Isabella Genovesa-Marino

Isabella Genovesa-Marino Isabella Genovesa-Marino

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



On my 16th birthday my twin brother and I with a group of friends head to Vegas for several weeks. While there, I meet a guy, ened up married to another guy. And then I am told by my father that I have to marry some guy for the family. What am I going to do.
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On my 16th birthday my twin brother and I with a group of friends head to Vegas for several weeks. While there, I meet a guy, ened up married to another guy. And then I am told by my father that I have to marry some guy for the family. What am I going to do.

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On my 16th birthday my twin brother and I with a group of friends head to Vegas for several weeks. While there, I meet a guy, ened up married to another guy. And then I am told by my father that I have to marry some guy for the family. What am I going to do.

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My name is Isabella. This is the story of how my mother and father decided it was a good thing to put me in an arranged marriage, however, the kicker is I was already married before I found out that they decided on this. However, before I get to the arranged marriage and my marriage let me tell you about what happened leading up to my marriage.

Where should I start is the question, let me rewind the story about 25 years ago, I won’t go into the big details but here is where story starts are:

25 years ago, Kerri meet Jordan They were both in the senior year of high school and fell in love. The day after they both graduated they got engaged. Jordan was the son of Ray Brady and his mother was Caroline Brady they owned several hotels around the world. Now, Kerri was the daughter of known Doctor’s Michael and Meredith Sidmore. Both sets of parents decided to pay for the wedding, but both kids had to go to college before they had kids and start on their careers. Both of my parents agreed to this. So August 21 1981, my parents got married.

Jordan decided to get a degree in business management, and work with his dad in the hotel business. It took four years to get his Bachelor’s degree, and then he went to work at the California Chain hotel, for his dad.  Kerri, she decided to an office assistant for Jordan so she spent four years doing that. After she got out of school she worked with her dad at his office as an assistant during the summer’s then after she got her degree started working with Jordan.

Both of my parents loved each other so much. After Jordan got through with school they decided to wait until they were established before they had kids. So nine years after they were married, they found out that they were pregnant. It was the end of May 1989 when they found out that they were expecting. Kerri was about four weeks along when she found out. Both Jordan and Kerri were ecstatic.

After finding out they were going to have a baby, Jordan decided that he didn’t want Kerri working. They both had enough money, as they each had a trust found, as well as the money they had from working. They had a nice home and enough money to take care of them, and Jordan would be working, anyway. During Kerri’s sixth month of pregnancy, they found out she was expecting twins. They decided to wait until the birth to find out the sex of the babies. They were both happy, and they knew that the twins would be all they had, as they both wanted two kids anyway.

February 10 1990, Kerri went into labor.  After walking around six stores for four hours, she was finally dilated to a ten, and went to the hospital.  Isaac was born at five o’clock that night. He weighed in at seven pounds six ounces, and he was perfect. Now for me, my grand entrance to the world was at Five after Five, not even two minutes after my brother was born. I came in at seven pounds five ounces. We were both identical except for the fact that I was a girl and he was a boy. That is the only way they could tell us apart.  It would take them a few months to tell us apart, and then it would only be by our hair until we got older.

Raising two babies was hard at first, but then my mom got my brother and I got onto a schedule which helped out a lot.  The first few years flew by. When you hear people say “When you have kids time fly’s by”, well that is what happened to my parents. Of course after the first month of us being home dad had to go back to work, as the hotel wouldn’t run itself.

The first few years of our life we were always together, mom and dad loved us equally. And it was hard to separate us. We both started walking at the same time, our first words were dada and mama, and we said them at the same time.  By age three were both potty trained, and doing things on our own. However, our parents learnt that we never wanted to leave each other’s side.  We depended on each other.

Lets fast forward to Isaac and me at age six. That is when we started school.  At home our mom helped us learn what kindergarteners did, so we were able to skip that class. When we started school the teachers wanted us in different classes, however, as Isaac and I are really close it is hard to separate us for a long period of time.  So they soon found out that we had to be in the same class. Isaac was a protective brother, and no one was allowed to hurt me at all.  However, after several weeks in school we found out that there were some kids in our class that we liked to hang out with. The first set of kids they we like and we became fast friends with was Arianna and Caden Jones. They were the same age as us, and they were twins as well. However, they were not identical. All four of us were always together.

After three months of us staying together at school and doing everything together, are parents finally let us have sleep overs. Their parents were cool; we rotated houses every weekend, up until we were in sixth grade. Caden is Isaac’s best friend and Arianna is my best friend. Sometimes we would have a girl’s night at my house and the boys would go to her house.  One thing about us though is that we were all rich, but we didn’t show it all the time.  Also all four of us made sure we all stayed on the honor roll list every term at school and we did. Even though all four of us were twins, only Isaac and I were close, and he watched over me like a hawk.  However, once we hit the sixth graded they made sure none of the boys bothered us. Arianna and I both found it hard to find a boyfriend, because of our brothers. However, we didn’t mind it at all at that time.

In sixth grade we made another friend. This time it was a boy, his name is Steven Barstow. He was the same age as us (12). He of course became a body guard as well, for Arianna and me. We didn’t mind it too much at this time as we tried to study and keep high grades. All five of us started staying at each other’s homes every weekend. Our parents were all friends as well; also it didn’t matter as we all lived in the same neighborhood. So even if we weren’t staying the night with each other and if you are thinking about us girls staying with the guys yes we did. Each of our homes was right by each other. Another thing I forgot to mention is that all five of us had the same birthday.

Time started flying bye, before I knew it we were all in ninth grade, which is when things started heating up. In ninth grade Arianna and I meet two new girlfriends. Their names are Elizabeth Tate and Nevaeh Johnson. They had both moved to California at the start of the year. However, it wasn’t until second term that we started hanging out with them. Once we started hanging out with them, is when the boys decided that they were old enough to date, it was also at this time that the whole group decided to date within the group. I on the other hand was not allowed to date. My brother thought I was too young, and he didn’t want to add another person to his friends. All of us were friends for a reason we didn’t like to many people around us. So, Isaac started dating Nevaeh, Steven dated Ariana, and Caden dated Elizabeth. They were all cute couples. I didn’t care about dating right then either because I found out that most of the guys my age were too immature, and the ones in my group were too much like brothers to me.

