yun-ming and fate short (log)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
shows the story of parents of dragon, who is one of the main characters in legends of genesis

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



4912 words condensed for contest

 (Countless years later, on Shi no Gakusei)

(The death planet, is a place that is forever pitch black. Those without lightless vision, infrared vision, sonar, or something similar, will die either by starvation, dehydration, or become food, or worse, to one of the evil creatures, falling into an abyss, until they hit the ground, or take their own life, or by another resident there. This is a planet, that has certainly earned its name. A place where once you die, you come right back the next day, to the same place, until you adapt yourself, to the environment, and become stronger. This is the place, where the gods send the creatures, they deemed inherently evil. A place, where there is no light, or hope. A place, that has planes of influence, that subject you to your greatest fears, until you overcome them. A place, where it is 100's degrees below freezing, for 8 hours, leaving frost over everything. About 70 degrees, for the next 8 hours, and raining constantly. Then raises 100's, of degrees above boiling, for the next 8 hours, cooking and evaporating, nearly everything. Finally, it goes back to 70 degrees, for the next 8 hours, raining constantly yet again. It continues in this 32-hour cycle, however, it is not at all, a gradual change. The best way to describe it, would be like a wave or pulse, similar to that of an emp. It acts as the places only clock, for it happens at exactly 8 hour intervals, each time. Until people are able to adapt to the planet, it becomes the worst horror story, imaginable for them. As they die, and are tortured countless times, and even after years of adapting, to the harsh climate, and evil there. There is always something, that comes along and kills them, regardless. As new inhabitants, flow in every day, and since the planet is roughly twice the size, of Wujie. Many people never, or very rarely, meet each other. There are no governments, no rules, and no one to save you. This is a place, where some people go, to hone their skills, do evil without retribution, and satisfy their darkest desires.)

(On one of the plains, there is a large horde of creatures, running and flying, as if they were chasing something. Looking like, the typical European. depiction of demons. They are somewhat muscular beings, with sharp claws and teeth, some having spikes on their back, and forearms, having a tail, with a spade on the end of it, and having large, skin covered wings, similar to bats or dragons. The creature's skin and eyes, are monotone, ranging from the brightest whites, to the darkest blacks. They are the creatures, that live in the abyss/pits. Since they are cold blooded creatures, they sleep during the cold time of the day, where they are frozen, within their dark pits. During the rainy times of the day, they stay inside of their pits, or wait up to a few hundred feet from it. Looking for the opportunity, to catch whoever comes too close. But during the hot times, is by far, their most active time. They exit their pits, and use the entire planet, as their hunting ground. However, during this time, they are much stronger, and faster beings, all having a power and speed rating, of an E class, but because of their lack of other abilities, cannot be considered one. Nevertheless, they are highly dangerous creatures, that arrive in high numbers, of anywhere from fifteen, to even hordes, of a few hundred. There is only one upside, and that is, whenever they spot, or are chasing something, they let out a high pitched piercing, demonic squeal.)

(There are several people, fighting one another, when they hear the piercing squeal, coming from the horde.)

Guy: Oh sh#t. The pit devils are here, and from the sound of it, there's a whole lot of them.

(They all stop fighting each other, and start to run, as they know they'll all be dead, if the horde catches them. They are running for several hours, and the horde becomes bigger. As the squealing, has attracted even more of them, to the chase. The people who let exhaustion get to them, were dismembered, and eaten by the horde, in only a few seconds. As the horde continues to grow, however, so do the people running from them, despite so many of them, being killed. They continue to run, waiting for the next wave, so the temperature can decrease. For then, the creatures will lose, their near infinite stamina, caused by the heat, and revert back to, surprise hunters. The more experienced people, have done this sort of thing, several times, and have made it, but that all depends, on their condition, before the chase begins. However, others, have never escaped before, and had to experience the feeling, of being eaten and ripped apart, every time they've encountered one. On the other hand, running away from the main group, that is fleeing from you, is your best. They will still be followed, as some of the horde, will break off and follow them. However, it gives them a much better chance, of actually killing all of the ones, that are following them, but then, that is a better chance, for more often than not, they are killed, when they try it. Which has made the general view, of when you see a horde, run and don't fight. However today, the people are in luck, as the horde is nearing the area, of one of the more powerful residents.)

