Maybe I should write a blog ;D

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Diary of mine :p

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Heya all.

Last time I wrote here (it´s been a while though), I was writing about the sad happening of my life. This time I don´t wanna be so melancholic, since there´s a lot of good things as well happened to me.


Now I´m litnening good music and I should read to may tomorrow´s exam, but I don´t have the energy doing that... It´s so laim! I´m wondering if there´s any englisg languaged page where i could write my own blog? I don´t want to do that in Finnish, because I prefer English.


I hope that I could have a lot of more time do write here different stories and other things, but I also hope that I could read more other people writings and comment those :p

There really should be some kind of remote control that would stop the time when i push the button! Like in that movie called Click. I also wonder if here´s any other Finns writing...? It´s not that I think I´m the only one who knows how to speak and write English, but still.


After a few weeks I´m going to a festival, where´s playing a band called Skillet . I´m really looking forward that a lot! That´s because I´ve never been in a festival like that, and it lasts the whole weekends, so we´re going to "camp" into a school! How cool´s that! A whole weekend without a shower and a soft bed to sleep on :D Wonderful! At least we have a roof above our heads, so we´re not going to sleep in a tents almost in the middle of the winter :p Too bad here´s not snowing yet.


Hmph, now I reeeeeally need to go and read to that exam.. -.- I still want to pass my matriculation examination with honor.


Hoping that I get to write to you soon!

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