For our 15th birthday our parents decided to build us a house behind all of theirs, that way we could all live together. However, we were told that we had to maintain all our grades; help with the up keep at the house. We didn’t care, about that and we did. It was a lovely home. All of our parents spoiled us.  Nevaeh and Elizabeth ended up moving on to our street as well, during the second semester of 9th grade, and so they lived in the house with us. Our parents all knew that most everyone was dating so they only had the house with four bedrooms, and five baths. It wasn’t that big, and it fit in the back yard of three homes. Of course all of the mansions had big yards so it didn’t matter. That year was the last year that everything was normal.

All seven of us finished that school year, being on honor roll. We never got into trouble, and we asked our parents if on out 16th birthday we could all go on a trip to Vegas. They told us that we had to help pay for the trip, and that if we all did well in school then after our tenth grade we could go for the summer. As we would be turning 16 three months before school let out. All of us agreed, we all even agreed to get summer jobs to help get the money to go.  That night when we went home we created a plan that would make our parents proud of us, and so we wouldn’t have to go back to school when after we got home from Vegas.

Isaac, Nevaeh, Steven, Ariana, Caden, Elizabeth, and I all decided that on top of maintaining our grades, would also take the GED test and by the end of the school year we would be able to have our High School Diploma. Not only this but we were all really smart, so we talked to our principle and she told us about the GED classes, she told us it would be the same thing as our high school diploma and if we passed the GED test, ACT test, and the SAT test then at the end of the year we could all graduate.  So after we had all talked about it we all decided that we would.  As we lived in California we didn’t have to have our parents’ permission. On top of this we also asked about taking classes at home, so help with our diploma as well, she told us we could.

When school let out for the summer we all had jobs at with each other’s parents, Isaac and I worked for Caden’s dad. He owned a business, and we ran errands and did office work and such. Nevaeh worked as Beth’s moms’ receptionist, Caden ran errands for Steven’s dad. Ariana worked for my dad, he made her run errands and a receptionist.  Steven worked for Nevaeh’s dad. We don’t know what exactly he did.

During the day we all worked then at night we all came home and did school things. We never did go party or anything; we were trying to show our parents that we knew how to act like adults. When school started, we turned in all of the school work we did over the summer, when we gave it to the principle we had completed all of our tenth and eleventh grade work all we had to do was take three tests, to show that we all knew the work and didn’t cheat on it. We passed those test with flying colors. We were given our senior classes. During the week day we would go to school, then after school go to work. On the weekends we would all go take the test that we needed to take. Our parents just thought we were all party and things, but we never did. The school year passed by fast. In January we got all our test results from the GED, ACT, and SAT test. We all made high scores; they were the highest anyone had seen in a long time.  In February our parents told us that if we continued to work and do well in school then we could all go to Vegas.

March is when we decide that we needed to get some fake IDs. That way we could go gambling and everything my dad being the lawyer he is, knew someone how could help us. He told me and Isaac that we each would have to pay $3000 dollars in order to get them. Also he would make us new identities as well, but we would all keep our names. Basically for 3000 dollars we would all get new ids and the couples would all be married.  After we got back from Vegas we would all have to go back to school and everything? Of course daddy didn’t know that we would be graduating we weren’t going to tell them until April and give everyone a month notice. And that’s what we did. See we all passed our classes and the entire test that we needed so we all had enough credits to graduate, so we did.

In April we got all of our parents together and told them that we would be graduating. They were shocked to say the least. Of course we all acted like adults and everything but they were still part of our lives. They congratulated us, and asked what we planned to do after we graduated; we asked them if after we got back from Vegas if we could all keep our jobs, and then the following year go to college. All our parents agreed to this, they all said that they would put us all through college and that we would be able to learn the businesses. That way we could all work with each other’s parents, open our own businesses or whatever we wanted to do. They knew we were all close and there was no way that was going to happen or so they thought.

May was when we were all going to graduate and we were all so happy about this. The gang was excited because we no longer had to put up with all the people at the high school. See even though we did all of our classes and everything we weren’t really popular as we don’t like to hang out with a lot of people. That is why we only had seven people in our group. We always knew that we would have one more person if and when I decided to start dating, but we all knew that would be a while as I really wasn’t that interested in the guys around here.

 The night of graduation Isaac’s and my parents told us that they had some news for us, however, it was going to be a while before they could tell us everything, however they did say that it had something to do with me. Isaac told asked them what it was they told him that he would have to wait. As what it had to deal with was something that was still in the works. However, they did say that it would be a life changer.

After the family talk everyone headed the high school. It was a lovely ceremony, the whole gang ended up being valedictorian and the upper classmen where all upset that we got to graduate with them, and the tenth graders were upset as well but we didn’t care. We graduated May 30, 2006. After graduation all the individual families all went and ate at Steven’s mom’s restaurant. After words we all decided that it would be a good thing to go home with our parents and spend the next day with them, as on June First was when we were going to Vegas.

When Isaac, I, and our parents got home they had a surprise for us. In the front yard there was Matching 2006 Ford Expeditions, one was blue (mine) the other was red (Isaac’s). They were brand new right off the line, and they were fully loaded. We both loved them; mom and dad both told us that we could take them to Vegas with us as well. We loved the idea. They told us that it was a little something to help us out, and that when we got back and they told us the news they have for us they hoped that it would help us remember that they loved us. We told them that no matter what we would always love us.


The night and next day passed very quickly. We had told everyone what we got as graduation presents. Everyone loved them. Also on the 31st of May, the night after our graduation all of our parents and all of us went to Isaac’s and my house for a huge meeting. None of us kids knew what was going on, we didn’t know if we were in trouble or not. So we all showed up. It was unusual as we only had one of these meeting when we were all in trouble. When we all got there are parents all told us they had something to tell us.