(Fate hears the screeching of the horde, and an evil smile, spreads across his face.)

Fate: It seems; I get to have some fun tonight.

(He looks at his hand, which has the head of another person. He shakes the head yes. Then he imbues it with alchemy energy, and tosses it at the horde, which is at least a farsight away. The people see the green, energy covered head, and they become even more fearful, as they know who exactly, it is from.)

Girl: Sh#t, we ran into Fates area.

Guy: No, I'm sure we made sure we didn't. He must have left, because no one comes there anymore, except the pit devils.

(The green energy covered head, finally makes it way to the horde, and once it makes contact with one of them, it explodes, causing several of them, disintegrate immediately. However, that fails to put a dent in their numbers, and neither, was it his intent, as he was merely stating his presence. Fate runs toward the horde, and when he gets close, he activates his eyes of destiny. A purple leviathan like, psyche and soul beast, comes out, and heads right for the horde. A few of the people, who have been there longer, run in different directions, and part of the horde breaks off. The ones that don't, are however, hit head on by the beast, and it consumes their soul and psyche, and their bodies turn into purple sparkling mist. The leviathan continues, to cut a path through the horde, killing hundreds of them, in its swoop. After it goes through once, he sends it, after the other parts of the horde, that just broke off. The leviathan makes it swoop, on several of the broke of parts, of the horde, and killing the people, that made them break off in the process. However, two of the off shoots get away, as they are now out of range. So his leviathan, circles back around, returning to him. He now stands in the middle, of what’s left of the horde. The pit demons, are running at him, trying to cut him with the swipes of their claws. However, they are too slow for him. As they come, he counters them effortlessly, and when he does, he hits them so hard, that it makes a sloshing, and cracking sound. As he breaks their bones, and penetrate their skin, causing blood to splatter, as he does it. He does this for several minutes, and then more squealing sounds are heard, as more and more, smaller hordes, join the group. However, it doesn't appear to phase Fate, as he continues enjoying, the one-sided blood bath. However, the commotion has attracted another, even older resident, of the Death planet. She looks off into the distance, watching Fate effortless defend himself, against the never ending horde, of pit demons. She is amused, and a great black bird, swoops down at her, heading right for her. She turns intangible, and appears right on the back of the bird. The bird flies towards the heart of the battle, and the pit demons emit a scream, that Fate has never heard before. They start to run away, but a dark barrier goes around them, in a circle killing all those, who touch it. All the ones outside the barrier, change directions. The ones inside, back away to the outskirts, of the barrier. But the barrier then contracts, and kills them as well, sucking up their life force, and adding it, to the energy of the barrier.)

Fate: What the h#ll, I've never seen them do “that” before.

(Then he looks up at the girl. who is dressed in a dark cloak. Her face is hidden from his view, then she flips down, to the ground.)

Fate: Who are you?

(She stays kneeled somewhat, on the ground, hiding her face.)

Girl: You've peaked my interest.

Fate: I said, who are you?

Girl: I ask the questions? Know your place. As you can see, even the pit demons fear me.

Fate: Well I'm not convinced. Your welcome to try, “putting me” in my place, although. I highly doubt it, will go in your favor. I was merely, relieving some pent up stress, with those pit devils. I could have wiped them out, just as quick as you did.

Girl: I will “not” ask you again, who are you?

Fate: Come find out, B#tch.

(She disappears into a cloud of black smoke, then reappears in back of Fate.)

Girl: You “will” find out, why they fear me.

