The Masquerade Night.

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A crazy night in The Darkness of L.A.

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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Submitted: May 15, 2011



I am capable of keeping up a ridiculously cheerful facade for a certain period of time, so I accepted Clint's invitation to a new avant-garde suit hang out. A bar on the corner of Vine in what douche bags would call "The City Of Angels". At 5:30pm I took our tre chic elevator down 10 stories into the parking garage were my Audi R8 was waiting. While driving the 4 blocks to my Townhouse, which some would call an "overindulgence". I listened to a self help CD called, "Extreme Inner Strength Hypnosis Collection: Confidence, Determination, Self-Hypnosis". I immediately closed my front door took off all my clothes, pressed play on my CD player, and jumped in the shower. The exaltation I felt hearing those screams and the awareness of that exfoliating gel scrub touching my body it was as if heaven's gates had opened and angels were singing to me. After fulfillment I exited the shower, shaved and put on a non alcoholic after shave with a pleasant scent. There was a text waiting for me from Clint."you want pussy? Be there at 12". I watched Fresh Prince Of Bel-air, took a cat-knap, and woke up to another text."you better be there cock sucker xoxox Clint". I put on my Brioni spring suit, gold cufflinks, and a new Rolex. At 11:45pm I locked up and left. The taxi dropped me off 7 minutes later. Clint was waiting outside wearing a tux and had a girl on each arm."You Motherfucker! What took you so long? You jerkin off to Sinead O'Connor LP's again?" He laughed. I said, "fuck Yourself Clint". He Introduced me to the girls as Alley. I hated when he called me that, my name is Aloysius! Security let Clint and the girls walk right past them. I nonchalantly followed them up to the VIP section. The bartender asked, "What you guys drinkin?" Clint said, "O'doul's you fuck, and a wine cooler for this queer. No I'm fuckin around give me a couple bottles of whatever's most expensive." I walked away and ordered myself a Crown on the rocks slowly but surely observing the crowd. It's funny, intellectual people find you at the strangest moments! I was just sitting there daydreaming about Colombian neckties, push ups, and this new facial cleanser I got. Listening to this girl rant and rave about Justin Bieber's cock size. When I hear it from across the bar. "Extreme Inner Strength Hypnosis Collection's that is my Bible". I gradually paced over to the side of the bar were she was sitting. She was about 6ft with chestnut colored hair, her eyes were aquamarine the color of the ocean and she was wearing a yellow summer dress. That only way the dress can be described is as something a southern bell would wear. I put my mouth to her ear and said, "Confidence, Determination". She looked puzzled as if someone had hit her with a bat. she then smiled, and it was a smile that would have sunk ships in Greek times. The smile of a goddess. "Would you like a drink?" I asked. It seemed like she really had to think about this but then finally replied, "whatever your having". I ordered 2 crowns and we started one of the most intelligent and intellectual conversations I have had in years. We covered everything in a 30 minute period, religion, politics, race, music, movies, and of course likes and dislikes. I learned she was here going to school studying to be a school teacher, she had no religion, she hated politics but knows everything about it, she loves all races, her music taste is all over the bored, her favorite movie is Casablanca, she loves all foods except Italian, and she is the biggest sucker for self help CD's. She was about to ask me something when I felt my shoulder get punched, it was Clint, " hey Alley you gonna introduce us? Or do I have to everything myself you pretentious asshole?" She interrupted, "hi I'm Evie. You must be Clint?" While laughing he said "fuckin waste" and walked away. I apologized, Then asked if she wanted to get out of this calamity of a club. As we waited for a taxi I sent Clint a text."Be at my house in an hour". 2am we got back to my townhouse, made a couple of drinks and immediately started to kiss. Intertwined and untouchable, the kiss was immaculate. The kind of kissing that made other couples jealous and single people want to commit suicide. I picked her up and carried her into the back room. I haltingly took her clothes off one by one. I stared in astonishment at the beautiful women in front of me and then my cheerful facade was gone.

I feel my dexterity to act coi become convoluted.

I feel the monster take hold and beg for release.

We lay there in a premarital embrace. I calmly kiss and nibble her neck. She murmurs my name over and over. She bites my collar bone and I howl. I move down her body with slow rotations of my tongue, Spreading her legs apart I use my tongue as a mock tornado doing slow circles making her scream. I carefully insert myself and slowly rock back and forth. I put my mouth on her ear and say in a whisper, "Here's looking at you kid". Bewilderment was the only way I could describe her eyes as I hauntingly grabbed the pillow and placed it over her face. I felt the tension in her muscles contract and fight for survival. She fought hard, not like the other girls. Evie was not weak. When she finally stopped moving and I uncovered her face. Her aquamarine eyes weren't lively like the ocean anymore they were cold and defeated more like emeralds. She was not the beautiful girl I met in the club, She will not be a school teacher, and she definitely is not going to listen to self help CD's anymore. I Would like to think the last thing that went through her mind was, " Jesus did he really just quote Casablanca".2:45am I ran a bath and put Evie in it. I put my own special mixture in, bleach, disinfectant, and bubbles just for humor. After she was clean I dressed her back in the yellow summer dress and laid her in bed. I lined the whole room with plastic and put on some Radiohead. Clint Arrived at 3am alone and ready as he always was. I got The Sony Cine Alta F23 out of the closet and set everything up. Clint Said, "tonight I want a masquerade feel". Clint opened his black duffel bag he always brought and took out his supplies. Every night is different with Clint! Tonight he brought a masquerade mask, beads, rope, a dodger bat, and a surgical saw. Clint put a mask on Evie, I hit record and we started. Clint's confidence was immaculate as he walked across that room, picked up Evie and started to dance. The dance was not of this world it was the dance someone could only do when your partner is a corpse. He kissed her and lowered her on the bed. He removed her dress and began running the beads across her body. He put his figures inside her and moved them vigorously back and forth like a barbarian. He hog tied her with a very intricate knot. Clint Defiled her with the dodger bat in every hole. After doing so he bludgeoned her with it over and over cracking her skull and breaking ribs. I have know dought in my mind, Clint was trying to kill her all over again. Clint was sick of this bullshit it wasn't enough. He grabbed the surgical saw and began to cut at the neck line. He had some trouble getting through the spine but eventually got the job done. Clint Did the strut of a god back to his black duffel bag and put back his supplies. He walked back to Evie picked up her torso and placed it out of camera view and went back to the bed. Clint undressed of everything except the mask. He picked up Evie's head and gave her a passionate kiss. The kind they write romance novels about. Clint lay there naked to the world dishonoring and sodomizing Evie's smile. After contaminating her mouth he threw the head like it was trash and walked out of camera view. I turned off the camera walked over to the bed  and reached under the frame and got my recorder. I liked the screams of suffocation when I work out and take my showers. I rolled up the plastic while Clint got Evie ready for disposal. When all said and done we where able to fit everything in an old suitcase of mine. At 4:15am we locked up and left. We drove to Newport harbor were Clint had a yacht. Clint had to stop to get beer. We dumped her body at 5:30am by Catalina island. On the boat ride back Clint looked at me and said, "number 33 huh?". I hadn't been counting. That was the last thing on my mind. The only thought I had was, " Damn I could sure go for some fucking pancakes".

6am my ridiculous cheerful facade is back.

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