My dad was the one who gave us the news: “Kids, I know you all think that you are best friends because you meet in school, and then you think you all brought us all together am I right?” Isaac answered him, “Yes sir that is what we all know.”  Dad said “Well that is not the case. The real answer is that we are all in the mob.” All seven of us were quite as we did not expect that.  Caden and Arianna’s dad went next, “See we didn’t want you guys involved while you were in school, and during the summer we all sent you on errands when we didn’t want you in the office, now that you are out of school it is time that you all decided if you want to help take over the family business or lead a regular life, however, whatever you chose know that we will always still love you.”

I spoke up next “what you are saying is that all of you are part of the mob, so who is the leader of this so called mob?” Mom answered, “Well hunny, your dad is. See we are all under him. Of course all of yawls grandparents were before us. See it was always our intentions for all of you to meet and fall in love. However, Nevaeh’s parents were supposed to have twins, so that you would have someone to marry, however, as she and her parents both know her twin died at birth, which was so hard on her mom for the longest time. That is why there are only seven of you.”  I asked her if this has anything to do with what they have to tell me when I get home from our trip. Mom says “Yes, it does, we will not get into it know.” Nevaeh’s dad said “now you all have some choices: you have the option of getting the fake id’s and everything that is in the package. When you take them, you will then have to make a choice on how you are going to use them. We will give you until you return to decide, but just know that we will love you all no matter what. We all hope that you make a choice together otherwise you will all be split up. So here are your choices, Jordan will tell you.”

 Dad says “here is the deal, when we give you the envelopes there are several things in there that you guys do not know about. I have a friend that was able to hack into the government and change a few things. So as you all know there are fake ids in there but they are not really fake.  They are just your new identity.  Also in there, are your new birth certificates, passports, and credit cards. You are all the same people we just gave you all a new birth year; you were all born in 1985. Also, there are papers in there that state you have all attended college and your degrees are in there.  The degree will help you get into a good college for med school or a law school. It all depends on you guys.

 Another thing, no one will know about this change in the family, so form here on out if you stay when it comes to the family we all act normal, but outside of the families you can be the new you. Now the thing you guys need to know is that you have two choices. You guys can take the new identities and move far away with the money that is on your cards, an start your own careers,  or you guys can use the information and come back and learn to take over the family business and one day merge them all together. If you choose this option, ladies, you will all be stay at home moms, or work with the guys. The guys will be doing most of the work, like it is now. The choices are yours. But here is the thing; you guys need to decide as a group as this is a group offer. Mike told you all you have until you all come back please have a response by then. And another thing, if you three couples want to get married while in Vegas that will be ok with us, if you do then we will have a huge party when you get home.”

After that we all headed to our house so we could all talk about this and get ready for the following day. We all decided just to finish packing the cars, and then get dinner. We didn’t talk about what our parents had told us. We just all said we would think about it later, so after the car was packed and we had all gone to our room we each looked at the information in our envelopes. Isaac came into my room, and we both looked at our information together. I am sure the others did as well, but I don’t know. When we looked at the information we saw letters from our parents. Neither one of us read them we decided to wait until we were in Vegas. We had no idea this was coming, we were all a little hurt about it but, the ones that were together could know get married like they had all planed on doing. So that night after going over our things, Isaac and I both fell asleep in my room. We knew we were going to have a long month ahead of us as that is how long we planned on being gone. We all had saved up $15,000 each. So we knew we would be able to survive a month away from our parents, but know we had things to think about and we knew it would be a group decision on what to do.

The following day we headed to Vegas. We told our parents good bye, and then we headed off, we decided to take Isaac’s and my Ford Mustangs. Before we left we decided that we would have a race, the girls all rode in my car, and the boys all rode with Isaac.  From where we live to Las Vegas it’s a six hour trip. We all knew that we would have to stop and get gas, and to eat. Since we decided to race it didn’t matter where we all stopped. Of course we each had maps and our tanks were full before we left. So we started the race at the house, and then who ever got to the hotel (which by the way we are staying at Grandpa Brady’s Palm Palace Hotel and Spa. This of course had a spa in it) first and checked in to our rooms (four in all) would win. We also had a bet going so that it was interesting. If the girls won the guys had to do something we wanted, if the guys won we had to do something they wanted.

 On the way to Las Vegas, we girls only stopped twice. Once was to get gas and pee, the second time we stopped we all had to pee and we got something to eat.  The last time we stopped we were only an hour away from the hotel. At that time I called Isaac, and asked him how they were progressing. He told us that they had to stop several times, and that they were about two hours away from the hotel. So I told them we were as well. I hated lying to him but I knew he was lying to me. After that we high tailed it to the hotel, I pulled up to the concierge, they got are bags, and were to park the car. Once I gave them a tip, we girls headed in to the hotel. Once we got to the desk, I asked for our room keys. As I was the granddaughter of the owner we got the highest floor. There were exactly five rooms up there. Four were bedroom the other was a living area and the only way to get in was the elevator and key. It was pretty neat. I asked if my brother had made it and the receptionist said no. I thanked her and asked her not to tell them we were her if they asked. She said she wouldn’t.

After that we headed to our floor. When we got in and settled down I called the guys and had them on speaker phone. I asked them where they were. They told me that they were about ten minutes away from the hotel. Elizabeth told them that we were only five minutes away and they had better hurry. We could hear Isaac start driving faster. It was funny, since we were already here. Of course after I got off the phone I called the front desk to see if grandpa was here, he was and in his office so I headed to go see him. He was my favorite at he was always around when we were growing up.

