That moment

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That if my heart stopped beating....

Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Submitted: September 28, 2014



“Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?” he asked me holding my hands, slipping a beautiful diamond ring, on our graduation day party. 

It seemed as if I reached the seventh sky where no one could ever ruin my happiness. It seemed as if my heart stopped beating, as if my eyes were thirsty for such a moment...  There was a time when I used to think if I could fall in love. I was unable to express what my feeling was! I felt as if my heart would tear apart, unable to bear this load of happiness.


He remained there on his knees waiting for my reply to his proposal.

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All this happened to me when I was graduating.

He was one year senior to me and as per the college rules, juniors used to call their seniors, ‘Sirs / Madams’. He was our Mr. College…. I mean to say that, any girl would do anything, just to be with him. Even our teachers used to savour his handsomeness.

I was an extrovert and made friends within a snap of the fingers. Since my childhood, I had several friends with whom I had shared my sorrows and happiness. Unlike other college girls, I had least interest in missing classes and roaming around.

I had noticed his attitude towards me since the first day of my joining. Dance Club, the Cafeteria, Library, Computer Classes….. He was following me….. He used to be there before or after me.

As I had an unusual taste in dance I used to practice every evening after the classes and he had been watching me from the balcony. I understood that he was deliberately doing all these, but didn’t want to clarify them with him, as I knew that opposite sexes attracts and there was nothing to be worried about.

Months passed by and he hadn’t changed his routine of following me……. And finally the day came. It was our graduation and the college had invited its ex-students. He was working for an International Company as CEO.

 “I know that this sounds a little weird but I don’t know exactly how to express this out. The day I saw you at the fresher’s day I couldn’t stop seeing you. Unlike others; your simplicity, your cute little smile, the way your body moved while dancing, the way you stroke your hair when confused, how you balanced to hold the pencil between your lips when thinking and foremost your passionate blue eyes was what attracted me towards you. ”

I couldn’t hold on for a second more and said "Yes..... I would love to spend the rest of my life with you"He stood up and spread out his hands to embrace me and I ran into his loving arms to give him a tight hug…

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