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something i just got through

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



the night i had to run was the night that made me see

the night i had to push you

the night i fell on my knees.

the night i grabbed my keys

the night i made you cry

the night you locked me inside was the night i felt like i would die.

ive been fighting you for so long

ive been fighting for my life

you put your hands on me the last time that night.

i thought that we could make it through as long as i kept trying

i thought that we could make it through even though i was dying

i worked so hard to get out

you worked so hard to keep me down

when i finally got you off of me i ran

i ran for my future and all of my plans.

i told myself this would never happen

i told myself i would never surrender

i told myself that i am strong

i told myself that i could move on

i made you leave that day

i made you open your eyes and see

i made you leave me in the house

i made you leave your keys.

i made you feel powerless

you were the one on your knees.

you begged to stay

you cried and cried again

i told you it was over and that it was my time to grin.

you told me you would change

you told me i made a mistake

i knew i was doing the right thing

i knew i was giving myself a break

im done with you

you are far gone

you still try to bring me down but i have completely moved on.

im happy now

i smile again

youll never be in my life

not even my friend.

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