I was in my grandpa’s office and we were talking, he asked how things were going for me, and where my brother was. I told him that Isaac was on his way, as we raced to get here, and me being the fasted driver, we girls made it first. He laughed at that. He asked what why we had come to Vegas, I told him “the group decided that since we are 16 and all that we wanted to play in Vegas.” Grandpa looked at me and told me that that would be illegal as you have to be 21 to play in the casinos. I of course asked him “have you forgotten who we are? I mean grandpa, really, daddy got us all fake ids but he also gave us some other things. Oh and it is kind of like a graduation present.” “What do you mean a graduation present, you kids haven’t graduated yet?” “But grandpa, we did, we graduated May 30. We were even the valedictorians.  All seven of us graduated, and now we have to think about taking over the family business. Our parents told us last night that it wasn’t a coincidence that we all meet and all the good stuff, but they said that we have the month that we are here to decide if we are or not. And when we get home mom and daddy have something that they have to tell me and Isaac that has to deal with me.” “Oh, so they didn’t tell you everything.” “No, sir. Do you know what is going on as well?” “Well as it is my side of the family that started us all in the Mob and all yes, I mean hunny, why do you think we have all the money and you get everything you kids want. Plus it was all of our (grandparents) ideas for you kids to live behind you parents. That way you don’t see what goes on in the house. Not after you almost walking in on what you mom was doing to some people.” “Wow, grandpa really, Hmm so what should we do? 

Before grandpa could answer Isaac called, asking where I was. I told him I was sitting in grandpa’s office. Isaac started yelling at me, and telling me I was in big trouble. Did I ever mention that he is allowed to boss me around and all that? He was a boss over me, but not in a mean way. When he didn’t get his way he would get mad. But he never went too far with it. This time he told me that he had some words for me, but would wait until we were in private to tell me. After I hung up with him, grandpa told me I had better get to the room, before Isaac got to mad at me. And he never answered my question, and that was when I knew he wasn’t going to answer me.

I headed back to the room, and the guys were there. They were joking around with the girls. I asked them how their trip was, they all said it was good, they were sad that we won, but they knew that they had to do what we wanted. As soon, as they were all through talking Isaac, asked me to go into the bedroom so that we could talk, he never did anything in front of our friends, even though we had all lived together for a year now.  Once in the room, he told me that I should have never lied to him, that it was wrong of me to do. I told him that I was playing with him. He said didn’t care, what if something had happened, how would he know. I told him nothing happened, and we were all fine. He hugged me and told me to never lie to him again. I told him I would try my best not to.  Then he asked if we had made our minds up of what they were to do. I told him yes but we would all tell them after dinner. It was almost dinner time and we all wanted to go out to eat.

We headed into the living room, and asked if everyone was ready to get ready for dinner. We all were so we all headed into our own rooms, and got ready. Each room had a bathroom in it. I mean we had the whole top floor of the hotel. It took us girls three hours to get ready, I mean we all had to look nice, plus after dinner, we were going to a bar.  And try out our new ids.

For dinner all of us girls had grilled chicken tacos and fried rice, with a side salad. The guys all had the house platter; it had Chicken Tacos, Beef Tacos, refried beans, rice, guacamole salad, and a little veggie salad. We also had margaritas to drink as well. We all love Mexican food. During dinner we told the guys that since we won, they all had to go to the spa and get a full body wax. We were laughing the whole time we told them, and the girls agreed that I was the one to tell them since I wasn’t dating any of them. So I did. They were all like no, never going to happen, not in this life time. Of course since we were staying at grandpa’s hotel, the spa was open 24/7, and us girls knew that after a couple of hard drinks we would be able to get them to the spa.

After dinner we headed to a night club that we had been hearing about. It was for all the high up people. As soon as we showed our ids we all got in, see we still kept our real names and all, so everyone knew who we were, we were just never in the lime light, and no one could tell who our parents were. So that was a plus on our plan actually working. After getting in we all headed to the bar, we all ordered shots of Cherry Tootsie Pop, Snow Shoe, and Superman, after that, we all started dancing. We loved those three shots. After dancing we all started drinking tap beer (this is our favorite kind). Even though we are only 16, it helps that we all know how to hold our own while drinking. After a while of dancing and drinking beer, the three couples decided that they wanted to dance with their partners, so I stayed at the bar. I of course did some jello shots, and drank more beer. After thirty minutes I started drinking some coke. The couples decided to come over, and drink some more. Of course all of us girls egged the guys on so they started doing shots of Rum, Vodka, and Whisky. By the time they were done doing 15 shots each, they were pretty drunk, but we girls still were dancing. At about two in the morning the couples were dancing again, and I was at the bar watching. I had stopped drinking because I didn’t want the huge hangover, and I wanted to make sure the guys would be going to the spa.

While I was waiting at the bar this hot dude came over to me, and asked me if he could buy me a drink. Let just say he was about six foot three inches, and by looking at him about 190 pounds, all muscle. His shirt was a navy blue, tight tee-shirt that showed his muscles, and he was wearing Calvin Kline Jeans. He had a high and tight as well. So me being me, I said sure. He asked me what I was having I told him Sex on the beach. Of course he bought two one for me and one for him. He asked me for my name and I told him it was Isabella, and he told me his name was Miles Owens. After our third drink, we started drinking. We talked and I told him that I had just graduated school, and was contemplating taking over the family business with my twin brother.  He told me that he was working with his father in California, and that they were Lawyers.  I asked him how old he was, he informed me that he was 25; I told him that I was 21, and left it at that. We talked pretty much the rest of the time we were in the bar. He also hung out with my brother, and our friends. They seemed to like him. I told him that I was only in Vegas for a month, as we were all on vacation. He asked if he could see me again, I told him sure, so we planned on meeting up the next day. I told him what hotel we were staying at, and we switched numbers. Then I told Miles buy, and see him later.

