Dear Novocain,

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I have somewhat come over this "fear".

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012




Dear Novicane,

You make me shake. Make me quake. My entire body is taken over by you. You don't even do what you promised. You didn't fufill your purpose. I had three doses of you and all it did was make me shake uncontrollably. After all that I could still feel the pain. Why do you work for other people and not for me? You make the entire right side of my face numb. Novicane, you give me the same feeling like when your hand goes to sleep, that annoying tingle. Except, with you it doesn't go away. After it's all done, and I'm sent on my way you keep me numb for hours. You have finally fufilled your duties and now the pain is gone in my mouth. With one pain gone another fills its place, because of you Novicane. I have hunger pains, I can't eat because of you. Since I can't feel half my tongue and the right side of my face, I've been advised to not eat. They say that it's highly possible for me to bite into the side of my mouth and cause a hole. All because you won't leave me alone! What have I done to you? You invaded my body, took over. I didn't ask for you, or invite you. But you insisted with promises of comfort. Now that you have overstayed your welcome I think it is time you departed.
Our paths will probably cross again one day. To be honest, I hope they don't. I understand you mean no harm and only the opposite. I don't like you, or what you do to me, the way you make me feel and act. I have no control of my own body when you are with me. Shaking as if I am having a seizure. My legs do not stop and my hands shake as if I am addicted to drugs and going through a withdrawl. Although, if I do see you, I will have no choice but to great you as it you are an old friend. I will be cordial as long as you are.


Have a nice life,

Heather Nichole

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