akshaya to go into the Dean’s Office.

His office seemed to her as if it was a prince’s room. Well furnished, with excellent lighting, a banner of Symbiosis with its logo hung on the wall on the right side and to the left was a board with statistical presentations of the performance of each batch and a master curriculum plan made out of thermocol blocks.

Her parents were sitting on the chairs placed facing the Dean. Her gaze went on a name plate kept on the table which read as Dr. Siddarth Mehra - Vice Dean, Symbiosis Medical College.

“Dr. Siddarth Mehra….. Hmmm…… so he is the one with whom I had talked roughly at the Cafeteria!” her thought was broken by the Vice Dean asking her to have a seat.

This meeting was one of her worst experience she had with her parents as instead of consoling her, they were permitting the Hospital Administration to be more strict with her by giving her more responsibility so that one day she would also understand the struggles of life. She was disheartened at the behavior of her own parents.

After the meeting, Siddarth asked Akshaya to stay back, as he had to tell her something. Her heart raced thinking on what would be his decision.

He rang up Dr. Sharma and informed him, “Akshaya will no longer more be in Cardiac surgery team. She would be directly supervised by me”.

Akshaya felt as if her heart stopped beating. She was sure that Dr. Siddarth would punish for her misbehavior and her lack of interest in work.


Dr. Siddarth directly went to Sameer’s room, checked with Dr. Sharma on Sameer’s condition and came out after a few minutes and asked all to leave as Sameer is improving and there is no fear now, but will take some time for him to recover completely from his unconsciousness.

Seeing Akshaya sitting near the Room, Siddarth asks her too to go back to her room and take rest and reluctantly she obeys. As she stands up, she faints and Siddarth catches her at the right time to prevent her fall. Avinash and Siddarth help her in getting back to the bed.

Helping her out, Siddarth’s hand got trapped under her head and he recollected how he had been attracted towards this beauty.

 “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” He thinks as he had once read in the book ‘The Truth about forever’ written by Sarah Dessen.

He felt as if he had his happiness back once again. Her blue eyes as if in search of someone, the smile which had gathered up to the corner of her lips, the sight of her hip’s movements while she walked, the way she ran her fingers through her undulating thick bronze-colored hair and her carefree nature was heart throbbing.


Chapter 5

No staff had the courage to talk against the decision of Dr. Siddarth to leave the Hospital premises, so even Avinash too left requesting the nurse on duty to look after Akshaya.

The next day when Avinash entered her room, he was surprised seeing a man sitting beside her bed. It was Dr. Siddarth Mehra. Avinash guessed that he hadn’t gone home since the previous day, so he got coffee for three of them from the Cafeteria.

Siddarth was feeling uncomfortable seeing Akshaya’s worry for Sameer. In-spite of his consolation, she was in a state of total melancholy. Every evening he visited her in the Hospital. He wanted to say to her how much he loved her and that he wanted to grow old with her, but didn’t had the guts to tell her.

After a week’s stay in the Hospital, she was discharged. Understanding her physical and mental situation, Siddarth gave her the least responsibility. For one month, she had to only assist him in surgeries.

After their work, both of them used to visit Sameer and this continued for almost two weeks. Sameer’s condition was improving and she requested Siddarth to give her some days of leave.



Neither Akshaya nor Siddarth knew that their apartments were in the same building until that day when the lift of the flat was under repair and he had to take the stairs.

As he reached the second floor, he saw a lady trying to fix something on the door standing on a chair. The chair gave way and she fell into his arms. Her eyes were tight shut, breathing heavily and ranting something. Guessing that she was frightened of the fall, he carried her into her house and laid her on her bed.

“You are safe now, open your eyes” he said smilingly.

Adjusting her dress and with an embarrassment she replied, “Oh my God!!!!….. Sir!!!!….. Oh my God!!!!… I’m so sorry… actually the chair broke off and I didn’t see you coming upstairs….. Did I hurt you Sir? The Chair had to be replaced, but couldn’t. Oh……. I am so sorry Sir”.

“First you breathe properly. I am fine. Are you okay? Did it hurt you? Do you want water to drink?”

“No…. I am fine sir……” out of respect she stood up but he forced her to sit. He was enjoying how her hand and eye was making gestures while she talked. He was literally staring at the beauty sitting right in front of him.

He muttered in his mind, “I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. But it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” 

“How come you are in my building? Are you here for something? Do you need any sort of help?” she asked. Then only she understood that both of them were residing in the same building.