After that all of us girls helped the guys get back to the hotel. Once we got the guys to the hotel, I grabbed my video camera and started filming the guys. We asked if they were ready for their waxes. They were like, dude we’ve been ready. Let’s get this shit done, I bet none of us will scream. So we took them to the spa. I went in with each of them as I was filming. My brother was the first one to do it. As soon as the woman started pulling the strips off he started screaming like a sissy, then he started crying. I was laughing the whole way and egging him on. He kept telling me I had better not tell anyone. He had his whole body waxed, except for his head. It took an hour to get him done. Next was Caden. He was a little better; he was cussing the whole way. It was quite funny. He only took thirty minutes, but he kept asking for more to drink, I told him he had to wait till after he was done. Finally it was Steven’s turn. He of course cried a little, screamed a little, and then when the lady was doing his private parts I thought he was going to hurt us. I captured all of it on tape to. I was definitely showing the girls. Once Steven was through we helped them all to the room. It was quite funny. I filmed it the whole way. Isaac started telling the two guys that they were so going to get us back from doing whatever the hell we just did to them. Then he told them that it would be funny to put dye in our shampoo and dye our hair. I got it all on film. So if they did, we would have prof it was them.

When we got them to the room, we decided to play a trick on them. Instead of putting them all in their rooms, we chose one room which was the guest room. We took them in there and striped them all naked. I of course paused the filming at this point but I was laughing the whole time. Once they were naked, we put Steven on the left side facing the door, Nevaeh put a condom on Isaac, then placed him up close to Seven’s backside, and then placed his hand close to Steven’s privates. Then, Elizabeth did the same thing to Caden, except she put a little spit in his, and then placed his hand on Isaac’s nipples. Once they were ready and in that position, I started filming again. And would they were waking up, and started touching each other. It was gross but funny all at the same time. All of us girls watched this for a few minutes, and I filmed it, but we were quite so the guys wouldn’t know we were there.

It was at about nine in the morning when I stopped filming because they all passed out. The girls and I were tired, so we all decided to head to bed. After taking a shower and getting dressed I got a text from Miles it read “good morning beautiful, hope you have a good day, and can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” I text back “me either, and hope you have a wonderful day.” After that, I headed to sleep and slept all day long. All of us did. We didn’t wake up until we heard the most unheard of noise that there ever was.

As soon as I heard it I jumped up and started running toward it. The other girls heard it as well, and did the same thing as I. When we got to the room that the boys were in, we seen them all standing naked, and Isaac, and Caden had the condoms in their hands. All of us girls started busting out laughing; asking them what was going on. They said they didn’t know. I of course had left the camera in the room so I asked them if they happened to record themselves. They said they didn’t know. We told them that we should check out the camera. I grabbed it, and told them we would see what was on it after we had all gotten dressed. Us girls made a scene and told them all they should get dressed as they were all creeping us out. The guys were embarrassed at this and they all turned beet read. After this we all headed to our own rooms.

After that everyone left the room, and the guys all headed into their own rooms. Everyone grabbed a shower, some Tylenol and a drink, and then headed into the living room. Once we were all there I checked the time it was going on nine at night so we all decided to stay in tonight, and we ordered room service. Since it was so late, we all ordered Cheese Burgers, and fries, I don’t know if I mentioned it but none of us are picky eaters, and we all love the same kinds of food. So once we had ordered our food, I hooked up the camera for the guys.

Once we were all in the living room and I had the camera hooked up for the guys to see what went on this morning, our food had arrived. Since we were staying in a high class hotel, and the floor we were staying on was made for Isaac and I (only grandkids) it was tech savvy. We all started eating our food, and then I played the video. It was hilarious. It turns out that after us girls left the room, the guys actually went at it with each other. They were that drunk. We girls were all laughing at them, as the girls didn’t get to see them go through the waxing. Each one of them had something to say about the guys. The guys told us that they were going to seriously get us back for making them go through that. You could tell that it really hurt them, because on the screen their skin was really red. We laughed and told them that they know now how we feel when we have waxes done for them. They said they would never ask us to do another wax.

 Camera off, so the girls could strip them, and then I started the camera again. The girls had left the room, and I was able to get out of the room, as the camera was facing the bed. Well, after I watched a few minutes of it, before I left, I forgot to turn the camera off. So they guys did a little male porno stuff on the camera. All four of us girls busted out laughing, because the guys had been calling each other by their girlfriend’s names. We watched this tape for three hours. It was that long. It was about midnight when we finally turned it off. The guys told us all that they knew we had a hand in what they did but they couldn’t prove it. But they had some plans for us. I wasn’t too scared as they wouldn’t do too much to me, well Isaac might but he didn’t worry me too much. Now Nevaeh, Ariana, and Beth, were really scared as the three guys told them that they knew exactly what to do to them for their hand in everything. I just laughed.

Once the move was over I wasn’t tired so I when and changed into my bikini and headed down to the pool. There was an indoor pool, so I decided to go do some laps. I grabbed my phone and told everyone where I was going. Isaac, decided that he wanted to join me as we needed some brother sister time. I told him that he could just meet me down there, he told me that was fine. I called done before I went to make sure no one was there, and if so they could have the pool area cleared, as I wanted it for myself.

On the way I received a text from Miles: Hey good looking, what you up to? I replied, just headed to the pool for a swim. What’s up? Miles: Not much, just getting ready to head to the club with my friends so we can find some new talents for my dad. Me: Cool, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. What time you want to meet up. Miles: Well, since I have to be out almost all night, how bout we meet up around five tomorrow evening. Me: sure that sounds swell. Well I am at the pool and it is peaceful going to go for a swim before Isaac gets her, see you tomorrow hot stuff.  With that I turned my phone off, and started swimming. I was in the pool for about ten minutes when Isaac showed up.

Isaac and I started talking about the whole mob thing; I told him that I think we should just do what our parents want us to do. I mean, heck it is the family business so what could go wrong. Sure we are only 16, but who cares, I mean we can do it. He asked me if I think he should go ahead and marry Nevaeh. I asked him, do you really love her. He told me he did. I told him then yeah marry her. I think it would be good. After talking we decided to do some races. First one to do ten laps won. Isaac won, by one. After that we just floated in the pool. It was peaceful. I told him I had a date with that guy that we all meet last night. He told me to be careful. I told him I would. At about three in the morning we headed back to our floor. On the way up we ran into grandpa, he asked how things were going; he saw where the guys got a wax. We told him things were going great. He told us to behave and have fun. We told him we would.

