This is a poem about my disease.


If I Walk With My Eyes Closed



If I walk with my eyes closed

The world spins in circles

I can’t tell which way is up

And which way is down


If I walk with my eyes closed

Then I will walk at an angle

I go so far off from where I started before

That it scares me once I open my eyes


If I walk with my eyes closed

Then I’ll run into things

Like walls,





It might sound funny to you

Imagining a 5ft girl with blonde hair almost 3 feet long

Walking off to the side with her eyes closed

And running into things


“What’s wrong with that girl? She looks drunk.”

I’m sorry if my disease has fooled you

I do walk like a blithering drunk sometimes

But I don’t always have to have my eyes closed

I cannot help it

Or change it for that matter


I get dizzy and the entire world spins around all the time

My brain spins in one direction

While the world spins in the other

Imagine that all the time


You try to just simply stand up

And you get so dizzy that you have to sit back down

And stay there for ten minutes to half an hour

Before you can even try again


Many things are taken away from me because of this disease

Things that I love to do

I can’t go outside and play with my little brother,


Ride a bike,


Ride roller coasters,

Nod my head,

Turn around,

Look up,

Look down,

Look to either side of me,

I can’t lay down certain ways,

Or turn over in the bed,

Without getting insanely dizzy


Vertigo is the word you’re searching for

To be more specific

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Or as the medics like to call it BPPV

It’s a retched disease and it has dramatically affected my life


So if you ask me to walk with my eyes closed

I’ll need you to guide me by hand

Submitted: May 23, 2013

© Copyright 2023 HeatherNichole. All rights reserved.

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You have written it with such feeling and described it from a different perspective. I really like it, You should write more.

Thu, May 23rd, 2013 8:01pm

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