(Fate does a back kick, and the girl turns intangible, and appears in front of him. She uppercuts at him, and it barely grazes him, as he flips out of the way. He continues to backflip, and some horned vines, grow beneath him, and reach up to grab him. He engulfs himself, in an alchemy aura, which turns them into metal. He looks up to where she was, and she is no longer there, he hears something above him, and he sees her, charging a black sphere, and aiming to towards him. He uses a burst alchemy beam, while flipping in the air, and it hits her, and disintegrates her. His eyes buck, as he is stabbed in the back, with some wooden spikes, by the real girl, as what he attacked, was just a copy. The spike goes through him, and the girl turns intangible again. But then he emits an alchemy nova, which forces the girl, to remain intangible.)

Fate: (coughing up blood) Now you're finished.

(The girl creates another clone, of herself, and the intangible mist, flows into it.)

Girl: Hardly. “But” I must admit; you are “entertaining”. That will make it funner, to torture you though.

(Fate activates his eyes of destiny, and his body starts to heal.)

(Then he attacks the girl, with a barrage of spinning kicks, and punches. The girl engulfs, her hands and feet, with black starry energy, and blocks the attacks, made by Fate. Fate's stamina, is starting to take a toll, as the black energy, seems to be eating away at it.)

(Fate is starting to be pushed back, and then the girl, starts to actually counter him, delivering devastating blows, to his vital points. As he is hit with her attacks, he notices his body, slightly fades away, where he was hit. His eyes buck, and in the first time in his life, he was being dominated. He does a burst attack, and sends out a leviathan, even larger than before.)

(The woman bucks her eyes, and she emits the starry energy, all across her body, as the thing attacks her. The thing sends the woman, into the distance, and the black mist, comes out from the body, and goes towards the ground. A few seconds later, the body turns, into a purple sparkling mist.)

Fate: Finally.

(Then he looks at his body, and it's still, partially faded away.)

Fate: Looks like I'll have to kill myself, for my body to restore itself.

(The black mist appears behind him, and lights up whitish. The girl’s body forms again, and she stands up.)

Fate: (eyes buck) What the? What does it take, to kill you?

(She takes off her hood, and reveals her face, and she shifts back, to her true form.)

Yun-ming: Even if you kill yourself, the effect will remain, unless you kill me, or at least, I become unconscious.

(Without seeing her, he turns around, with an alchemy imbued fist.)

Fate: I guess I'll do just that!

(Yun-ming blocks it, with her starry black energy, imbued palm.)

Yun-ming: A-tai {I} have never seen, this element before?

(His hand disappears, and he is shocked, then he looks up at her face, and he becomes near speechless, at her beauty.)

Yun-ming: Shi-kashi {But} you seem, to have similar powers, to Huang, Cloud, and Oonoo. So-shite {And} you look similar to Cloud, are you their ko-do-mo {offspring}?

Fate: W-Who are you?

Yun-ming: A-tai {I} am the essence of shi-ka-tsu {life and death}, the one and only, Yun-ming. Is it possible, that they have not told you, about me?

Fate: I am Fate. Actually, I was created by them, and not their actual child.

Yun-ming: It seems they have also improved, quite a bit since I left. I thought only Gai, could create life, as advanced as this. So why'd did you come here?

Fate: Actually, after I tried to kill Pandora, Gai sent me here. Pandora cursed me, to continue killing and destroying, with the element, you just saw me use. However, before she could turn me, into her slave, I absorbed the element, but I had to dispose, of three of my other elements, to do it.

Yun-ming: Dou ya-tte {How} did Pandora, get a hold of the element, and shouldn't you be able to, remove the no-ro-i {curse} now?

Fate: I don't know how she got it, but I did remove the curse, after a few years here. But honestly, I rather enjoy being here. It allows me to let loose.

(Yun-ming stares at him, as if intrigued by him.)

Yun-ming: Hon-tou {Really}?

Fate: What about you? I don't imagine, you got the pit demons to fear you, for nothing.