When we got to the room, we both headed to our own rooms. I took a shower, and then headed to bed. I think Isaac did as well, but I then heard some things coming from his room, so I grabbed my iPod and listened to it as I fell asleep.  I think everyone had plans to go out on dates later in the day. Even though we live together we all do have our own lives and we don’t always revolve around each other. Me I usually stay by myself unless we are doing the party thing, and I knew that we were going to be doing a lot of partying, but there would also be nights when the couples went out on their own.

The next day, I woke up around noon. Everyone else had left the hotel so I was the only one in the room. I decided that I wanted to be pampered like the princess I am, so I headed down to the spa. I went ahead and got my hair done. Since according my papers I am now an adult, I decided that I would get my hair cut, dyed, and highlighted. So, normally I have really long hair, that I am always pulling up in a pony, I decided to have it cut shoulder length. Also, my natural color is dark brown, so I decided on doing a medium blond, with auburn highlights.  It took about two hours to get it all done. After I got my hair done, I decided on my nails. I did a full Mani/Pedi. My fingernails were painted purple, with little designs in them. When I was through with all of that, it was about four, I decided that since my hair was done, and my nails were done, I should really get going and find an outfit. I thought about what I had brought with me, and decided none of it was adult enough for tonight, so I decided to head to the clothing store in the hotel. It just so happened that grandpa was there as well. He asked me where everyone was. I told him that I didn’t know we all decided to spend the day alone. They were all probably seeing the sights and all. He asked me what I was up to. I told him I had a date in about an hour with a guy that I had meet, the other night, and that was why I was in the store, I was looking for an outfit that said I was and adult but not. Grandpa said he had the perfect stuff for me. While he was getting it all together he told me to go get my makeup done. So after getting my makeup done, it was about four thirty, and Miles would be at the hotel in about thirty minutes. While getting my makeup done Miles text me and told me that he couldn’t wait. I told him I was getting ready.

When I got through with my makeup I headed back to grandpa’s office, which is where he told me to meet him. When I got there he had a mannequin already dressed in the perfect outfit for me. It consisted of: Herve Leger Flare-Skirt Bandage Dress size 8, Marni Suede Mary Jane Platform Size 8, KC Designs Diamond White Gold Station Cross Pendant Necklace, KC Designs white gold Diamond Cross Earrings, David Yurman Pave Diamond Cable Collectibles Ring, David Yurman Pave Diamond Cable Heart Bangle, and Diamond in the Rough Victorian Diamond Ring. By the time I got to see it I had five minutes to get it all on. Grandpa, helped me get it into the bathroom, where I got dressed. While getting dress I text Miles, and let him know that I was in my grandfather’s office and that I would be about ten minutes late, and that I would meet him at the bar. He text back that that was ok, take my time.

I was a little nervous while getting dressed, this was my first date, and the whole thing started off with a lie. I knew I couldn’t say anything to him, plus I didn’t think that it would hurt, I mean, I was in the state for only a month, then I would never see him again.  I knew I needed to date, and all I mean how hard could it be the others did it all the time. Once I was dressed I didn’t look like myself, I looked as I could really pass for over 21. I mean sure I could before, but know I knew I could. Instead of wearing my contacts, I decided on wearing my black and purple Kate spade New York "Estella" Readers. When I was through I headed back to grandpa’s office. He looked at me and told me I was stunning. He also took a few pictures. When he was through looking at me he told me I had better be careful, because all the guys that saw me will want to have me. He also reminded me to be careful, he knew mom and dad had something to tell me when I got home, and he told me that it was important and had to deal with my future. I told him I knew, and that it is just a date, with a nice looking guy I meet, plus we lived in two different states. So I didn’t think that it would be going anywhere. With that I asked if he wanted to walk me to the bar. He told me he would, and on the way he told me that he would have my clothes taken to my room after they were washed. I thanked grandpa for everything.

Once in the bar I saw Miles. Let me just say he was hot. He was wearing Black John Varvatos Star USA Peak-Lapel Soft Jacket, Black Giorgio Armani Tonal-Stripe Dress Shirt, and Dark Blue 7 for All Mankind Montana Relaxed Jeans, Black Salvatore Ferragamo Clay Dress Loafer, Konstantino Paganini Cross Bracelet, and Marvin Malton Cushion Tachymeter Watch. When he saw me, his mouth dropped open. See the last time he saw me I was all hot and sweaty, from the bar. But now he sees what I really look like.

When grandpa and I got to Miles, I introduced Miles to grandpa. “Miles, this is my Grandpa Brady Genovese, he is the owner of this hotel. Grandpa, this is Miles, the guy I was telling you about.” Miles was like “it is nice to meet you sir, you have a lovely granddaughter, and I hope you don’t mind me taking her out?” Grandpa was like “it is a pleasure to meet you kid, thank you she is lovely, and if you do anything to hurt her let me just say I won’t be the least of your problems. I hope you to have a good time tonight.” I was standing there watching this conversation take place. While watching these two guys I noticed some looks pass between them, and it looked like they actually knew each other, but I am sure it was a coincidence. After a few minutes, Miles and I were able to leave. He told me that he had some reservations for us. Also in said “Isabella, darling you look stunning. I hope that you enjoy this evening with me.” With that being said we headed to a restaurant.

The restaurant that Miles took me to was to die for. We went to the Circe, it is an Italian restraint. I love Italian food since, I am Italian, but I don’t get much of it only when I am with my grandparents. So anyway, there was a table waiting for us and everything. The hostess knew Miles by his last name, so I assumed he had been here before. When we were seated, Miles told me that I could pick whatever I wanted and we would both eat the same thing. So I being me decided on: Burrata (fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream) as our appetizer. This is fresh Burrata, Marinated Dun Dried Tomatoes and Arugula Salad, Genovese Basil, with Super Tuscan Olive Oil as our appetizer. Then we had Salmon. They did it perfect it was a Roasted Skuna Bay Salmon, Smoked Potato Puree, Winter Baby Vegetables, with Infused Olive Oil. Then for desert we had Panna Cotta (an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin, and letting it cool until set). This was a Nutella Panna Cotta, Caramelized Bananas with Vanilla Gelato and Chocolate "Torta".