The frequency of their meeting was extended from Hospital even to their residence. He used to visit her often at her apartment. Even though Siddarth had several chances, he resisted himself from verbalizing his love for her.


Chapter 6

Sameer was shifted to the Private room from ICU. All of the life saving machines was removed from his room. He was no more in danger now.

“Sameer, you will not understand how much I have missed you. I love you so much. Please get up and talk to me. How can you leave me like this? I am all alone. This is enough, please wake up” holding his hands she said.

A tear fell on his hands. Sameer tried to lift his hand to console her, but couldn’t. Instead one of his fingers touched hers. She could feel the movement under her hand and she shouted for the doctor. The doctor examined him and said that he was regaining consciousness and there is no reason to worry.

With the help of the nurse on duty, she propped up the bed a little and she sat on his bed near to him holding his hands.

He had difficulty in opening his eyes as the bandage was almost covering them.

“I am sorry dear……. I made you suffer a lot………. I left you when you needed me the most…… and……. I didn’t even hear your side too…….” he said with tears rolling down his closed eyes.

“No, Sameer…… I should be the one to ask sorry.” His hands slowly touched her mouth intending to make her quiet.

She hugged Sameer and kissed his face leaving no area unattended. She was glad that she got back her Sameer with all misunderstandings cleared up…………

Helping him in having his juice, she remembered how they had met….


Indian Institute for Medical Sciences-Mumbai stood in the centre of the city with its spacious campus and marvelous lawns making it a dream come true for any youngster planning to get a medical admission. Their relationship started from the small fight they had during the fresher’s day.

On the fresher’s day, his seniors gave him the task to change her recording on which she was supposed to perform a dance. Reluctantly, he had to change but she was extraordinary in her talent and she gracefully performed well, though the recording was different. This created a gap between them and even being batch mates they didn’t talk for one year.

Alike her, Sameer too started falling in love with her.

She remembered his description about herself that she was so simple with cute dimples and sharp eyes and that she didn’t use to talk much in the class, but used to listen to every details going on. She was more studious compared to other girls of her age, who were more extroverts. These natures of hers drew him closer to her.

Until when could he control his feelings for her? On the graduation day, he proposed her in a different manner.

Each student was called upon the podium to receive their degree from the Vice Chancellor and they were given a minute to say something. Some students expressed their gratitude; some briefed their experience in the college except for Sameer who proposed her. All teachers and parents were amazed at him and congratulated his courage for expressing his love for her in front of all.

Both families agreed and fixed their marriage soon after their post graduation, as they had decided to do their Post Graduation in Cardiac Surgery from Symbiosis Medical Institute, Delhi.


Sameer couldn’t drink more as he was still feeling weak. She helped him to lie back again. Remembering their memories of college, she felt how lucky she was to have a guy like him in her life. And she kissed one more time on his cheek and told that she will be back soon.

On turning she saw Akshaya standing by the door. “She must have heard and seen everything!” thought Ananya, seeing her tear filled eyes.


Chapter 7

 “How could Ananya do this to me? She knew how much I loved Sameer. If she had loved him then why didn’t she tell me? I would not have come between them”. Broken- hearted she started walking from the Hospital towards her residence.

She felt as if she would lose her balance and fall. Trying to resume herself, she crossed the road, without noticing that the traffic light had gone green. She couldn’t forget how intimate they were, the way Ananya touched Sameer, the love visible when she kissed him.

Vehicles waiting for the green signal gained its speed. Though the horns of the cars were honking so hard, she didn’t come to her senses until a black SUV hit her and was thrown to the ground due to the impact.

Siddarth gets out of the SUV and seeing Akshaya fallen on the road, he checks whether she had any injuries and carries her to his car. She was talking to herself, as she wasn’t relieved of the shock she had.

“How could she do this to me?”

In Confusion, Siddarth asked “Who did what to you?”

“Why she didn’t let me know of this? Even Sameer didn’t tell me?”

Hearing Akshaya mentioning about Sameer, he became more nervous.  “So this is all revolving around Sameer. But who is this ‘she’?” he couldn’t understand of whom and which matter was Akshaya talking about.

“All are cheaters. He broke my heart.” she said sobbing .

He drove the car to a lonely extension of the road.

“Akshaya……… Akshaya”, slightly touching her cheek he called her. “What is your problem? Why are you talking to yourselves? Tell me, what is disturbing you?”

