The Church: A Lawmaking Body

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An opinion piece on the church in America.

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



A Law Making Body: The Church

Settlers came to the new world to escape religious prosecution, and to create a life that was their own. They didn’t like having a person tell them how to worship or how to live their life and they definitely didn’t want to live in a place with laws doing such. America was where their wishes could be fulfilled. America became a light in the dark for thousands, and her shores welcomed those who wanted a new start.

After independence was won form the British, America got off to a rocky start. However, it slowly began to boom, economically and spiritually. But, faith was not the only reason a person’s sprit was lifted. It was the prospect that everyone could live a life of freedom under the new constitution. No man’s rights could be taken from him, and we all had the right to do what we think is best. Nowadays, though, I find that the freedoms we used to cherish are being ironically taken away by the church. Our government was supposed to be ruled by the people, with every person having a say-so. Even though religious freedom was the main reason for our coming here, it’s not everyone’s. Somehow the church has wriggled its way into lawmaking. Isn’t that why people in Martin Luther’s day were so upset? If you looked at it from the perspective of one entity trying to take over the political workings of a whole country, instead of looking at it from a “Godly intervention” standpoint, you’ll see that the church has become the tyrant of America.

I mean, take things like The Morning After pill, for example. Why is it such a big issue? It’s scientifically proven that a baby’s heartbeat isn’t formed at conception. It takes days for that little heart to start pumping. If your heart isn’t pumping, you aren’t alive, right? I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Otherwise, we made a mistake and need to dig up my grandma! I digress. This common-sense fact is being disputed, though (what?). The more prominent churches (at least) say that everything scientific about the research is wrong. A baby is formed at conception, because that’s what God has ordained. Many want contraception like this to be made illegal. Well, if that’s the case, should we make condoms or even masturbation illegal, too?

Another thing that really grinds my gears about the church making its way into legislation is their insisting on gay marriage to stay illegal. What point is there in that? Why can’t two people who are in love marry? Oh, yeah. That’s right. According to their doctrine it “ruins the sanctity of marriage.” I can see how two men or two women getting married to one another would ruin the sanctity of marriage, while Kim Kardashian getting married in a drive-thru and then divorcing two days later, doesn’t. That makes total sense. I’m sure back in the 1700’s if someone told people who they could love, they would’ve been slapped across the face (of course being gay wasn’t very common back then). Many say it would allow gay couples to adopt, too. Apparently, that’s bad. They say it would ruin a child’s life. What do people know about what would ruin a child’s life? A child can ruin his own life, without the help of their parents. Besides, gay couples are adopting nowadays, and their children are happy as ever. Being gay is not a choice (don’t argue, they found a gene). Gay parents wouldn’t affect the sexuality of their children any more than their straight parents affected theirs. I think it’s just the church wanting things to go its way, and having a tantrum when it doesn’t, like a little toddler.

For some reason, people have this image that a good politician is a Christian. Yes, Christians have a standard of morals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they uphold them. I know thousands voted for George W. Bush just because he’s Christian, and we see how well that turned out.  Everyone pretty much hates him. And would it really require religion to know right from wrong? Does someone really need to believe that there’s a man in the sky who will send you into a fiery pit for eternity if you lie, or kill someone, or steal in order to do the right thing? I think we all know it’s common sense that these are bad things. I hate that a politician is seen as “Satan’s helper” if he doesn’t believe in God. The church has people programmed to think the country will just burst into flame if an atheist or a Buddhist were to step into the White House.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bash anyone’s religion here. I just believe there’s a section for religion in this country and a section for politics, of which neither should ever intertwine. Yes, we have freedom of religion, the church can practice what it wants and say what it wants, but controlling other’s lives because of what they want is overriding the most basic principle of our country: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I won’t be happy to have a bunch of people who believe in something I don’t tell me how to live my life. Bottom line: the church, or any other religion for that matter, needs to keep their hands away from legislation in this country.

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