Missing You Darling

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Feeling lonely as sweetheart is away.

Submitted: October 20, 2014

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Submitted: October 20, 2014



Fighting against myself under this thick-foliaged tree,
I’m trying to let my sadness go loose and free.

I look around me,
And what I see is beauty, harmony, softness;
The multi-coloured flowers, the sight of a butterfly,
The birds joyfully singing and filling the sky,
The cool morning’s crystalline brightness;

The melodic sounds of a stream over there,
Here a flock of sheep light-heartedly strolling,
Then a couple of zebras coming out of nowhere,
Drifting around as if patrolling…

A silver-coloured fish shining at the sunlight,
As it jumps and spins before returning to the stream;
Two lizards that are getting ready for a fight,
Decide instead to look around and dream…

Ah, all I can see is beauty, harmony, softness!

However, as you are so far away,
As you can not see how all this is so beautiful,
All this beauty makes me feel dull, sad and mournful.


Helder Oliveira
(Helder de Jesus Ferreira de Oliveira)

© Copyright 2018 HelderOliveira. All rights reserved.

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