“Why didn’t he give me a slight indication of their relation? If I had known, I would have withdrawn without even asking a single question.” She couldn’t control her remorse. He hugged her while guiding her head onto his shoulder.

When she controlled her distress, Siddarth spoke up “None of them can be held responsible for not telling you about their relation, the situation itself was as such. Before this accident, their relation was broken.”

Wiping her tears, Akshaya asked Siddarth “You knew of their relation? What caused their relation to break?”


They were doing their post graduation in cardiac surgery here. For years they were lovers and their families had fixed their marriage on completion of their post graduation.

However, it went upside down during a medical camp organized in Shimla by the College.

After their day’s work, they went out for some refreshment, where Vikram challenged Ananya to drink 2 bottles of beer. Sameer also encouraged her to do so and she was in a drunken state.

On reaching back the camp, Sameer asked her to reach their tent, while he parks the car. She misinterprets Vikram’s tent as hers and went inside. In her drunken state, she fell on the bed and Vikram seeing this got worried. He tries to take her back to her tent and in his attempt he got trampled with the bed sheet and both of them fell onto the bed and in her haste; Ananya hugged Vikram tightly by his neck.

Sameer searching for Ananya reached Vikram’s tent and saw both of them in an embrace on his bed and misunderstands them as cheating on him in his absence. Ananya later finds that Sameer had broken their marriage. She wanted to tell him that she was drunk, and it did not happen by her wish although he didn’t pay attention to any of her plead.


Chapter 8

It had been days since Akshaya didn’t resume her duties. Siddarth found that neither did she eat anything nor done anything except for sitting and crying. She hadn’t come out of the pain Sameer and Ananya’s relation had caused to her.

Siddarth cleared up the house, encouraged her to go out, meet friends so that her mind would relax. Gradually, she started to resume her duties at the Hospital, but wasn’t talking with anyone. She had become totally silent.

It had become a routine for him to drop her at her apartment after duty. He would then go to his own to freshen up and come back again to be with her until late night. He was taking care of her as if she were a child.

Weeks passed by and she had started to mingle up with people which brought changes to her solitary life. She was coping up. Siddarth still continued going to her apartment. They used to have coffee together every evening. If he hadn’t anything to do, he would just simply stay with her.

One day, he saw her in a pink night dress with white satin laces. He kept on staring at her as if he hadn’t seen her so pretty earlier. He wished if he could touch her, hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her, how he wanted to protect her from all the weariness of the world. He wanted to tell her that his happiness was in her and that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  

Unknowingly he enunciated to her, as if his heart filled with love to its brim “And in your smile I see something more beautiful than the stars. I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second”.

She snaps her fingers across his gaze, thinking that he was day-dreaming. She stood confused on such reaction of his which she hadn’t seen earlier. He realized that she had been noticing him and thinks, “Why don’t you feel the same, what I am having for you?”

She felt as if he had something to say to her, but ignores it.


Their destiny was taking an abrupt turn when her internship completed and she was appointed as his Chief Resident.

He called her to his office and gave her appointment letter. On reading, she unknowingly hugged him and thanked him. She was excited to have that position for which others had to struggle hard. Siddarth was stunned by her sudden reaction towards him.


One evening, during their patient rounds,

“Being my Chief Resident, I want you to attend the Seminar in Agra with me. Be ready by tomorrow 8pm.” without giving on oppurtunity for her to ask anything Siddarth left from there.

The next day, Siddarth and Akshaya left for Agra in his car. It was rainy and due to severe downpour, they couldn’t stop at any of the restaurants to have food. So they drove until they reached their hotel ‘The Heritage’ at 1am.

The receptionist handed over a key to Siddarth and called a bell-boy to carry their baggage upstairs. The room was on the first floor.

“Why she gave us only one key? How about the other?” he asked Akshaya and she just nodded as if she didn’t know.

The receptionist intervened, “Sir, the organizers of the programme have booked the room for Mr. and Mrs. Siddarth Mehra, and I am sorry to inform you that you will not be able to rent another room as all of them are occupied.”

Siddarth was very much happy, but didn’t express it. They were left with no other option other than to share one room.


Chapter 9

Akshaya was in her wedding attire, her friends helping her out in wearing the ornaments. One relative came in and informed that the dulha (bridegroom) had arrived. She smiled shyly and all left the room to see the groom.

Both the bride and the groom exchanged the Varmaala (garland) and other rituals took place. When he tied the Mangalsutra (the sacred thread), he smiled romantically and asked her to remember how they had spend that night in Agra.