During dinner we both talked about each other. I told him that I had an older brother, Isaac and that he and I are both close. I told him I lived in San Francisco California, with 6 roommates, all of who are my best friends, as well as one of them being Isaac. We all own a house behind our parents.  I just graduated from school, but I did not know what all I wanted to do with my life. My father told my brother and me that we could take over the family business when we got home. Besides that I lived a pretty boring life.

Miles told me that he was an only child, but he had lots of cousins. However, they were all scatted thought the world. Most of them were in Italy. He had two male cousins Franco, and Geovani that ran the family business with him, here in the states. When he isn’t working here he is in Italy with the rest of the family. He told me that he lied and that he does not work in the music business, he like my father’s family works in the hotel business. I told him that was cool, he then told me that he liked being around me for some reason, however, in a month he was supposed to marry some girl he had never met before to bring the family’s together. He also informed me that his last name was not Owens, that he only used that name when working, and he happened to be working the night I met him, his real last name was Marino. I told him I liked that. He also told me that he loved what I did to my hair, it actually looked really good.

After dinner, we decided to go walking around the strip. Of course I was in heals, but I grew up wearing them, however, I did have days where I would just go around in sweats and flats. I’m just cool that way. Anyway, while walking around the strip, we actually ran into my brother and Nevaeh. Before I could introduce them to Miles, again, they both noticed I had changed my hair. My brother was kind of shocked that I cut and dyed my hair. After they stared at me so long, they asked what I was up to, that was when I introduced Miles to them.

Isaac, asked if he could speak to me a moment and I asked Miles if he minded, he said no, so I spoke with my brother. “Isabella Alessa Genovese what in the world do you think you are doing. You had no right to cut your hair.” “Let me tell you something big brother, I will do as I want, see I have this little card here that says that I am over 21 so, shut your mouth. You cannot tell me what to do anymore.” With that being said, Isaac raised his hand and slapped his sister in the face. He told her “don’t you ever talk to me like that. You are nothing but a girl, and you will listen to me, until you are married. And I don’t for see that happening anytime soon. So why don’t you go over there and tell you little guy friend that it was nice to meet him, and hang out with him but that you need to be getting back to the hotel room. Do I make myself clear? And another thing, you will not be leaving the hotel room without one of us guys with you.” After that was all said, Isabella, walked over to Miles, with a hand over her face so that he couldn’t see what her brother had did, they were in a bathroom when it happened no one saw.

When Miles saw Isabella he knew something was wrong. She walked up to him, and told him “Miles it was nice to meet you, and I had a lovely time tonight, but all of a sudden I am really tired and am not felling to well. I hate to cut the evening short, maybe we can do this again in the future before I have to leave. And so that it is not a bother to you, my brother and Nevaeh will take me back to the hotel. With that, both girls walked back to Isaac. Nevaeh comforted Isabella, and told her that Isaac was just looking out for her; she should know how her older brother was. Isabella told Nevaeh “you know what I do know how my brother is, but he shouldn’t have done what he did, I was on a date for crying out loud. I am 17 years old, I am not a baby. I mean you guys are dating and you are the same age as I am, so what I changed my hair; it was something to do Grandpa didn’t say anything about it other then he said it was cute.  Also, I think that I am going to talk to grandpa and get my own room. Let’s see how my brother likes that.” “Isabella please doesn’t piss your brother off anymore then he is.”

The two girls meet up with Isaac, he told his sister that he was sorry for what he did, and he should have never done that. He was just pissed off because of the way she spoke with him. Isabella told him that she knew she shouldn’t have talked to him like that, but she was on a date, and it was going really well. Also grandpa didn’t say anything about my hair so why should you? With that being said, Isaac asked his sister “So you know how all of our parents told all of us we should all just go ahead and get married, the ones of us in a relationship? Well Nevaeh and I decided that we want to get married, but we don’t want everyone there. So we were wondering if you would be there for us. I mean you are family, and I hope that you say yes.” Before Isabella could say anything someone walked up to Isaac and punched him. The girls didn’t get a good look at first, but then he turned around and Isabella saw who it was. See the person that came up and punched her brother was Miles. Isabella walked over to her brother and asked if he was ok, then she walked over to Miles.

“What in the world Miles. Why did you do that to my brother for?” “Well, when you walked up to me I saw that you had your hand over your face so I couldn’t see it. Also I have good hearing, and I heard your brother hit you. And see where I come from you don’t hit a girl unless she tried to kill you. And I really don’t think you tried to kill your brother.”  After that, Miles walked over to Isaac, who by the way was standing up. Miles didn’t break anything on her brother; he just tried to scar him. He then informed Isaac, “I don’t know who you think you are, but let me tell you something, I was quite enjoying my night with your sister. Now the thing is you kind of ruined it for me. I know that you know what your family business is and well I am in the same type of business. So next time I am with your sister, please do not interrupt us. Now as for her hair, I think she looks sexy with it that way. As well as the dress she has on. Now since you ruined our night, I should ruin yours, however, I overheard you guys talking, you are wanting to marry your girlfriend is that correct?” Isaac, just looked at Miles in shock, he had never had any one come up to him and hit him like that. Of course he knew what the family business was he had been in it since he was 13. No one other than the guys knew as they were part of it as well. However, he saw Miles looking at him so he answered him “Fine, I will let you see my sister again, just don’t hurt her feelings, you think you have something on me, hurt my sister and I will hurt here. If you were following us you then heard me apologies to my sister. Also, her hair is kind of cute, but she shouldn’t have done anything to it, she knows she has some important stuff coming up in her life next month, and now our parents will probably be mad. And yes, I want to marry my girlfriend, what is it to you?”

