The Girl.

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Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She had a beautiful mommy, a big strong daddy and a pink bed with a canopy. She was so happy, and everything was perfect, for a time. Both Mommy and Daddy loved her very much, and though they didn't always get along, they never did anything to make the little girl think something was wrong. That's why the girl was so shocked when Mommy packed up their clothes and took her away.

\"It isn't because I don't love you,\" she'd tell the girl again and again, \"It's just that Daddy and Mommy make each other sad. You still get to see us both whenever you like... I promise everything will be okay.\" Though the girl did not like being away from Daddy so much, she was all right with it because Mommy was very good to her. Sometimes, Daddy would say mean things about Mommy, but the girl soon learned to ignore them. She knew that Mommy was nice, and not even Daddy could convince her otherwise.

In time, the girl grew older. Her mom had a job now, and the girl had to spend a lot of time at daycare. She didn't mind too much though, because when her mom took her home they would always have fun, no matter what they did. The girl always loved to meet her mom's friends and talk to them. They were all very nice to her; telling her she was bright and talented.

Eventually, the girl went to kindergarden and first grade. She hated the other children there, they were mean and dumb, but she did make one friend. Her friend was not from her school. She was from \"Middle School.\" The girl wished she could be in the middle school too, but her friend said she was too young, and she'd have to wait. She didn't want to, but seeing no alternative, she looked forward to the day she too could be in \"Middle School.\"

In all her time at school, she had so far found only one person who was bearable, the teacher. Actually, the teacher was more than bearable, she was fantastic. The girl was happy to talk to her teacher, and her teacher was always thrilled to hear what she had to say. Her teacher thought the girl was \"Gifted,\" and though the girl didn't know what that meant, she took a test, and sure enough she was. The girl and her mother were very excited to find out, and the girl started to go to special classes. She liked the kids there. She liked the teachers there. She was very happy to be \"Gifted,\" whatever it meant.

In time, she finally did made it to middle school, but by then her friend had already left to the now distant high school. She was annoyed, and wished she could just skip middle school, but since she couldn't, she tried to ignore the other kids as much as possible. It was difficult. Now, they weren't just mean and dumb, they were utterly malicious. By the time she was halfway to high school, she'd grown cold and hard. She stopped talking to people, even her mom, and didn't care about much of anything. She learned that was the best way to protect herself from being hurt.

She got into trouble more, and skipped school. She got arrested once, and made her mother very, very sad. After that, she decided it was stupid to break rules. She stopped acting like the other kids. She began to read and withdrew even more from the world around her. The other kids couldn't hurt her, no one could.

Through this all, other things happened. Her mom remarried; they moved into a house; her friend moved away and back; and she learned a lot about people. Her mother and her friend began to wonder about her attitude, and she didn't know how to respond. She had to learn how to smile again. By the time middle school was finished, she'd gained total control of her emotions. She could be cold, but she could feel, if she wanted. She decided this was the best way to be, and vowed never to let her feelings get out of hand, or disappear altogether.

High school was another planet. She was happy to see her friend every day again, and the change of environment was refreshing. Things seemed new and exciting, and her vow drifted further and further out of her priorities. Soon, she'd all but abandoned it. She found herself acting strange and stupid, but she had fun. She didn't need control of herself, at least not now.

It wasn't long before she met the boy who became The Boyfriend. She had dated before, but he was different, he became the center of her life, and though at first she liked it, she came to be very unhappy. Though she was unhappy, she loved The Boyfriend. She didn't know why; it defied her best logic, but though she tried to break up with him many times, they always got back together. It was a monotonous time in her life, and she began to grow jaded.

As all things go, her relationship eventually ended for real, and though she missed it at first, she soon came to love her new independence. She got a car and it was a wonderful time. She felt better than she had in months; she met the boy. He was cold and sad and smart. He reminded her of herself in years past, and she pitied him, at first. Soon, however, she realized he was not so like her, at least not in all respects. He had never had a friend like she had, but he possessed the strength of will she lacked, and though he was cold, she came to love him. He told her he loved her too.

Sadly, she had a hard time believing what she said. Her paranoia was her undoing.

Her body was never found.

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