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A few of my theories, and I would like to think that A FEW PEOLE, would like to know them and maybe agree with me ...

I'm going to update this A LOT, so please BE PATIENT! :D

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




My first Theory - Love is Overrated

When people still buy the whole "Love will win over everything", I know that people want to tell the kids that there will be a "prince charming" who will come to save you when you are in trouble ... But guess what! It's not true!

'Love' is the most beautiful lie, in the world! People have been making themselves and their kids and grand kids, think that "Love" will magicaly fix EVERYTHING!

But it's not true. Because if you think about all the movies, songs and adorebel 'fairytales' and even the illusion of having kids would be so 'romantice'.

But what every single TEENAGER that has entered "the world of dating", knows that "Love" is not like the fairytales, or like in the books.

It Hurts and Breaks your Heart and Destroys you and your entire life, making you a big puddle of misary, crying your eyes out and laying somewhere wishing that you were dead.

Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people that "Hate" Love because that would make me a "Hater of love" and that would be ... Awful ... But if you look at all the pain that is caused by "Love" and you TRULLY opened your eyes to it, then you would understand my point.

I'm not saying that the world would be better if people didn't "Love", that's really not what I'm saying!
That would resualt to a cold and heartless world that didn't care for anybody ... Kind of what it's like now -

Anyhow! My point is that people should NOT be naive to "Love" because that's mostly why people comit sueside these days, when everything seams hopless and you have nobody to talk to and you decide to jump from a window or take your fathers gun and shoot yourself in the head with it or even taking an overdose and we leave this eart ... Far to soon.

Now to you people who have seen one of their love ones take their own lives, I am so sorry for your grief and you can proabably see why I want less people to find a note that is written saying something like "I can't go on anymore" or "I don't want to live without her/him" and then find them giving up on their young and promesing lives. It's not fair to the rest of us, those who don't want to lose someone important to us.

I'm just telling you this as a precaution.

My Second Theory - Human Missary Sells!

If you really think about, the thing that really sells in every story or movie, "Romantic" or not, it's the Pain.
How we see people go through great lenghts and suffer through unimaginal pain -
And for what, really?

To protect what you care about? To save somone that you would gladly give up your life to? For "Love"???

Now, to make one thing clear: I am NOT someone who HATES "Love".
I have been called by so many people ...

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