“Well seeing as you need to witnesses, I would like to finish my night with your sister, and so I am proposing that I be your sister’s date to your wedding. Also, I hope you do not plan on getting married in what you have on, so why don’t we all go to this store I know and your bride can get a dress, and your sister can get a dress that is fit for a wedding as well. Then we can all go watch you to love birds get married.” With that Isaac thought about it for a minute and then said “You know what that is a lovely idea. And I am sorry to both of you for the way I reacted; please forgive me and Miles would you be my best man?” 

Miles replied with a yes and they all headed to the store that Miles told them about. The guys both bought regular tuxedos’ for them, however the girls went through so many dresses until finally Nevaeh found her wedding gown and shoes, she chose: the Marchesa Couture Sequined Illusion Gown, Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pump. Isabella chose the: Oscar de la Renta Strapless Gingham Gown with Casadei T-Strap Stud-Heel Sandals. Over all in that store they spent $20,000. Finally they were on their way to the wedding chapel. Isaac already had the rings already. Nevaeh’s ring was a Diamond Wedding Setting 1 1/3 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold, with a 1.03 Carat H-VVS2 Very Good Cut Round Diamond. Her ring set cost $14,000. His was a regular Men's Band Platinum that cost $3000.

Finally it was there turn to get married. Both girls looked lovely. They decided on the tradition wedding, however, they did have it taped, and lots of pictures. After the wedding was over, they all decided to go to the bar to celebrate; as it was getting late they all called their friends. Everyone meet at WestEnd Bar, and celebrated the wedding, however, that was not all they celebrated. When the other two couples arrived they found out that they were all married, as that is what the other two couples did, except they went together. It was a good night for them all. They all drank and drank and drank. It was quite funny Miles was there with them all, everyone loved Isabella’s new hairdo, as well as they liked Miles. Of course Miles and Isabella told them nothing could happen between the two of them; since he was supposed to marry some chick that he didn’t know. But he said that he was enjoying the time with them all, and so they drank some more. They all drank until they were thrown out of the bar. That is when things really started to happen for Miles and Isabella.

The next morning, Isabella woke up; however she was not in her room. This was really bad, as she didn’t know where she was. She did know that she was not in her grandfather’s hotel. Her head was killing her, at first she opened her eyes and that what when she realised she was not in her hotel room, however she closed them really fast because it made her head hurt worse. After a few minutes she started to open her eyes again. Before Isabella opened her eyes she shifted in the bed that she was laying on, when she moved she felt something in the bed. As soon as she felt something she jumped out of the bed, opened her eyes and saw a naked male was lying beside her. She started screaming; however, hurt her head to much so she shut up.

When she was standing up, the naked male rolled over and told her to be quite because she was hurting his head. She said “I don’t give a damn if I am hurting your head, you were lying in a bed with me and you are naked, what am I supposed to do, I mean I don’t even know you that well.” “Well darling, you should look down, because from where I am laying you are naked as well. So maybe I need to start screaming about you as well.” Isabella grabbed a sheet that was on the bed and wrapped it around her.

Once Isabella had the sheet around her, she noticed that there was a little bit of blood where she had been laying. She started freaking out then, because she knew that, that would only be there for two reasons and one reason couldn’t be true because she had just gotten off of her monthly cycle. So she knew that she had had sex, but couldn’t remember it.  She decided to run into the bathroom, as she really had to pee. The guy just lay in the bed, and didn’t do anything.

While she was in the bathroom, Bella decided to take a quick shower, all that was in there were his things, but she didn’t care she had some blood mixed with some hard white stuff on her leg that she didn’t know what it was called. She was only 17 and never dated before.  So after peeing, she got into the hot shower, and rinsed off everything that had happened last night. While she was washing her body is when she realised she had a new ring on her finger, when she looked at it she could tell it was a real diamond band, this could only mean one thing: she had gotten married to the man that was laying in the bed.

After her shower Bella wrapped a towel around her to make it look like a dress, and then she walked back into the room to confront the man that was lying beside her. When she first walked back into the room, he was still lying on the bed, but she could she he had put on some boxers. She also noticed that he had placed two Tylenol with a glass of water on the table for her. After she drank the water and took the pills, she walked over to him and took a really good look at him. She couldn’t remember who he was, and she was sure she had never met him, but he did look familiar. She could tell he was still sleeping, and she couldn’t find her close, however she found her phone, it was lying on the table by the cup of water.  She picked it up, walked over to the chair that was in the room and turned it one.

As soon as Bella’s phone was on, she noticed that she had 10 missed calls and three text messages. She decided to see who all called her. Five of the missed calls were from Isaac, so she listened to her voice mail. “Hey sis it’s me, sorry about what happened last night, I know you are made at me but please call me.” “Sis, where are you, you should be back at the hotel by now, just because I told you to get a room doesn’t mean to leave the hotel.” “Isabella Alessa Genovese, you better answer the phone right now Damn it.” “Isabella Alessa Genovese, I’m calling mom and dad, answer the fucking phone.” She decided not to listen to the last one. Then she had two missed calls from her mom, but only one voice messages “Darling, answer the phone. It’s your mom calling, I know you are made at your brother for making that guy leave you alone, but hunny it’s for the best. Call me.” Then she had two from her dad as well with one message. “Isabella Alessa Genovese, your brother did the right thing of sending that god forsaken man away from you. You are 17 years old; do not make me come get you. We said you guys could all go on the trip, but you know the rules you are not allowed to date. I might as well tell you why now, because you are to be married when you get home. So get back to the hotel with your brother NOW.” The last call was from Nevaeh, but she didn’t leave a message.

After listening to her messages, she was in shock; she never would have guessed that she was to be married. Well now that can’t happen anytime soon seeing she was already married. Next she read her texts. Miles: Bella, darling what happened, I am so sorry about your brother he is a pig. Call me. Miles: Bella, why are you ignoring me, what did I do wrong?  Miles: Ok, I get it you don’t want to t

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