sea of sads

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i am in a sea of sads

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



i am swimming in a sea of sads and there are no happies,

i need u right now like a baby needs nappies,

because i love u and it hurts u dont love me,

so i cry and listen to my panic at the disco mp3s,

their is the happy i feel whenever we talk,

but it hurts when your gone like being stabbed with a fork,

but we dont talk because ur not real,

and that really bad terrible feels,

ur out of a book ur edward cullen,

ur not real so u cant feel my loving,

and it makes me cry and i want to hurt myself,

but instead i pick twighlight up from the shelf,

and pretend your laying here beside me in bed,

but your not real i wish i wasnt real i wish i was dead (i am dead im a vampire but i wish i was deader like proper dead)

i love u too much to put the book down,

and stopping reading makes my happiness inversely proportional to the percieved happiness of a clown,

so i read you at school exept in PE because i like netball but not as much as i like you because i love you,

if we were married everyday i would lovingly make you a stew,

or something nicer because i dont like vegetables and a stew without vegetables is just beef,

but were vampires so we dont need beef we need blood thats why we have sharp teeth,

so we bite necks to have blood to drink to do vampiry things,

like fly around and climb trees and buy engagement rings,

because i want you to ask me to marry you because i love you and i am a vampire,

but your not real so you cant ask me to marry you and that is dire.

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