Yun-ming: Mo-chi-ron chi-ga-u {Of course not}. Those pit demons have a leader, and I tortured him, for a very long time, to say the least. And when he experiences a kan-ji {feeling}, no matter the kind it is, it resonates, through all of them. Yes, they tried to attack me, in my sleep. Shi-kashi {However}, I went into their pits, killing all of them, on my way down, and went after their King, nan-do-mo, nan-do-mo, nan-do-mo {again, and again, and again}. After a while, they started to run, whenever they saw me, but sometimes I visit, just for kicks. But pit demons, aren't the only ones who fear me, almost every creature, and person does. Which was starting to get boring, da-ka-ra {so} actually, I was planning on leaving soon. Then I saw you and...

Fate: You were looking, to get some more fun, from torturing me?

Yun-ming: Hai {Yes}, I was planning on killing you, again and again. Only showing you, slightly more chi-ka-ra {skill} each time, that way, you would keep trying.

Fate: You are tantalizing.

Yun-ming: (playfully) Am I, really?

(She starts to walk away.)

Fate: ...

(She continues to walk into the distance.)

Fate: Hey, wait what did you mean by that?

(She seems to ignore him.)

Fate: Wait...Wait!


(Several thousand years later, during the invasion of the Dark worlders. Yun-ming appears in Gai's shrine. Gai smiles, as she sees her, and goes to hug her. Then her eyes buck, as she feels, a very slight bulge, on Yun-ming's stomach.)

Gai: (laughs) Oh, it seems you “are”, able to feel “something”.

(Yun-ming slightly blushes, and Gai playfully, tickles her stomach.)

Gai: You certainly aren't a little girl anymore. By the way, how is Fate. I heard from my siblings, and others, that you two were working as assassins, across the realms. Is he the father?

Yun-ming: Hai, sou-desu {Yes, he is}. I bet this was your doing, wasn't it?

Gai: All I do, is give out the cards, it’s up to the players, to decide how, and whether they will use them. But I did put him there, “hoping”, that would work out, by the way, where is he now?

Yun-ming: Fate-kun's carrying out one more mission. He should be here soon. We came back, to help out in the war.

(It's night time, and Yun-ming has just driven out darkworlder troops, from an old elvish town, a few hours ago, and residents are returning. She walks through the city, looking at the reflection of the moon and stars, off of the water. She sees a group of drows enter the town, trying to pass off as elves. She appears in front of them.)

Yun-ming: Listen, I know you're not elves, so get lost, you won't be ease dropping here. Now if you weren't so weak, I would have just killed you. DE-mo {But} you see this isn't an official battle(war), so the (war) rules don't apply. Shi-kashi {But} if you don't leave, I'll just have the guards, kill you. Wa-ka-ru {Understand}?

(The Drow captain shakes her head, and turns to leave, but one of the other drows, appears to be staring at something. Yun-ming turns her gaze, and sees a little kid, drawing on the floor. Yun-ming stares at him, and notices, it is also a Drow. She starts to walk towards the kid, and then all of the others drows, start drawing seals in the air. Yun-ming waves her hand behind her, and all of them drop, as their life energy is sucked away. She appears to where the kid is, and the symbol is complete, and she picks up the kid.)

Yun-ming: Na-ni shite-i-ru-no {What are you doing here}? Aren't you a little wa-kai {young} to be a spy?

(As she is waiting for an answer, she sees that his orb, is glowing inside of him, and soon the ground starts glowing. Yun-ming shoots vines out of her hand, to erase the drawing in the ground, but the glow remains.)

Yun-ming: Na-ni o shita {What did you do}?

Kid: You can't attack me, until I do, and I'm not going to do that, so you'll have to, wait and see.

Yun-ming: Guards!!! We have a-

(Energy starts to converge around the kid, and he begins to change into, something else. The guards come, and they see the creature, and start shooting it, with light bolts. However, they are just absorbing right, into the ground.)

(Yun-ming is looking at the ground, and she sees that the energy, is not coming from the kid, but out of the ground. She looks in the ground, with her penetrative vision, and can't see anything.)

Yun-ming: Is anything buried ko-ko {here}? Was this town, the home of Kami before?

