Post-traumatic notes & Revoking depression on the edge of fall.

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I apologize for those who wouldn't want to read it, but I really needed a word... I am psychology student who has lived quite a wrong life in the passion of love and naivety, indeed seem to be a
person with that creative way of thinking that inspires some...I think I have psychosis. So, here and now, on the edge of suicidal vibe which persists to hard this time, I attempt the new way to
revoke chasing traumas in the web of unbelievable occasions

Submitted: April 08, 2018

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Submitted: April 08, 2018



The beginning of April - 3 months after last trauma; 3 months after "we are done with bitch"(lost in the date 8/4/18 - Orthodox Easter) - 19th days before submitting the dissertation - panic of failure. Why can't I sit and study, but can only sit and cry?

As I have mentioned people go insane without answers... mine was that I lived an illusion of 3 years, enjoyed myself while in love minute away from being scummed with the trouble would happen to occur. But since I have sacrificed, I thought "the man" I loved would, too. It is a very tough illusion, indeed, to pay for. A person who invested too much in love, out of naivety and passion, wanted to add in the end... Did you know, no matter how much insecure you are; - if you were born naive, you'd probably die this way, which is sad, too.

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