As they couldn’t halt due to the rains, they were so hungry that they called the room service but he was informed that the bell boys had left and it was already late. But he could take the food to the room, if someone came.

Siddarth didn’t want her to go with him as it was still raining outside. He said to Akshaya to arrange things and prepare the room for dinner and he left to get their dinner.

Akshaya couldn’t move her gaze from what she saw; Siddarth standing drenched completely in rain, his red colored shirt clung onto his fair herculean body, rain drops still dripping from his well-shaved face. She didn’t know what was happening to her! She hadn’t seen even Sameer as so sexy. She thought there was something particular of Siddarth that was attracting her towards him.

Just then she remembered he was carrying the dishes and she helped him out in placing it on the table.

She took her towel from her baggage and started drying his hair…… He adored this nearness. As she turned, her feet slipped as the floor was slippery from the rain water that dripped from his clothes and Siddarth caught her. They shared a romantic eye-lock there. He took the towel from her and went straight into the bathroom for a shower.

She hadn’t finished unpacking her baggage when she heard him calling to get his cloths from his suitcase. Somehow she managed to get his dress and handed over them to him.

Through the half opened door, he saw that she was standing with her face facing away from the bathroom door.

“It’s not fair that only I am wet? You should also have your part. Come.” he held her hand which was holding his clothes and dragged her inside the bathroom.

She was wet now from the shower and was blushing due to the intense feeling she felt from his intimacy. He wanted to capture this moment in his memory and never let it fade. She became more reserved and stepped back. Sensing her withdrawal, he caught her by her waist and pulled her towards him while at the same time pushed her towards the wall. He fanned out her hands to her sides and pinned them to the wall by his hands. Her blood seemed to get warm by this intimacy.

She also relished his proximity.

Within a blink of the eye, she escaped from his clutches.  They had their dinner and he slept on the couch allowing her to sleep on the bed.


Sameer’s House was decorated like as a newly wedded bride. Hustle among the relatives and friends. It is the marriage of Ananya with Sameer. Marriage rituals took place and after the saath-phere (marriage vows), Pujari (person performing the marriage rituals) proclaimed both of them as husband and wife. Both of them hand in hand went to their parents to get their blessings.


After coming back from the seminar at Agra, Siddarth along with his parents met Mr. and Mrs. Shekhar Agrawal. Akshaya’s parents felt glad to hear his proposal to marry Akshaya and inform her of the same. They told her to make right decision as Siddarth is nice and well-settled.

She feels happy hearing the proposal. She hadn’t fallen in love for him however she thought that she will love him after marriage.


Chapter 10

Marriage rituals were completed with the Saath Phere (the seven rounds taken around the fire)

It was their first night and alike other couples, Siddarth too were impatient to meet his queen. She entered the room and loved the decorated room and bed. She heard her grandma calling her to take the glass of milk.


He entered the room and locked it behind him. He approached his queen who was sitting on the bed in her red wedding dress with the dupatta covering her face. He sat near to her, and tries to lift the dupatta that is not allowing him to see his beautiful bride. Instead of letting on, she hands him the glass of milk. He sips a little and gives her to have it.

He laid her down on the bed and removed the dupatta and kissed on her forehead. He started undoing her ornaments she wore followed by placing a soft kiss there. He held her hands and kissed her neck and ear.

She became conscious of his closeness and becomes uncomfortable. He understands that and says, “Ladkiyon se takrane keliye mujhe bahaane ki zarurat nahi he*”.

*Translation: I donot need any reason to bump into a girl.

She is startled at the sentence he made and gets up.

He asked her, “Why do you look so surprised? I am the same person into whom you bumped on your first day at the Hospital.”

She felt ashamed on how she had behaved with him that day. They both laughed and she rested her head on his shoulder…… and he anticipates that once and for all he got his love back……

Siddarth Mehra fall on his knees and holding Akshaya Agrawal’s hands says,

“No matter what has happened, No matter what you’ve done, No matter what you will do, I will always love you and I swear it.”

“I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with. The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head. I want to be that kind of friend.”

“The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them. I want to know every curve, every freckle and every shiver of your body. I want to know where to touch you; I want to know how to touch you. I want to convince you to design a smile just for me. Yes, I do want to be your friend. I want to be your best friend in the entire world.”

Both of them hug each other in a tight intimate embrace with tears flowing by their cheeks.




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