(The guards start to think for a while, while continuing to shoot at the kid, with no progress.)

Yun-ming: It seems like he is, summoning the energy from somewhere, and he's being taken over by it.

Guard: This town was built in the place, where Kai killed Phenom.

Yun-ming: Thee Phenom. Sai-sho no {The first} false god.

Other guard: Yes, he's right.

Yun-ming: Nan-de {Why} the h#ll, wouldn't you guys say that, when I came here.

Guard captain: We didn't see the relevance.

Yun-ming: Evacuate every one now! I-ke, i-ke, i-ke {Go, Go, go}!

(The creature continues to get stronger, and more powerful, and is nearing her legal fight limit. Yun-ming stays close by, and waits for the creature to reach B class levels, so she can attack it. As soon as it reaches B class levels, she charges at it. But as soon as she does, a pulse is emitted, and energy starts flowing to it rapidly, and its power level, starts sky rocketing. By the time she gets to it, it already has reached its full power, as an S+ class, like it was in the last war.)

Yun-ming: Sh#t!

(Phenom grins, and launches a qi charged fist, right at Yun-ming. Because of being pregnant, her powers are very limited. So she has no choice, but to block the attack. She engulfs her hands, in starry black energy (Oblivion), and blocks his attack head on. The force, causes her arms to be fractured, and fly back through the air, and into a building. She heals her arms, with her spirit energy, then starts to stand up, and as she does, the Phenom appears, in front of her. She shoots vines across his body, to entangle him, and then shoots hundreds of razor leaves, at him. It starts to cut him up, then he uses an energy nova, and her hold and attack, are obliterated, and she is sent back as well. She uses her vines, to stop herself from flying backwards, and as soon as she does, the Phenom appears again. She creates, fungus covered, wooden spears, and shoots it at him, as if it were a shotgun. The force sends him back towards a wall, but before he hits it, he teleports. However, during this time, she has already recovered, and started to prepare, for another counter attack. He appears where she was before, then starts shoots large energy spheres, in all directions, trying to flush her out. When one of the energy spheres, comes toward her, she uses the explosion, as temporary cover, and grabs his legs with vines. She yanks forward, pulling herself to him, sliding on the ground. By the time he sees her, she is already under him, and uses her oblivion, on his feet, causing him to fall to the ground. As she passes him, she shoots some splinter shots, into his back's acupoints, causing him, to not be able to use any energy, for a short amount of time. She yanks back on the vines, which changes her direction mid slide, and uses the momentum, to flip towards him. She imbues her palms with her oblivion, and lands on his back, and palm strikes both of his temples, causing his entire head to disappear. Phenom falls to the ground, and Yun-ming gets up, and starts to walk away. Then Fate appears through the hole, in the wall, and she looks at him.)

Yun-ming: What took you so long-

(Both Yun-mings and Fates eyes buck, as an energy lance, goes right through Yun-ming, and what remains of the Phenom's body, materializes behind her, and then starts absorbing her qi, into him. Yun-mings eyes close, and her body becomes limp. Fate activates his eyes of destiny, and shoots his leviathan out. It goes right through Yun-ming, without harming her further, and knocks the Phenom back. His feet and head, start to fade back in to reality, now that Yun-ming is incapacitated. He then emits an energy burst beam, at Fates beast, and after a few seconds of being shot, the beast is destroyed. When he looks up, Fate and Yun-ming, are no longer there. He flies out of the building, looking for them. After not detecting them, with his energy vision, he flies into the air, and starts creating a massive qi bomb. As he is charging it, Fate appears behind him, and shoots a yin beam into the bomb, converting it to psi energy. Phenom loses control of the energy, and it starts to engulf him. However, unlike Yun-ming, Fate does not know about, Phenom’s powers and defenses. If he had, he would have used that time, to attack him directly instead, as the Phenom is immune, to the effects of psi energy. So as the psi engulfs him, Fate starts creating psi whips, and start wrapping it around, different parts of the Phenom's body, attempting to disable him. After a few seconds, the Phenom backhands him, sending him into the distance. Then he appears behind him, and gives him a hammer fist, that sends him, rocketing towards the ground. Fate shoots the ground with alchemy energy, and causes it to become elastic. So when he hits the ground, he bounces right back up. He transforms into his ascended light form, which increases his speed greatly. When he reaches Phenom, he delivers a rising uppercut, to his face. Then before he passes the length of his body, does a spinning side kick. He appears above Phenom, and then shoots, a burst light beam at him, sending Phenom towards the ground. When he hits the ground, there is a large upheaval. Fate lands on the ground, as Phenom starts to get up, virtually unscathed, and he activates a burst attack. Called “LIGHTWORKS”, Fate runs past Phenom several times, and each time he passes him by, he drives a light lance, into his body. After around 20 or so times, Fate stops, as his form has been expended. While he is having his cooldown, and stunned. Phenom materializes, right next to him.)

