Green Eyed Monster: Envy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rumors burn and Jealously stings

Green Eyed Monster :Envy

The world has its perception,
An appearence at a glance.
Although it holds a bold deception,
As the puppets sing and dance.

Amble in the illusion of a lost fate.
Those who would cast away recluse,
I am the the loner in a cloudy hate
Taking in the sights of my abuse.

Tongues of flames lick at the walls of my mind.
Leaving in its midst a crimson stained spit,
Corroding my view on jealousy defined,
As I reach the boundary of a given admit.

I figure, I am the beast of an envy tonight
The serpent that slithers around heels
The green-eyed-monster of a jealous delight
The medusa gazing at others appeals.

I am the ugly staring into the mirror
In due time,  I begin to understand
The image is getting much clearer
But there's more I always demand

To you, I am the pig in the mud
Who stares at your white fawn
But oh love you've got it all wrong
For you does this envy spawn

Your eyes are like embers
Your voice like a blossom air
We cant forget to remember
Your soft curls and locks of hair

You have the body of a lady
Mothers always liked you best
My view as it is tender, now shady
As we up the levels of stress

I am at yet scolded
For looking you on like this
Its time though it came unfolded
Time you hear my human hiss

My mouth yet comes unglued
As I speak my painful desire
Even a whisper under my fued
We bring others to fuel the fire

Rumors are easily tossed around
From one head to another 
Yet somehow its still confound
 I have invidia for your young other

The crowd always rushes to your side
To meet you in unopened door
Towards you everyones confide
Boost the sails, Im left upon the shore.

Yet here I am, I stand wrong
For thinking these rival thoughts
Under the surface all lifelong
Its no wonder I'm distraught

Mom says, its wrong to express how you feel
I say... its only right!
She feels now attacked
As I'm the one who takes the blight

This is an issue all my own
One I dont care to speak
Only in the flow of my rhyme
Will these feelings truly peek.
I am the barbarian that speaks my mind,
The shark that swims in waters shallow.
The appetent kin that falls behind,
The monster that watches from the shadow.

Submitted: March 18, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Heather King. All rights reserved.

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My first thought on this are that I like it very much but I'm also somewhat confused by it. I would have to read over it again to give anything more constructive than that, which I plan on doing. Until then, keep writing.

Fri, March 18th, 2011 5:20pm


Thank you very much :) I appreciate that. Oh, and I'll add a better description on my motives for writing this poem in the description. Hopefully it clears up a lot of questions you have.

Fri, March 18th, 2011 6:38pm

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