Lucy's Angel.

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Lucy was a full of fun little girl who found out everyone has a angel.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Lucy was a sweet playfull little girl who loved her dolls but also loved to run around kicking a ball & climbing trees. One day Lucy woke up to bright sunshine outside her window & all she wanted to do was hurry out to play with her best friend Jake, Lucy & Jake were both 7 & had known each other since they were 2. MUM called Lucy from her room please can I go out to play, after breakfast was her mums reply so Lucy hurried down the stairs to breakfast , After she had finished she hurried back upstairs to get ready & was soon at Jakes door asking his mum if he could come to out play. They played ball, hide & seek & had a picnic on the lawn which Lucy's mum had made for them. What shall we play now Lucy asked Jake, I want to climb that big tree across the road Jake said so off they went to the tree, Jake started to climb & Lucy followed, she called to Jake wait for me & tryed to catch up but her foot slipped & she fell to the ground, she screamed as she fell hard onto her right leg, Lucy's mum heard her scream & ran out to her, We will have to go to the hospital Lucy to see if you have broken any bones said her mum, Lucy was scared but her mum held her hand all the way to the hospital in the ambulance. At the hospital they did an xray & Lucy had broken her leg & needed an operation to mend it. Im scared said Lucy to her mummy,dont be scared darling said her mum you will have a beautiful angel watching over you & she will make sure everything is ok, everyone has an  angel & mummy will be here when you wake up. A few hours later Lucy was waking up & it was all over . No more climbing trees now her mum told her, ok mummy said Lucy, oh and mummy your right I do have an angel & her name is mummy.

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