Fate: Sh#t!

(Phenom grabs him up, in a bear hug, and emits an energy nova on him, hoping to obliterate him. Fate barely manages, to survive the attack. Then he imbues his body with alchemy energy, and causes Phenom, to start crystallizing. Phenom breaks off his own arms, to let him go, however, as soon as he does that, Fate reaches up, and grabs his head, and crystallizes that as well. Fate drops to the ground, and as he stands up, Phenom’s body, starts creating an electric field, as if he was about to do, a burst attack. Then he emits a huge pulse, of dark energy. Fate turns to his super dark form, to protect himself from the blast, and then he remembers, that Yun-ming is unconscious, and tries to run to her, but right before he gets, to where he left her, he is knocked back, by the force of energy. When he looks up, he sees that the entire area, is nothing but darkness, and everything in it, has been destroyed. He starts to get up, and as soon as he does, he is knocked through the air. Once he hits the ground, he is then stumped further, into the ground. He turns on his lightless vision, and sees Phenom there, and as Phenom goes to stump him again. He shoots him, with alchemy energy, crystallizing his foot, then rolls out of the way. As his foot crashes into the ground, it is shattered, but in only a few seconds, it grows back. Fate stays on the ground, looking at him in disbelief.)

Fate: D#mn, I'm running low on stamina and qi, but this monster, hasn't lost an ounce of either, since we started. And seems to be taking my attacks, like they aren't sh#t.

(Phenom jumps to wear Fate is, but he uses the darkness to teleport, before he gets to him.)

Fate: (thinking) Alright, I don't have many options left. It’s either I try something rash, that will likely get me killed, or draw this out a few more minutes, and be killed.

(Fate starts generating a black body aura, and starts exuding it a bit. Phenom searches around for him, but can't find him. Then he sees him standing there, looking as though, he is charging an alchemy beam. There are a lot of illusions, standing in other places, in the darkness, doing similar things, but Phenom uses his energy vision, to see the real one. He appears right in front of Fate, and shoots a powerful energy beam, right at him, attempting to have, the element of surprise, and consume him, before he has a chance to attack. However, the thing Phenom just attacked, was nothing but a clone, and from behind, he is attacked by another leviathan, which pushes him forward. Then the real Fate, appears out of the ground, in front of Phenom, in his alchemy form, and activates a burst attack. A large alchemy bomb appears, and he stands there, as the Phenom crashes right into it, and him. Fate's form expires, and he is stunned yet again, while the Phenom, is on top of him. He raises to his feet, and goes to punch, Fate right in the chest, but as he does, he starts to drip. He punches Fate again with one, causing Fate to cough up blood. Then He raises his fist again, and imbues it with energy, and sends it crashing down to Fates body, about to end him, but then like a bubble bursting, his body turns into liquid.)

Fate: Well, that was dramatic. One second later, and he would have taken me with him.

(Fate gets up, and looks around for Yun-ming. He can't seem to find her anywhere, so after a while, he goes to Gai's shrine.)



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