Obsessively in Love

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An obsession taken a little too far can change a life all to quick

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012





The look of fear covers his face; a letter trembles from his locker. “No, no please don’t be from her!” He pleads. Anxiously, he turns the letter around to see in red cursive writing something he dreaded more than anything ‘To Adam, Love Heather’. Heather, the girl he can’t bring himself to look at now because of what she has done. “How did she…no she couldn’t have, she’s over seven hours away.” She really was, in an asylum, locked behind pale blue padded walls never to see day light again, for the unforgivable crime that took everything from him. He relives that horrific day as it plays in the back of his mind like an unwanted song.

Sitting on an old park bench Adam waited for Heather to arrive. He had to tell her, he always knew how she felt and that he would never feel the same towards her. Hours passed; still, she hadn’t arrived, he had to tell her today, it couldn’t wait so he went to her house. On arrival he noticed a flickering light coming from a room he didn’t even know existed.

“Heather? You in there? I need to talk to you.”

Silence filled the cold dead atmosphere. Slowly, he approached the mysterious room.

“Heather you didn’t come to the park. Are you okay?”

As he reached the ancient wooden door he heard a creak in the floor boards.

“Heather? Seriously I could hardly call this a joke, hurry up I need to talk to you.”

He turned back his attention towards the mysterious room, slowly he opened the door.

Horror flooded his pale face but then confusion set in. He stood in disbelief at the room filled top to bottom with pictures, pictures of him; at school, at home, in public and most disturbing of all; him sleeping. Speechless he trembled a little, slowly stepping back readying himself to make an escape, bumping into something, no not something, her, Heather. There she stood with a wide grin on her face like an old clown that is convinced he still has a future in the business; Adam didn’t know what to say except “What?” Before he could even get a word out she whispered proudly.  

“It’s you Adam this is all you. This whole room is dedicated to you.”

Confused he turned around and went to take off for the door that still stood wide open but, before he could she grabbed his arm

“Oh no Adam, you can’t leave you have to stay now.”

The door slammed.

“It’s okay Adam we can be together now, she’s gone, I got rid of her.”

Shocked, he was silent for a while but then questioned “Got rid of who Heather, who did you get rid of?”

He backed away, no it couldn’t be her, his hand slips to his pocket reaching for his phone so he could call his girlfriend, Lilly.

A slow calming song began to play in the background, it was their song. His phone dropped to the ground shattering the screen the once held a graceful photo of Lilly. Pain shot through his body like a million rusted knives stabbing him at once, a glimmer of light catches the corner of his eye, it’s her phone. He races over to the bench anxiously grasping the phone in his cold shaking fingers.

 “What have you done?” He shouts.

“I told you Adam I got rid of her, she's gone now.” She replied with a slight smirk on her face.

Weak at the knees he falls to the ground, scraping his knee a little from the impact. The walls are closing in on him. How? How could she do this? This is Heather his best friend for years.

“Where is she?” he questions.

“Why does that even matter? We can be together now.” She smiles.

“Where’s Lilly?” he repeats this time anger fills his tone.

“Oh if you must know she’s in the cupboard, silly” she chuckles as her pale white finger points to a rugged old cupboard peering out in the corner.

Cautiously he turns around, stepping closer and closer to the old chipped cupboard, the floor boards screaming with every step. Heart racing, he reaches out for the rusted handle to open the door. It creaks loudly but then, silence.

All of a sudden, a loud ring is heard from a distance, the loud roar of voices once again end the nightmare that haunts him to this day. Looking down into his trembling hands that grip this dreadful letter, anger fills his eyes; he lets out a small cry, clenching his fists, crumbling the letter in his hands. Heather took the one thing that meant the most to him, the one thing that brought happiness to his life and now he will never see Lilly again.

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